Fundamentals Of Transformational Coaching

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Revealed! The Profoundly Powerful Coaching Methods Behind the Transformational Impact of Elite Influencers

Whether you’re an established and experienced Coach, you’re new to the profession, or you’re considering this noble endeavour for your next career move…

… you can’t afford to be “average”.

You can’t even afford a reputation of just being “good”.


Because “good” is no longer good enough in an overpopulated industry full of indistinguishable practitioners competing for wallet share of an increasingly untrusting and sceptical consumer.

Here’s a truth you’ll never hear leaving the lips of anyone in the Coaching industry: despite all the hyperbole claiming otherwise… 

… only a few Coaches know how to influence at a transformative level.

Worse still, most “coaches” unknowingly let down the very clients they’re sworn to serve…

… and you could be one of them.

It’s a bold assertion I’ve just made, and you’d be forgiven if you felt affronted, even insulted.

But hear me out and I’ll explain — because once you understand what I’m saying here you’ll find this to be… 

… one of the most important and exciting messages you’ll read in your entire Coaching career.

If you’ve spent any time at all online over the last couple of years, you’ve probably noticed the number of “coaches” out there has exploded.

It seems like there’s a “coach” for everything these days, from yoga and how to lose weight, to marketing and sales and how to use any one of a number of social media platforms to make money.

And there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with any of this.

The Coaching profession is one the noblest endeavours of a civilised society, a profession existing solely to elevate men and women to ever-higher levels of consciousness, success and accomplishment…

… and Coaching, in it’s true, authentic form, is the most transformational process known to mankind – so making it easily and readily available to as many “coachable” people as possible has to be one of the most important and honourable pursuits in elevating our societies and species out of the ignorance which blights us.

You’d have to agree with that, yes?

The problem is, the terms “Coach” and “Coaching” are so overused, misrepresented and abused, what most people experience under the banner of “Coaching” is nothing of the sort.

And, good intentions aside, as much as it pains me to say this about my own profession… 

The Coaching industry is rotten to the core

I say this for three reasons.

Firstly, you have no idea if you’re dealing with the real deal or not. Setting yourself up as a “Coach” these days is as simple as calling yourself one.

All it takes is a website or, even easier, a profile on a social media platform.

Newsflash: it’s no different with Coaching “certifications”.

The overwhelming majority of “certifications” are not independently assessed, backed-up and verified by an industry regulatory body. There’s no quality control.

The Coaching profession is like the wild west. You can’t just call yourself a doctor, lawyer, dentist, surgeon or accountant without earning the appropriate credentials from a formal professional training and qualification…

… but you can in the Coaching industry. Beware the many wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Which leads to the second reason:

Most "Coaches" out there are nothing of the sort

They call themselves Coaches, yet lack the necessary formal training, qualification and character traits to deliver the service they claim to provide.

And even plenty who are trained fall short – failing to invest in continuous professional development – and the very services they expect their clients to invest in.

Coaching is unique approach, the art of a specific methodology underpinned by an equally specific set of skills, techniques and methods.

Many of those who mislead their clients do so without knowing. Some do and don’t care – because Coaching is such a highly marketable term.

Either way, both violate the client and the profession they claim to represent.

I’m not suggesting the services offered by these so-called “Coaches” doesn’t add some value…

… however, the truth is, most self-proclaimed “coaches” nowadays are acting in a teaching/mentoring/consulting role… and consequently they not only fail to bring the service their clients pay for, they deny them the very experience by which they see substantial and sustainable transformation in results. 

Please don’t be one of them

Because it will cost you.

Even though mentoring has its place and is necessary and desirable in any profession (I have a business mentor myself), it is categorically not Coaching, it serves an entirely different purpose…

… and is nowhere near as transformational in its impact.

The upshot of this?

The word “Coach” has been so devalued and cheapened, latest research from the business research group IBIS group reveals Coaching is now seen by the consumer as a commoditised service…

… and that’s surely that’s an insult to those who have the personal and professional integrity to seek to continually improve on their ability to bring the most transformational process known to mankind.

But there is VERY good news…

Because despite the magnitude of the challenge, it does bring an unprecedented opportunity to the Coach who is willing to discover how the Elite Influencers of this profession make their mark so masterfully…

… and distinguish themselves from the rest of the industry.

And as you’ve reached this page because you’re pre-ordering your copy of A World-Class Coach’s Guide To Far More Influence, Impact and Income™…

… and you’ve read this far, it tells me three things about you.

There’s no shame in this whatsoever.

On the contrary, the desire to grow and become the very best Coach you can be is a trademark attribute which is non-negotiable in the career of an Elite Influencer.

The only shame would be if you chose to ignore the opportunity to discover the central tenets of masterful influence, knowing you may be short-changing your clients by denying them the very transformational experience they need.

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In The 6 Fundamentals of Transformational Coaching™ You’ll Discover WHY Elite Influencers Are So Much More Than A "Coach” - and HOW They Have Such a Profound Impact

Coaching is both an art and science in transformational influence.

At its core are SIX timeless fundamentals every powerful, transformative Coach must put into practice to deliver the kind of results their clients pay for.

Because the truth is… 

… to rise to the top of this profession - and be masterful in your influencing ability - you must fully embrace The 6 Fundamentals of Transformational Coaching™


Because The 6 Fundamentals are fundamentals for a reason: they’re the crux of what distinguishes Elite Influencers from the rest.

They’re more than the bedrock of truly transformational influence and impact…

… they’re the essence and primary principles by which it happens,

Is there more to what distinguishes Elite Influencers in the Coaching industry from 98.7% of Coaching practitioners than just The 6 Fundamentals of Transformational Coaching™?

Of course there is.

For a start, Elite Influencers “Coach from consciousness”, not solely from a set of learned skills and methodologies.

It’s the consciousness behind the application of skill that makes the Coaching process delivered by an Elite Influence as potent as it is profound.

It’s the consciousness which communicates to the client: “you already have the answers, my role is to draw on your inherent wisdom” …

… instead of the ego-based consciousness of the self-proclaimed “thought-leaders” and “gurus” whose so-called “Coaching” is rooted in the belief, “I’m the one with the answers, you’re here to draw from my wisdom”.

… and the best news of all?

I’ve brought them all together – for the first time – in one carefully structured and easy to follow methodology. 

The 6 Fundamentals of Transformational Coaching™ is the Perfect Complement to Your Copy of A World-Class Coach’s Guide To Far More Influence, Impact & Income™

Here’s a Quick Look at What Lies in Store for You…

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The No.1 differentiator between a world-class Elite Coach and Influencer and the also-rans. 

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Why the less you say, the less you tell, and the less you advise the greater your influence and impact 

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The gross misunderstanding behind why the “coaching” of most “coaches” is not only ineffective…it’s damaging 

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Why your No.1 priority and responsibility as a Coach is NOT your Coaching “skill” – and what is 

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Why the proven methods within The 6 Fundamentals of Transformational Coaching™ have such a profound impact on all exposed to them 

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Why your current understanding of influence is flawed, is substantially limiting your ability to impact others 

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Why you should NOT be thinking when Coaching – and why you’re negligent in your duty if you are 

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The long-forgotten attribute you’ve been programmed to ignore which is imperative to your ability to influence at a transformational-level 

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Why the last thing you should ever bring to your clients is the answer to their problem -and why your experience, opinion and personal philosophy is irrelevant 

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Why your greatest asset – the most powerful source of influence there is – is within you and how to unlock it 

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And much, much more besides… 

These are the core methods I used to become one of the most revered and respected transformational Coaches in the world…

… the very principles at the heart of the world’s only Elite Influencer Coaching Accreditation™

The truth is, you shouldn’t attempt to Coach another client until you’ve discovered what’s revealed in The 6 Fundamentals of Transformational Coaching™

… because as it dramatically transforms the experience you’re delivering to your client – and as the perceived value of your Coaching increases exponentially…

… so does your ability to charge premium fees to your client.

That’s why The 6 Fundamentals of Transformational Coaching™ are so much more than a proven philosophy by which you’ll influence and impact the lives of those fortunate enough to be Coached by you…

… they’re a crucial component of the vital step-change which MUST happen in your business if you’re to enjoy far greater profitability.

Future-proofed - with an exponential return on investment

It’s rare to find resources which will NEVER fail to take your Coaching ability to the next level with every viewing…

… yet that’s exactly what you have with The 6 Fundamentals of Transformational Coaching™.

Repetition is the first law of mastery. And, as you surely must have gathered by now, we are talking about the methodology of mastery here.

And I couldn’t have made this any easier for you to put them to work

Structured purposefully to ensure the principles are easy to grasp and practically applied, these proven cornerstones of optimal influence will NEVER cease to take your Coaching ability to the next level throughout your career, regardless of your experience.

And, because I like to reward those who like to reward themselves, which you clearly do given your investment in A World-Class Coach’s Guide To Far More Influence, Impact & Income™…

… you now have the ONLY opportunity there is to get LIFETIME ACCESS to The 6 Fundamentals of Transformational Coaching™ for just £65 (rather than the £497 is usually required).

Simply click the button below to add to your pre-order of A World-Class Coach’s Guide To Far More Influence, Impact & Income™

Once Again You Risk Nothing Because of my Cast-Iron, No-Quibble, 100% Money-Back, Lifetime Guarantee

Because I know how invaluable The 6 Fundamentals of Transformational Coaching™ have been to the Coaches we’ve helped rise to become the Elite Influencers of this profession, you’ll be protected by my cast-iron, no-quibble, 100% money-back, lifetime guarantee.

If, at any point, you don’t believe what’s revealed to you in The 6 Fundamentals of Transformational Coaching™ isn’t worth at least 1000x what you’ve invested to enjoy lifetime access – I’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

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