Globally Acclaimed Tutor Of Professional Coaching

john maxwellI’ve worked closely with Christian Simpson for several years on many different projects and can whole-heartedly say he is a master in his field. As demonstrated by the achievements in his career, Christian is truly the coach’s coach, the leader’s leader, and I’ve personally witnessed the powerful impact his teachings have had on thousands of people across the world.

Christian is a rare talent that can break down the most complex subjects and teach them simply to help people change their lives for the better. As an outstanding coach, mentor and teacher, it’s his ability to teach people what it really takes, in both character and skill, to become world-class professional coaches and leaders that sets Christian apart from his colleagues in the industry.

You have to be the best to work with the best. Christian’s collaboration with some of the biggest names in his industry is testament to the quality of the man and his work.

John C. Maxwell, Global Number 1 Leadership Expert & Author, Florida, USA.

bob proctorChristian Simpson is a world-class practitioner and teacher of Professional Coaching. That’s why for I personally entrusted him to teach, train and mentor my global community of consultants. If you want to be the very best in the industry, choose to learn from the best in the industry. In terms of coaching, that person is Christian Simpson.

Bob Proctor, Chairman, LifeSuccess Corp., Toronto, Canada.

ed de-costaAs an experienced executive coach with a successful coaching business, I wasn’t anticipating learning too much from Christian Simpson when we began collaborating with John Maxwell. How wrong I was!

I now have first hand experience of the unique talent Christian has in being able to bring his audience to new understandings, regardless of their previous knowledge, experience or level of expertise.

Although new coaches couldn’t choose a better teacher and mentor than Christian, you can tell that he’s really on top of his game when experienced coaches are gaining so much value and insight from Christian’s work.

It’s not just his unquestionable talent and knowledge that makes the difference. What underpins his ability to be a powerful change agent is that he cares deeply for both his profession and the people he serves.

I admire him greatly for how he protects the integrity and name of the coaching profession, and how he walks his talk in terms of being an avid student and practitioner in personal development, leadership and professional coaching. In these 3 areas Christian is not just a thought-leader or expert, he’s a master.

Ed De Costa, Executive Coach, Catalyst Associates, Morgantown, West Virginia, USA.

melissa westI’m a professionally accredited coach through the premier ICF training school. I’ve been a student of Christian Simpson for several years, and I can promise you that Christian Simpson is, in my opinion, the very best teacher, trainer and mentor of professional level coaching in the world. His work produces world-class coaching practitioners. Christian’s curriculums and materials are the most comprehensive in the industry, and are ingeniously structured into a learning journey so that aspiring coaches can learn the material effectively, while more advanced practitioners like me continue to deepen their understanding by coming back to it time and time again. I’ve personally witnessed Christian train thousands of new and experienced coaches from over 80 different countries in the past 4 years, and there’s a very good reason why some of the biggest names in the leadership and self-improvement industry seek Christian Simpson’s expertise in Professional Coaching. It’s because he’s a master at his trade. If you intend to be the very best in the coaching industry, make sure you learn from Christian Simpson.

Melissa West, Xtreme Results, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.

jill savilleI was already an ICF qualified coach when I joined the John Maxwell Team and thought that I would just look at Christian’s material as ‘revision’. How wrong I was! There was everything in the material that I had learned before but Christian’s training goes much more in depth about the mind and why, in fact, coaching works. His teaching style is fascinating and absorbing, particularly at live events and I have matured much more as a coach with his on-going mentorship over the past 6 months.

Jill Saville, John Maxwell leadership coach, trainer and speaker / VP ICF Luxembourg Board

daniela cretuIt’s no coincidence that someone of John Maxwell’s status handpicked Christian Simpson to train and mentor his global team in professional coaching skills.

As a John Maxwell team member, I am proud to have been trained and mentored by Christian, as his teachings have given me a profound understanding of what it means to coach at the top of the profession and how to deliver a powerful, authentic and professional coaching experience.

My coaching skills and philosophy, which in turn generated value for my business and clients, have been hugely enriched by Christian’s work and influence. I would, therefore, strongly recommend him to any aspiring or experienced coach and leader.

Daniela Cretu, Business Leadership Consulting, Romania.

ken sharrarChristian Simpson is a world-class teacher, mentor and coach. He’s unquestionably an emerging giant in the world of leadership and personal development.

Christian’s work has expanded my horizons exponentially as an entrepreneur, leader and a coach. What he teaches is one thing, but the methods he employs are quite another. He has a rare ability to communicate deep subjects in a way that people with little or no understanding can grasp, implement, and build upon in their personal and professional lives.

Having said that, I don’t believe it’s Christian’s knowledge and experience that makes him so powerful as a teacher. I believe it’s who he is as a person of extreme integrity and character. You don’t have to work with him for very long to recognise he has people in his heart and that he’s fully committed to helping people become the very best they can be, regardless of their chosen path.

Having been a student of his work in professional coaching, it’s no surprise to me that he’s made such an impact on so many lives. I’d encourage every entrepreneur with serious intentions for greater personal and professional success to include Christian in their business development strategy as soon as possible.

Ken Sharrar, Business Coach & Leadership Trainer, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

denis giantousosThe title of ‘Master Coach’ really doesn’t do Christian Simpson justice. When the big names at the top of your industry deliberately seek you out for collaboration you’re clearly gifted with an exceptional talent, and that is certainly true of Christian.

I’ve first hand experience of Christian’s extraordinary ability to help people transform their lives. I’ve personally witnessed him change lives from the stage to audiences of hundreds of people from every corner of the globe, and Christian can be credited with helping thousands of people around the world become powerful change agents as professional coaches and business leaders.

Christian is a true leader, someone who selflessly equips his followers with the ability to lead others to discover their true potential in life. He’s a credit to his profession and I feel blessed to be one of those fortunate enough to have benefited from his expertise at both a personal and professional level.

Denis Gianoutsos, Global Leadership Coach, Wellington, New Zealand.

bill blissChristian is an exceptional talent in the personal development and coaching industry. He is an exceptional Master Coach, able to teach as well as practice the art of coaching; he’s also a formidable speaker, mentor and trainer. The depth of his knowledge is astounding, especially in the area of personal development, and yet he has this incredible knack of appreciating exactly where his audience is on their learning journey, ensuring the ideas and concepts are not only understood but also transferred into their results.

I’ve been studying and implementing Christian’s coaching teachings and strategies for a while now and have seen how his techniques and tools create incredible shifts in my clients. Without question, even though I found Christian through his close association with John C. Maxwell, I don’t believe I could have made a better choice in teacher in terms of helping me to understand what it takes to coach to the highest standards.

I can guarantee from personal experience that if you’re fortunate enough to work with Christian Simpson or study his work, you’ll experience transformational changes and be equipped to be the very best in the coaching industry.

Bill Bliss, Bliss & Associates Inc., Seneca, South Carolina, USA

elias kanarisI’ve enjoying working closely with Christian Simpson through his work with the John Maxwell Team. I’ve been taught, trained and mentored by Christian in the area of Professional Coaching and I have found his material and teachings to be powerful and impacting.

Christian brings a wealth of experience to the table and despite teaching deep and complex subjects, he has a wonderful way of making the learning easy to absorb to ensure the highest value for the student. Through his various techniques, he has helped me to transition from Consultancy to Coaching and I have achieved many “lightbulb” moments through his material. This has subsequently translated itself to my Coaching clients who are now reaping the benefit in their business and private lives.

I would highly recommend Christian as an excellent Coach, teacher and a fantastic mentor!

Elias Kanaris, Executive Coach, Murrays Bay, Auckland, New Zealand.

martyn woodChristian Simpson had added incredible value to my personal and business life. His extensive teachings on leadership and professional coaching is mind-blowing. He’s helped me develop a deep understanding of myself and what it takes to lead by successfully influence others to greater levels of performance.

Whilst Christian is blessed with a vast knowledge of leadership and coaching, his greatest attribute is how he remains grounded in understanding the learning needs of his audience.

I’ve personally experienced many hours of teaching, training and mentoring from Christian in learning how to coach at a professional level, and I don’t know of any teacher as talented as him in terms of creating broad learning experiences that make very subtle and complex skills so easy to understand and apply.

Martyn Wood, Certified Coach, Trainer & Speaker, The John Maxwell Team. Toronto, Canada

eric waltonI had the privilege of being trained as a coach by Christian. I am currently enjoying the fruits of that training in my coaching and training business. Christian was the linch pin in the development of my coaching skills and my methodology and approach is 100% a result of the training Christian gave me. His insight into coaching as a discipline is without parallel. I would not hesitate in hiring Christian as a coach, to the highest level in any organization. I would also hire Christian as a trainer of coaching, to any group, he’s that good.

Eric Walton, Transformational Leadership Development Coach, Phoenix, Arizona. USA

donnie thompsonChristian has been a great asset to me when I joined the John Maxwell Team. I have been in the professional coaching field for more than 13 years and Christian is definitely what I would call “The Coaches Coach”. He brings far more to the table than just his thought-provoking insight. Christian brings his understanding and heart to his coaching. He will bring you to the edge of your seat wanting more as you listen and build action plans based on his coaching leadership.

Donnie Thompson, Develop Executive & Leadership Talent, Huntsville, Alabama, USA.