Transformational Leader of Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

barry smithHaving Christian Simpson as coach, teacher and mentor has transformed my business and personal life. His material is practical yet powerful, his teaching is inspiration and meaningful, and his coaching is incisive. There’s no BS with Christian. He gets you to dig deep and his work gets results that stick. My business has grown dramatically because I have grown dramatically under Christian’s stewardship. If you’re a success-hungry entrepreneur with an opportunity to work with Christian, GRAB IT, I give you my word it’ll be one of the best decisions you’ll make in your life.

Barry Smith. Owner & Founder, Building Matters, Oregon, USA

donniece green smithChristian Simpson’s Science of Success challenge is the best investment I’ve ever made as an Entrepreneur thus far. I was sceptical at first because I’ve invested a lot in courses in the past that promised much and delivered little, but not this one.

What makes the Science of Success challenge so different is that it gets to the heart of what it takes to be a really successful entrepreneur, it improves you and changes how you think into your business, how you view yourself and how you view your future. What has made working with Christian a great investment in my personal and professional development is his ability in helping you realise that your power comes from releasing the genius within as you achieve the results you dream of. That’s why he’s become a non-negotiable part of my development as an entrepreneur.

Donniece Greene-Smith, Co-Founder & Co-Owner, Lid Raisers Ltd. London, England

john griffinIf you’re a success-driven business owner and you have the opportunity to have Christian Simpson as your coach, teacher or mentor, I urge you to grab it with both hands. You, your business and your personal life will grow in ways you can’t imagine. Your entrepreneurial goals become tangible and get bigger from working with Christian because he gets right to the heart of the matter. There’s no waffle, it’s not the kind of ‘surface level cosmetic motivation’ you tend to get from other sources in his industry, Christian’s methods work and they last. It’s not always easy; Christian challenges you directly to be all you can be, he has a unique way of drawing the answers to your self-imposed obstacles from within you, and that can sometimes feels like surgery, but the outcome is a far more resourceful, empowered, confident and successful you.

John Griffin, Entrepreneur, CEO & Publisher, Texas Seniors Guides Inc., Austin, Texas, USA

tina blackI’m a business owner of one of the largest franchised cosmetology schools in the USA, owning 3 Paul Mitchell schools in Michigan and Florida. Working with Christian IS life-changing. I don’t throw these kind of claims around lightly. I’m a cautious and shrewd owner of a business franchise who isn’t easily fooled, so when I say I got my money’s worth in just 2 calls with Christian Simpson, I can assure you I mean it. Christian’s work is incisive, it drives you to discover the limiting beliefs that are holding you back and to discover resources within yourself that you had no idea you had. Consequently things change where they have to change so results improve significantly and permanently. As a result of just a short time working with Christian I am thinking differently, far more creatively, and so are my staff. In short, working with Christian is transformational.

Tina Black, Dean/Owner, Paul Mitchell the School, Michigan & Florida, USA.

tim bondI strongly believe in what Christian Simpson does in the world and what he brings to a business owner who is determined to be successful. The entrepreneurial challenge always comes back to how we are thinking into the problems we face and the aspirations we hold for our business and personal life. For most entrepreneurs that thinking is far too limited. Christian Simpson changes all of that. His methods and strategies are leading edge but practical, insightful yet profoundly effective. If you’re an entrepreneur that wants to move beyond average, do what you can to work with Christian Simpson.

Tim Bond, Founder & Managing Director, Network Sunday, Brighton, England.

matthew nathaniel smithI’ve been working closely with Christian Simpson on various courses for nearly 2 years now and it’s improved my life immeasurably. To put it simply, I’m creating at an entirely different level than I was previously. I’m thinking more broadly into possibilities instead of being gripped with self-doubt, and I’m achieving great results because of it. Projects that were just pipe dreams before working with Christian are now successfully completed, and there’s so much more on the way. Christian’s methods give you insight and a practical understanding of what it takes to be successful that can’t be found in typical motivation seminars or courses. The experience changes you on the inside in terms of how you see yourself, your potential, your business and your future, which is why the improvements are permanent. If you get the chance to work with Christian Simpson, grab it, it will be one of the wisest investments you’ll make.

Matthew Nathaniel Smith, Co-Founder & Owner, Lid Raisers Ltd, London

rupert waltersThere’s a psychology to success that isn’t taught at school, university or even business school, and like most business owners, I was doing the best I could with what I had. All that changed when I started to listen, learn and implement the ideas shared by Christian Simpson in his Science of Success course. His material is eye-opening and gets straight to the heart of the matter, his coaching style is incisive and challenging, and I’ve bent out of shape more times than I care to remember by the kind of questions I’ve had to reflect upon, but my return on investment has been returned many times over as a result. Clarity on my entrepreneurial purpose and vision for success, with a newly found belief system that supports the action plan to achieved it are just a few of the massive shifts I’ve had as a consequence of learning from Christian. If every entrepreneur had this experience we’d have a very different economy.

Rupert Walters, Founder & Managing Director, 4orty2 Ltd, Gloucestershire, England

richard grayChristian Simpson is a rare talent and an extraordinary leader in his field. His ability to inspire and powerfully influence entrepreneurs to go beyond existing performance is mind-blowing. For me, having experienced Christian as a coach, teacher and mentor, there are a few key things that sets him apart from his contemporaries: first is his authenticity; he’s not only spent decades researching and perfecting his art, he’s actually lived it, walked the talk, taken the medicine and faced the consequences. In my eyes, it’s because Christian transformed his own personal and professional life so effectively first that enables him to be so effective in doing it for others. Working with him in his Science of Success challenge certainly changed how I approach my personal and business life, and my results demonstrate it. Anyone who has increased sales performance by 640% in one year and achieved what he has with business owners all over the world deserves to be listened to! I urge you to take my advice, if you know you’re capable of much more than what your existing results show, and you’re fully committed to doing what’s necessary to achieve extraordinary entrepreneurial success, get working with Christian Simpson.

Richard Gray, Partner, Gadget Hippo, Varistha Limited, Cheltenham Spa, England, UK

kary oberbrunnerI’m part of a global community of a few thousand entrepreneurs who have worked with Christian Simpson now for a couple of years. Every member of that community will tell you that your investment in working with Christian Simpson will be returned over and over again. They will tell you that learning from Christian as a coach, mentor and teacher is one of the most intelligent investments you can make as an entrepreneur. There are 3 things that make Christian a powerful asset to achieving outstanding entrepreneurial success. Firstly, there’s his extraordinary coaching ability. He’s a master at helping you to overcome the beliefs that keep you thinking small about your life. Secondly, there’s his years of research into the psychology of success. You won’t discover the kind of education Christian gives you at Business School or in your average seminar. Finally there’s the integrity that comes from living your lessons. Christian is a product of his product. Do just a little research on his background and you’ll see he’s used the ‘advanced thinking’ strategies he shares with entrepreneurs to great effect in his own life. That made working with Christian a very compelling proposition for me, and I’d strongly suggest it should for you.

Dr. Kary Oberbrunner , Founder, Redeem the Day / Igniting Souls, Ohio, USA.

dorothy bonvillainOne month into working with Christian Simpson as my personal and professional coach, I’ve already had my return on investment. I’ve gotten clarity on what is going to bring about my entrepreneurial dreams, the strategy of how it’s to be achieved and the self-belief to make it happen – not a bad return on 4 weeks!

Christian is a genius at making you conscious of the answers and solutions to your most pressing challenges, and bringing clarity to your mind about the roadmap necessary to accomplish your business and personal goals, as well as committed to holding you accountable for achieving your stated goals and dreams.

So if you’re on the fence thinking about whether working with Christian will help you achieve more in your business and/or improve your personal success, get off it now, I can promise you it will be one of the best decisions and investments you’ll make in your entrepreneurial life.

Dorothy Guy Bonvillain, President, Dr. Dorothy Bonvillain LLC, Arizona

james radinaHow do you achieve extraordinary entrepreneurial success? How do you create the kind of lifestyle that gives you the freedom to pursue your dreams with a successful business that provides for those you love most? How do you change those areas of your life that are getting you down, a better relationship, improved health and fitness, more money, fun and recreation? How do you build the bigger picture, bringing purpose, fulfilment and meaning into your life so that you contribute to something much bigger than just the bottom line? The answer is you learn to think and believe differently about yourself and entrepreneurial success. Christian Simpson is a proven master at helping people do just that. I’ve met hundred of entrepreneurs from all over the world who have told me that working with Christian Simpson has dramatically improved their business and personal lives. When you hear something five or ten times you start to get curious, when you hear it literally hundreds of times you know you’re onto something. If you’re an entrepreneur with a burning ambition to be highly successful, to pull yourself out of the mass-produced mediocrity, do all you can to get exposed to the teachings and coaching of Christian Simpson.

James Radina, Co- Founder Of The 90 Day App Challenge, Founder & Owner of Sol Marketing Solutions. San Diego, California, USA.