Transformational Leader of Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

praise for christian simpsonI’m the founder and owner of an environmental consultancy in the West Midlands. I have to confess to being initially sceptical of what could be accomplished by working with Christian Simpson. I decided to join one of his courses and in no time at all I realised what a great decision it was. I had a successful business suffering the effects of growing pains. I had challenges with staff, and satisfying my growing customer base was becoming difficult as a result. Business was no longer fun. Christian’s coaching, the power of the strategies he shares, and the accountability that’s built into the course have brought me the clarity to make decisions I didn’t even know I had to make and the support to make sure I implement them. As a result my business is leaner, growing in the right way, and I’ve got less hassle. I go so much from working with Christian I paid for all of my staff to go on his course to. I think that says it all.

Abbas Shakeri, Founder & Managing Director, AirTech ECS, Hagley, England.

praise for christian simpsonI’m a highly successful entrepreneur who isn’t easy to impress. I’m only interested in people who can help me get results and a lot of people have promised me the Earth and delivered very little. Christian Simpson wasn’t one of them. I’ve worked closely with him for over a decade and he’s helped me expand my business many times over. What Christian teaches, and the way he teaches it, is essential for entrepreneurial success, and what makes working with Christian one of the wisest investments you’ll ever make is his extraordinary coaching ability, so you’ll not only discover what needs to be done to achieve your goals, you’ll actually implement it. Anyone can help an average achiever get better, but it takes a rare talent to make the successful even more successful. Christian Simpson is such a talent. I’d strongly recommend you hire his services today.

Paul Martinelli. President, Martinelli & Associates, Florida USA

Alex SipalaChristian Simpson has the gratitude and admiration of entrepreneurs all over the world because of the extraordinary legacy his work has left in their lives. I’m one of them. For me, it’s a simple choice: you can carry on scratching around blindly in the pursuit of creating a successful business and a successful life, doing pretty much what every other business owner is doing, or you can expose yourself to advanced thinkers and strategies that put you on an entirely different trajectory. That’s what working with Simpson does for you. It’s about getting the BIG questions about what creates extraordinary entrepreneurial success answered. It’s not for the mediocre, faint-hearted or lazy either, because if you think you’re already thinking into your results, you’ll soon discover just how little thinking you’ve been doing in your life! And that’s exactly why entrepreneurs like me who work with Simpson first hand become so well equipped for success. Don’t hesitate to work with the guy.

Alex Sipala. Director, CTI International, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia & Managing Director, Protect Corp., Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Barbara LittlesI’m a lawyer by trade, so I don’t suffer fools gladly and have no patience with ‘pie in the sky’ theories and promises. I like to open myself up to leading edge information to improve myself and grow my business, as long as it’s practical to implement and effective. That’s exactly my experience of working with Christian Simpson. What impresses me most about the material and strategies that Christian brings to entrepreneurs is that it opens up your mind to new ways of thinking and pushes you to go beyond what you previously thought was possible. I don’t share accolades cheaply, but I can tell you that working with Christian has been transformational. It has significantly changed my life for the better.

Barbara Littles, Barbara.M. Littles LLC, Michigan, USA

Michael HarbourIf you’re reading my words all you really want to know is ‘can Christian Simpson help me achieve my business and personal goals?’ I can tell you, from business owner to business owner, the answer is a resounding yes. Christian gets results for those fortunate to work with him, it’s a simple as that. My return on investment from working with Christian is in 3 figure multiples. What impresses me most about this guy is that he’s the real deal, not because of his reputation as a world class Coach, but because he’s walked the talk; he’s lived his lessons from success to failure and back to success again, and that’s a priceless source of wisdom for an entrepreneur to draw from. Simpson will help you transform your life and grow your business for the better, so don’t hesitate to work with the guy if the opportunity comes your way. Trust me, it’s a no-brainer.

Michael Harbour. Owner & Founder, Harbour Resources, Arkansas, USA.

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Globally Acclaimed Tutor Of Professional Coaching

melissa westI’m a professionally accredited coach through the premier ICF training school. I’ve been a student of Christian Simpson for several years, and I can promise you that Christian Simpson is, in my opinion, the very best teacher, trainer and mentor of professional level coaching in the world. His work produces world-class coaching practitioners. Christian’s curriculums and materials are the most comprehensive in the industry, and are ingeniously structured into a learning journey so that aspiring coaches can learn the material effectively, while more advanced practitioners like me continue to deepen their understanding by coming back to it time and time again. I’ve personally witnessed Christian train thousands of new and experienced coaches from over 80 different countries in the past 4 years, and there’s a very good reason why some of the biggest names in the leadership and self-improvement industry seek Christian Simpson’s expertise in Professional Coaching. It’s because he’s a master at his trade. If you intend to be the very best in the coaching industry, make sure you learn from Christian Simpson.

Melissa West, Xtreme Results, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.

john maxwellI’ve worked closely with Christian Simpson for several years on many different projects and can whole-heartedly say he is a master in his field. As demonstrated by the achievements in his career, Christian is truly the coach’s coach, the leader’s leader, and I’ve personally witnessed the powerful impact his teachings have had on thousands of people across the world.

Christian is a rare talent that can break down the most complex subjects and teach them simply to help people change their lives for the better. As an outstanding coach, mentor and teacher, it’s his ability to teach people what it really takes, in both character and skill, to become world-class professional coaches and leaders that sets Christian apart from his colleagues in the industry.

You have to be the best to work with the best. Christian’s collaboration with some of the biggest names in his industry is testament to the quality of the man and his work.

John C. Maxwell, Global Number 1 Leadership Expert & Author, Florida, USA.

bob proctorChristian Simpson is a world-class practitioner and teacher of Professional Coaching. That’s why for I personally entrusted him to teach, train and mentor my global community of consultants. If you want to be the very best in the industry, choose to learn from the best in the industry. In terms of coaching, that person is Christian Simpson.

Bob Proctor, Chairman, LifeSuccess Corp., Toronto, Canada.

ed de-costaAs an experienced executive coach with a successful coaching business, I wasn’t anticipating learning too much from Christian Simpson when we began collaborating with John Maxwell. How wrong I was!

I now have first hand experience of the unique talent Christian has in being able to bring his audience to new understandings, regardless of their previous knowledge, experience or level of expertise.

Although new coaches couldn’t choose a better teacher and mentor than Christian, you can tell that he’s really on top of his game when experienced coaches are gaining so much value and insight from Christian’s work.

It’s not just his unquestionable talent and knowledge that makes the difference. What underpins his ability to be a powerful change agent is that he cares deeply for both his profession and the people he serves.

I admire him greatly for how he protects the integrity and name of the coaching profession, and how he walks his talk in terms of being an avid student and practitioner in personal development, leadership and professional coaching. In these 3 areas Christian is not just a thought-leader or expert, he’s a master.

Ed De Costa, Executive Coach, Catalyst Associates, Morgantown, West Virginia, USA.

jill savilleI was already an ICF qualified coach when I joined the John Maxwell Team and thought that I would just look at Christian’s material as ‘revision’. How wrong I was! There was everything in the material that I had learned before but Christian’s training goes much more in depth about the mind and why, in fact, coaching works. His teaching style is fascinating and absorbing, particularly at live events and I have matured much more as a coach with his on-going mentorship over the past 6 months.

Jill Saville, John Maxwell leadership coach, trainer and speaker / VP ICF Luxembourg Board

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Internationally Acclaimed Inspirational Speaker

scott fayeI travel across the United States regularly to listen to some of the most highly regarded speakers in the world and I can tell you, hand on heart, that Christian Simpson is right up there with them. You don’t get to share the stage with the likes of Les Brown, John Maxwell, Bob Proctor and Robin Sharma if you’re not world class at what you do. Christian is one of the most powerful inspirers on the planet today. He has the ability to connect with an audience in a way that very few of his peers can. I’ve not seen as many ‘aha’ moments happen in an audience like they do when Christian is on stage. I’d travel the world to listen and learn from this man, so if you have the opportunity of bringing him to your event, don’t hesitate.

Scott M Fay, CEO/Partner at Treasure Coach Irrigation and Rood Landscape, Florida USA.

gabriela teasdaleHiring Christian Simpson as a speaker was one of the best decisions I’ve made. We hire some of the biggest names in the personal growth industry to speak at large events here in Paraguay. My husband had seen Christian speak from the stage in the United States and was so impressed he insisted we broke the bank to bring him to inspire our audience of over 600 entrepreneurs and leaders. It’s no exaggeration to say that Christian stole the show! He’s so much more than just a motivational speaker because what he shares with his audience touches hearts as much as it inspires minds. How many speakers are there that leave the stage after 2 hours and the audience still want more? That is the experience Christian brought to our event and the people of Paraguay. If you can get him, hire him!

Gabriela Teasdale, Owner & Marketing Director, Impact. Paraguay.

christopher ainslieChristian Simpson’s speech at our Global Sales Conference was exceptional. His engaging style captivated the audience for 2 hours and it’s content discussed well into the evening, stimulating some incredibly thought provoking ideas. It’s no exaggeration that everyone I spoke to after the event recalls Christian’s speech as the highlight of the event. I hope everyone present takes action on the wisdom Christian shared because it was inspirational.

Christopher Ainslie, Vice President, BTGS, London.

rob smithChristian Simpson is unlike any other speaker I’ve ever seen. He delivers a deep and meaningful message in away that is easy to understand, thought provoking and transformational for an entrepreneur like me. Unlike other speakers of his genre, Christian’s life-changing message isn’t just about motivational quotes and stories, it’s powerful because it’s real. He openly shares his shortcomings, failures and mistakes from his personal and professional life and how he eventually turned them around to become more successful. That gives me tangible ideas to do the same. Christian’s message had a long-term impact on how I run my business and my personal life, and that’s why ‘inspirational’ and ‘transformational’ doesn’t do this guy justice.

Rob Smith, Director, Blueleaf, Cheshire

johannes hansenChristian Simpson is a phenomenal speaker! His passion for his subject, his understanding of his audience and his natural ability to connect with them is something that has to be witnessed. When Christian speaks, the audience is gripped. A great speaker influences an audience to the degree that they are inspired to be and do more in their lives, and Christian stands shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Tony Robbins and Les Brown in being able to do it. What makes him different is how he uniquely equips his audience with an understanding of how to create more success in their lives today. That’s what makes Christian Simpson much more than just a motivational speaker.

Johannes Hansen, Entrepreneur, Sweden, EU.

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