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Discover the tried, battle-tested, and proven secrets relied on by the world's most successful Coaches to grow an astonishingly profitable 6 & 7-figure coaching business

Dear Fellow Coach

If you have no intention of resigning yourself to an average, ordinary or mediocre career in this industry, then reading this message in its entirety will reward you in ways you currently can’t imagine. 

You didn’t come to this profession to “play small”, to just “make a living”, and to be all but indistinguishable from every other coach out there. 

You didn’t come to “make up the numbers:, and be unseen, unheard and almost anonymous in a densely populated, increasingly saturated, and fiercely competitive market.

And you certainly didn’t come to be commoditised.

If any of the above rings true for you (and there’s an excellent chance it all will given this is the reality facing 98.7% of coaches today)…

… and the idea of being seen as just another, “ordinary, everyday Coach” turns your stomach or makes your blood boil…

… then you simply cannot afford to miss the most important and rewarding event of your career to date.


Because your entire coaching career - and all you hope to achieve in it - hinges on your ability to distinguish yourself from every other "coach" out there

Think about the reality of our industry today.

If you’ve spent any time online over the last couple of years, you’ll have noticed the number of “coaches” in the market has exploded.

It seems like every man and his dog is a “coach” these days.

And in the eyes of most consumers, a Coach can be found on almost every corner – and there’s very little to distinguish between them.

Worst still, true Coaching practitioners who are appropriately trained and formally accredited to deliver the service they offer with integrity and credibility are grossly outnumbered by frauds, imposters, charlatans, pretenders and unscrupulous violators.

Coaching is a grossly overused, misrepresented, ruined and devalued word… and make no mistake you, and the service you provide, has been grossly devalued as a consequence. 

Put succinctly, it's no longer good enough to be known as a "Coach" these days

Otherwise, the truth is, if you’re not, it’s only going to get harder, riskier and costlier to distinguish yourself from the rest of your peers, and I don’t need to point out the dire consequences of that. 

So what would it mean to you to be a fully accredited and celebrated Elite Influencer in the Coaching industry?

Find out in this exclusive, FREE Global Video Broadcast, where I’ll not only show you why this is so crucial to your career in Coaching, I’ll reveal exactly how you make it a reality in your business TODAY.

And remember, I’m not asking you to trust me on this promise, I’m asking you to test me on it.

In this unmissable event, you’ll discover: 

Warmly Christian Simpson
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“I certainly would recommend the Challenge to anyone. I’m living my life now. Really. It all started from the first Pillar, where he says ‘know yourself.’

At that moment I had that light-bulb effect. I thought… hang on a second. I am who I am. I can do it.

He doesn’t know how far in the world that he’s gone with what he gives to us… what he’s offering to us.” 

Abi Sowemimo Image
Abi Sowemimo
Owner at Horizon Hogs Int'l Ltd

“I particularly love the section about cause and effect. It’s such a basic, simple principle and it’s so, so easy to forget.

I will endorse it 100%. It’s been a terrific help to me. A lot of people know what to do and they know how to do it, but they need someone like Christian to say: ‘Now, get it done. Start doing it and don’t stop until you’re finished’.

It’s simple and straight-forward, but there is deep wisdom in its simplicity. I will endorse it 100%. It’s been a terrific help to me.” 

David Hagarty
David Hegarty
Owner at Dynamic Health

“I’m getting traction I didn’t have last year because of the things I’ve put in place from going through the 4 Pillars. I’m on a journey and I’ve recognised that in order to do it, as Christian says, you have to continually invest in the owner of the business.

You don’t know what you can’t accomplish. And by going through the 4 Pillars, it forces you to think way beyond where you think you’re capable.

If you’re serious about taking your coaching skills and your entrepreneurship skills to the next level, this is a way to get there faster. This is a powerful way to go from being a technician to an entrepreneur, to go from being an employee to an entrepreneur.

Christian’s all in. He’s fully committed to you. He makes you feel like whether you know him or not, he not only challenges you but he wants you to know he believes in you, and you can do it.” 

Tim Novak Image
Tim Novak
Owner at Novak Development LLC
Quote Image

“It was like Christian gave me permission to make building blocks for myself. He took away my excuses. It’s a world of difference between me a year ago and today. It’s been phenomenal

I would recommend it to anyone, because it’s going to bring focus and clarity to your vision for what you want.

4 Pillars brings real clarity to what it is you’re looking for. It’s one of the best things you can get from this course… it’s just wonder to have that sense of clarity now.” 

Rick Mcleod Image
Rick McLeod
I. R. M. Coaching Associates
Quote Image

“I’ve found myself more focused. There were things I needed to change and things I needed to start doing. I discovered ways to do that through the 28 Day Challenge.

One of the biggest things was learning how to connect with potential clients better. I found a new level of listening through everything Christian did… it helped me connect with my clients better.

The 4 Pillars really helps you take an inward look, one we don’t always slow down and take. By taking that inward look into who you are and what’s going on, you get outward change.

If you feel like you’re struggling and not sure what your next step is, I would definitely recommend the 28 Day Challenge. It will help you find your footing.

If you want to find out who you are on a deeper level, I recommend it highly.” 

Russell Shaw Image
Russell Shaw
Owner at Calrus Solutions

“I took the 28 Day Challenge because I wanted to figure out what I wanted to do. I had this nebulous idea of “I want to be a coach some day”, but I didn’t really know what to do or how to do it. Christian helped me to define who I wanted to coach and how to get there. It was so simple, but that’s the thing… The Challenge helps bring it to your awareness.

I was starting at ground zero so I had no business background, no crowd pushing background… that was the overwhelming part. And that’s where the 4 Pillars really helped break it down into a process, and really helped me to slow it down and develop myself and my process.

The Live calls are crucial to the Challenge. I liked being able to ask Christian specific questions and how he took questions from everybody. I was worried he might, for example, only take ten questions and I’d be number 11. But no, he stays on the line and answers everybody. It’s fantastic. To be able to hear other people’s questions and hear where they’re developing and to have that feedback from other people is amazing.

The time commitment was completely reasonable. If you don’t have two hours a week to do this, then it’s not for you. But the content is just enormous, it really helps you become more self-aware and digs into what and how you’re thinking. I would absolutely recommend the 28 Day Challenge.” 

Jeremy Stoker
V1 Allied Coaching

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