Internationally Acclaimed Inspirational Speaker

bob kittridgeIt takes an exceptional talent to move an audience of hundreds of people, and that’s exactly what I’ve witnessed Christian Simpson do on several occasions. There are motivational speakers and there’s Christian Simpson. He’s a different proposition entirely. He leaves his audience moved and inspired, entertained and educated, gripped and wanting for more, and it’s all because beneath Christian Simpson’s unquestionable talents he has a true servants’ heart.

Bob Kittridge, Owner, Kittridge Connection Inc., Colorado Springs, USA

I’m absolutely delighted that we had Christian Simpson speak at our sales conference. He made such a powerful contribution to the event it’s hard put it into words. We’ve hired many motivational speakers over the years, so thought we knew what to expect, how mistaken we were! We’re a tough enough audience at the best of times being a technology company with a highly intellectual employee base, and to make matters more difficult for Christian we gave him the ‘graveyard’ shift!

Amazingly he held the undivided attention of our delegates in a way I’ve not seen a speaker do before, evidenced by the passionate discussions his content provoked all evening and in meetings the day after. It was clear that Christian’s message, and the compelling way he delivers it, not only deeply impacted those of our number who are already set on both business and personal improvement, but also stirred those not on that path to redoubling their efforts. In all the conferences I’ve attended, I’ve not seen a speaker do that before.

Fergus Daly, Business Development Executive, QinetiQ, Malvern, England.