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Discover the tried, tested, and proven methods relied on by the world's most successful business owners and entrepreneurs to grow extraordinarily profitable 7-figure businesses

Dear Fellow Coach

If you want to enjoy the fruits of a highly profitable and highly lucrative business, then the message I’m about to share with you is the most important message you’ll read in your entire entrepreneurial career.

First… an uncomfortable and inconvenient fact: the average business owner in the United States — the most mature and advanced market for personal growth and entrepreneurship in the world — earns just £71,900 a year or even less.


Because they know no better

And because they know no better, they think and act like artisans — experts in their trade — rather than thinking and acting like entrepreneurs who serve their clients and in doing so change and transform the lives of everyone around them for the better.

Butchers, bakers, candlestick-makers… they think the secret to their success lies in butchering, baking, and candlestick-making to the best of their ability and better than anyone else. In virtually every business in every niche and industry in every country and culture, business owners are locked into the utterly erroneous belief “quality sells itself”.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying you shouldn’t deliver extraordinarily high quality products and services, because you must.

But while those are important, they’re not enough; they’re necessary, but not sufficient.

Because the real secret to success in business lies in becoming an expert at promoting and selling your expertise, and not just being accomplished in your area of expertise.

And the gap between the two, in terms of profits, personal income, prosperity, and lifestyle-freedom couldn’t be wider.

It’s a subtle but essential difference, to be sure, and one most business owners are unaware of and resist accepting when they do become aware of it, but it’s a difference you’ll shortly understand will determine whether your business is a soaring success or a crashing failure.

The question is, what causes this gap?

What IS the reason the vast majority of business owners end up chasing their tails trying to end the constant struggle, frustration, and underachievement of earning a living?

What drives them into forever chasing uninterested prospects, trying to drum up business at time-sapping, soul-destroying networking meetings which bring little to no return, and constantly trading time for money because they own a job, not a business?

The answer is chilling in its simplicity: it’s down nothing more complicated or profound than a lack of education in how to grow an astonishingly profitable business.


I know… that strikes a nerve, right?

Bottom line: if your business is to be more than just a lifestyle business, more than just a glorified and ultra-stressful and poorly-paid job

… and you’re commited to enjoying a healthy 7-figure income with a business that attracts en masse the kind of clients you love to work with, people who recognise you for the value you bring to them, acknowledge you as the authority in your field, and look up to you as a trusted advisor rather than the “hired help”…

… then you must be willing to discover how it’s done.

But before we do that, let me share something with you, the inevitable consequences of ignoring the simpel but profound truth I’m sharing with you… my own deeply humbling and revelatory “riches to rags” story.

In 2009 my first business FAILED

I was working as a coach and had several good years after securing large corporate contracts because of referrals from the “old boys network” from my years as a corporate employee. I was making good money, rubbing shoulders with the best, and felt and acted like I’d “made it”.

I was at the top of my game. A roaring success and nothing could stop me.

Famous last words, eh?

Because when those contracts were terminated within a couple of months of each other for reasons outside my control, I discovered the peril I was in because I had no clients and like virtually every business owner I speak to…

… no reliable way of attracting new ones.

I had to face the embarrassing and humiliating truth: I was the typical coaching technician — excellent at my job, and trading time for money doing the job — and yet totally uneducated and ignorant about how to attract an endless stream of qualified leads, prospects, and customers to my business and sell to them at a fee to make it all worth my while AND theirs.

My “thing” was coaching, and I was excellent at doing it…

… but I was clueless about how to market my coaching business.

And if you don’t know how to market your business, you don’t have a business no matter what “thing” you do or how good you are at that it.

Nope… you have a hobby and one leaving you frighteningly vulnerable at that.


I paid the ultimate price, because…

… my business crashed and burned

... and I went bust

I went through the usual period of wailing and gnashing my teeth, complaining about how “unfair” it was, but the truth is it was eminently fair because I’d fallen into a trap entirely of my own making.


By working my way into a glorified job rather than building a coaching business.

Boy, was that a large chunk of “humble pie” to get down in a hurry.

And I was in a hurry because I had a young family to feed, two mortgages to serve, and I had zero income… and there’s nothing quite like being hanged in the morning to focus one’s mind, as Samuel Johnson once said.

An exaggeration, perhaps, but I was at rock bottom, and I vowed to myself at that moment I’d do whatever it takes to change…

… because I never wanted to face the indignity of it again.

Nor did I want the constant struggle, underachievement, and feast-and-famine reality accepted as the norm for most people in every business and every industry.

And I reckoned I had two choices.

I could either slink away quietly and hide to lick my wounds and try to figure out what I needed to know on my own…

… or I could own up to my ignorance and failure, take it on the chin, and get expert help and advice.

So I swallowed my pride and sought and found the most successful, determined, and focused, 7-figure entrepreneurs who’d proven by their results they could show me how to make a small business astonishingly successful, and profitable so I, too, could enjoy the wealth, prosperity, and freedom few are privileged to enjoy.

After all, what’s the point in taking all the risk without getting the reward?

I invested money I didn’t have and time I felt I couldn’t afford to learn from the best I could find, criss-crossing the Atlantic to sit at the feet of the wisest men and women at the top of as many mountains I could find.

And the 7-Figure profit secrets I discovered took my business from a grinding zero to a million in less than four years (and I’d have done it in just TWO years if I’d had more faith in the power of what they taught me and put the strategies to work for me faster.

What held me back?

My resistance to grasping the proverbial nettle and accepting everything I believed, thought I knew, and took as being “gospel truth” about how to market a business — any business — was…




Let me explain...

If cash flow is the lifeblood of a business, then marketing is its heartbeat.

And without an effective (and that means profitable) marketing engine in your business, you don’t have a business – you’ve got a hobby and an expensive and limiting one at that.

The problem is twofold: first, most small business owners don’t have a marketing system of any kind and business randomly ebbs and flows, and they have to settle for what comes; and secondly, when they do realise marketing is not optional, they go about it in ways to bring little or no return – because they are NOT aware of how to do it profitably.

Listen, there are TWO kinds of marketing in the world, but only ONE of them is effective in growing an astonishingly profitable small business.

And, sadly, if they do any marketing at all most business owners do the wrong kind, the expensive and ineffective “image” marketing they copy from the large corporates and “big brands”.

It looks great and sometimes even wins awards… but it doesn’t make you any money. The kind of marketing you need as a small business owner is the kind of marketing putting measurable, countable, and trackable cash right where it belongs: in your bank account.


Worse still, not only do they market their business in the same way as every other underachieving and struggling business owner markets theirs, and so suffer the same ever-diminishing returns, they only have one or two methods of finding customers (which in today’s economy pretty much boils down to the popular social media platforms).

And that makes for a precariously vulnerable business.

Here’s the really bad news: results don’t lie.

Results cannot lie.

And if your business isn’t generating enough profit to bring financial certainty and freedom to your life, it’s giving you a very clear message: you are NOT marketing your business effectively.

And effective marketing is the most important activity of all for a business owner.


Because a business lives or dies on the strength of its marketing.

Here’s why:

No marketing… means no prospects.

No prospects… means no customers or clients.

No customers or clients… means no sales.

No sales… means no profits.

And before long, no profits means…


So in my journey from that zero of rock bottom to £1 million, I embarked on a crusade to seek out those entrepreneurs and learn from them the closely- and jealously-guarded marketing secrets the vast majority of business owners and entrepreneurs will never know.

And now?

Everything I learned from those entrepreneurs I’m about to share with you. You CAN become a highly effective marketer and enjoy the kind of business success you thought was forever beyond your reach.

But first, we need to be clear about something…

It’s NOT your fault


Because you don’t know what you don’t know.

It’s the same for everyone.

No one taught me what it takes to grow a highly profitable small business; no one explained there were two kinds of marketing, only one of which works for small business owners; hell, no one ever told me marketing was even essential, and I bought into the “better mousetrap” nonsense the image marketers want you to believe.

I’ll bet it was the same for you, too.

I’m going predict something: most of the marketing and business advice you’ve had before has come from unqualified sources who know no better themselves – friends, family, competitors, colleagues, web designers, even bank managers, accountants, and other professionals who are well-meaning but have no understanding of the challenge you face in making your business more successful.

In fact, nowadays it’s common for people to ask advice on every topic imaginable, from health and fitness to sales, marketing, and business from random strangers on Social Media with whom you have the most tenuous of connections.

And you’re not alone.

The overwhelming majority of business owners DO NOT KNOW how to market their business effectively.

And again, when I say effectively, I mean profitably.

This chronic shortfall in knowledge and awareness is the chief reason most business owners struggle and fail.

The statistics say it all: 8 out of 10 small businesses fail in the first five years.

I know this from bitter, personal experience, remember.

I was one of the statistics.

It’s why the majority of hard-working, well-intentioned small business owners fail to accomplish financial certainty and the lifestyle freedom of the entrepreneurial dream.

Here we are in 2020, and only 1% of business owners are millionaires, a figure we’ve NOT seen changed since records began back in the 1950s.

But your struggle ends, starting right now… IF you’ll let it

Within less than FOUR years of implementing the advanced marketing strategies, I’m about to share with you my new business went from zero to generating a million dollars.

That simply would NOT have happened had I not discovered these proven, leading-edge marketing strategies from those highly successful entrepreneurs I’d sought out, the “quiet millionaires” who’d built astonishingly profitable, multi-million dollar small businesses.

And they’re not self-appointed marketing “gurus”, so-called “social media experts”, or over-hyped “consultants”; instead, they’re grizzled business owners who’ve earned their stripes in the trenches and demonstrated by their results they know what it takes to position, prokote, and market a business profitably — and profitable marketing is all we should be concerned with.

Now, some 11 years after my catastrophic business failure, I STILL pay a substantial and significant five-figure sum every year to these individuals for mentoring, consulting, and advice.

And finally, after successfully honing and perfecting these strategies and principles myself, and learning how to plug them quickly and easily into any small business, I’m sharing them with you so you can get them working in YOUR business right away (it is NO exaggeration to say some of what I share with you will hand you instant results, right from the very next sale you make prospective client you talk to).

See, regardless of what you may think or believe, having a very profitable business is not a matter of “luck”, whom or what you know, or simply being in the “right place at the right time”.

Far from it.

Nor is it a result of having broad exposure on Social Media, a strong “brand”, “page likes”, and “engagement”, or by throwing good money after bad on SEO, blogging, or a million other fads and unproven tactics continually being pushed down your throat from every direction.

It’s not even about “knowing” lots of stuff and hoping the mere acquisition of knowledge will grow your business of its own accord.

In truth, the exact OPPOSITE is the case: business success is invariably the result of business owners diligently following a surprisingly small number of equally surprisingly powerful rules and strategies — drop-dead simple rules and ste-by-step procedures anyone can understand and follow and put to work in their business.

It’s that simple.

Here’s a truth you can’t deny: if I’ve gone from liquidation to significant success, built a million-dollar business from zero in less than four years, and have a level of financial certainty in my life most business owners can only dream of…

… you’d be negligent to yourself, your business, your family, and your financial future to not sit up and listen to what I have to say.

At the time of writing of this message in August 2020 I’ve invested more than £350,000 in absorbing this education from those big-hitters, and it’s brought me a massive return on investment (ROI).

And you have my word it will do precisely the same for you…

… but I also promise you won’t have to part company with £350k+ for the privilege.


I’m not surprised.

I was, too, when I discovered the truth about marketing and how vital it is for every and any business.

So just in case my word’s not good enough, here’s a small selection of the business owners and entrepreneurs whose lives have been transformed by what I’ve shared with them.

The PROVEN impact of my 7 Figure Profit Secrets™ Masterclasses


NOTE: What I’m sharing with you I used to call “Science of Success 2” — hence the video references it by that name.

Get The 7 Figure Profit Secrets™ Online Masterclasses £5,997 £2,997

The Elite Coach Platinum Power Pack™ &
3 Months Entrepreneurial Mastery Inner Circle™

IMPORTANT: the 7 Figure Profit Secrets™ Online Masterclasses are NOT for everyone

And they’re not for anyone who’s not prepared to radically change the way they look at their work and business, see it for what it is, and make the necessary changes to make it a success.

Look, I know it might sound strange, but not everyone wants a lucrative 6- and 7-figure business.

Some people are happy with a lifestyle business, trading time for money, earning £60,000 a year or less.

And that’s fine…

… so long as you accept that’s what you’re choosing if you don’t become a master of marketing and self-promotion for your own business.

You might think the “secret” of success is merely being excellent at your craft, but this isn’t true.

I can tell you without a shadow of doubt there are business owners out there right now who are making 10x. 20x, and even bigger multiples of what you are making yet deliver an inferior product and service.

How do they do it?

Because they’ve mastered the art and science of self-promotion.

Is this fair?

No. Of course it isn’t fair.

But life isn’t fair.

And the sooner you accept and embrace that fact, the sooner you’ll start reaping the rewards you deserve and the happier and more content with your life and business you’ll be.

Frankly, 7 Figure Profit Secrets™ is for you only if you are serious about enjoying the kind of success most business owners will never see.

This is for you only if you have the will and wherewithal to equip yourself with the tried, tested, and comprehensively proven methods responsible for taking ordinary, everyday business owners like you and me and made them 7-figure entrepreneurs.

And 7 Figure Profit Secrets™ is definitely NOT for you if you intend to waste your precious time scratching around for potential customers at networking events, or spending hours of pointless activity on social media platforms hoping somehow, someday, someone will want your services (and invariably they’re time wasters, freeloaders or price-focused buyers if they do).

But IF I’m right about you and you’re the kind of person who’s determined not to follow the well-trodden and seemingly inevitable path to struggle, underachievement, mediocrity, and eventual failure, and instead are willing to discover how the exclusive and elite 1%, those 7-figure entrepreneurs make it happen with proven but often counter-intuitive ideas running against the grain of your current understanding of “how business is done”…

… and you’re willing to roll your sleeves up and get to work, investing time, money, and sweat into making it happen…

… then please accept my warmest invitation to join me for the 7-Figure Profit Secrets™ Online Masterclasses.

Get The 7 Figure Profit Secrets™ Online Masterclasses £5,997 £2,997

The Elite Coach Platinum Power Pack™ &
3 Months Entrepreneurial Mastery Inner Circle™

Here’s what you’ll discover in the eye-opening, life-changing 7 Figure Profit Secrets™ Online Masterclasses

  • How to ensure YOUR business is equipped to make you a 7-figure entrepreneur, so you can enjoy the financial certainty and freedom most business owners never even dream of.
  • How to attract a “tribe” of highly qualified prospects to your business and effortlessly convert them to happy, loyal, and engaged customers and clients who are eager to open their wallets to you over and over again (and refer you like crazy to their friends).
  • How to position yourself as a trusted authority and master of your subject in the marketplace (common mistake: allowing yourself to be seen as the “hired help” instead of a “trusted advisor”, and so having nothing to sell yourself on other than low price).
  • How to adopt premium pricing in every level of your business — a vital component of every 7-figure business owner’s strategy (there’s a word “those in the know” use to describe business owners who compete on price: “poor”).
7 Figure Profit Secrets

Your 7 Figure Profit Secrets™ Masterclasses will be delivered online as streaming videos.

  • How to dominate your market in ways your peers and competitors will find impossible to replicate (and even if they copy your every move they’ll fail STILL dismally because they don’t understand what you’re doing).
  • Why pushing prospective clients away pulls them closer and makes them want you more.
  • How to increase your profits by 40% or more overnight with NO extra work (free money!)
  • Why Social Media is a horrible waste of time and money the way most people use it – and how YOU can leverage the incredible money-making opportunity the popular platforms present to those who know the secrets the majority of business owners are blind to (clue: forget your “brand”, forget “engagement”, and forget posting “noise”).
  • How to avoid the BIG mistakes most people make online. Something like 99% of websites DON’T make any money and 99.9% of web designers kill your business if you don’t take them to task. If you want to know how your site should look and function so it becomes a 24/7 automatic profit-machine, you need the 7 Figure Profit Secrets™ Online Masterclasses.
  • How to grow your business by at least 100% to 250% in the next year. It’s not “sexy” and it’s not exciting… but the truth is the secret to success is as simple focusing your time, energy, and attention on a surpirsingly small number of astonishingly powerful actions you need to be taking day in, day out. And in the 7 Figure Profit Secrets™ Online Masterclasses you’ll discover exactly what to do, and how and when to do it.
  • What you need to do next to plug these strategies into your business today.
  • And much much more…
7 Figure Profit Secrets

How it works

Globally recognised as the most definitive and comprehensive program in the field of direct response marketing, the 7 Figure Profit Secrets™ Online Masterclasses comprise 12 individual Masterclasses of 75 to 120 minutes in duration, each one meticulously structured and released in a carefully orchestrated sequence to ensure the tried, tested, and proven success principles are not only understood but put to work in your business immediately.

You’ll enjoy unfetered access to each Masterclass for a full 12-month period for continuous reference and application.

And as an extra bonus, you’ll get a full 6-months’ complimentary access to my Entrepreneurial Mastery Inner Circle, so you can benefit from my continued support and ongoing coaching and mentoring.

Each Masterclass comes with its own Event journal/Success Implementation Guide to ensure you don’t just grasp this crucial profit-generating information intellectually but also internalise it so you can quickly and easily put the powerful strategies, tips, tactics, and techniques I share with you to work in your business.

The whole process is been carefully designed and structured to set you on a journey which begions with an immediate profit boost, and ends up giving you substantial, year on year medium to long term profit growth to carry you forward into the rest of your entrepreneurial career.

Masterclass #1:
Your Hidden Goldmine: 10 Marketing Strategies to Immediately Boost Your Profits

This Masterclass alone will cover your entire investment in the 7 Figure Profit Secrets™ programme.

Because we’re not starting off with just one or two nebulous and ephemeral ‘ideas’ engineered to get you fired up with empty motivation and enthusiasm; instead we’re revealing TEN powerful Marketing and Internet Marketing windfalls you can plug straight into your in your business right now and have making money for you today.

You’ll be frankly amazed at the simple and easy-to-implement strategies sitting right under your nose I guarantee will make a substantial and significant impact on your turnover and profits.

In becoming aware of these strategies you’ll not only make more money, but you’ll also get an intuitive sense of the possibilities and extraordinary business growth within your reach when you become an informed, skilled, and expert Marketer by participating in the 7 Figure Profit Secrets™ programme.

Masterclass #2:
5 Essential Laws of Effective & Profitable Marketing

Like any robust structure your business and its future success relies heavily on putting the right foundations in place. After all, you can build as fancy a house as you like, but if the foundations are weak, then the slightest push or instability can bring the whole thing crashing down around your ears.

So in this Masterclass you’ll discover the 5 Essential Laws of Effective & Profitable Marketing, FIVE secret golden rules of Marketing most business owners will never know, let alone understand, and so effortlessly avoid the constant struggle and underachievement of the masses.

I say the 5 Essential Laws of Effective & Profitable Marketing are “secret” not because they’re hidden away, closely-guarded, or proprietary, but because they’re not taught anywhere – not in universities, business schools, or traditional seminars and trainings. In fact, the only places you tend find them are in hard-to-access, high-net-worth circles where the top-performers mingle ad share and pool their knowledge and expertise.

The truth is they’re all around us, hidden in plain sight, but most simply choose not to see them. It’s only when you look at the entrepreneurial world through the eyes of those who not only understand them, but who also live, eat, sleep, and breathe them will you begin to see them yourself and comprehend the power they have to change your life immeasurably for the better.

Masterclass #3:
Definitive Internet Marketing for Online Profits

Your Internet Marketing Strategy is a vital component of your business growth.

This Masterclass focuses on exactly what you need to do to attract a reliable, predictable, ongiong, and profitable stream of visitors to your website and convert them to delighted and paying customers and clients.

See, Internet Marketing is confusing for most business owners. It’s constantly changing and a rats’ nest of myths, legends, and misleading information from the ignorant, ill-advised, or downright unscrupulous shysters who promise much and deliver nothing of substance or worth.

So it’s little wonder most business owners waste enormous amounts of time and money on unprofitable online activities, striving in vain to make it effective, let alone profitable.

And, ultimately, many business owners end up abandoning it. They throw up their hands in frustration and despair and chalk their “failure” up to experiennce…

… and in so doing miss out on the astonishing opportunity it offers.

And that’s why it’s essential for you to understand what works, basing your decisions and strategied on the experiences of those who’ve tried and tested every possible strategy out there.

So in this Masterclass you’ll discover how your website should be designed, what it should say, how to increase your sales-conversion rate, and how to maximise the profits of your web presence far beyond your website alone.

Among the raft of eye-opening discoveries and crystal-clear clarity you’ll get from this Masterclass, you’ll discover how the pages of your website should be designed, what it should say to make it compelling, how to increase your conversion rate, and how to maximise the profits of your web presence beyond your website alone.

Not only that, but you’ll discover how to avoid the extortionate costs of web designers who not only charge eye-wateringly large amounts of money for their pretty “brochure” websites, but invariably also deliver an aesthetically beautiful yet commercially impotent waste of your money.

Masterclass #4:
Premier Pricing: The Key to Extraordinary Profits

You simply can’t build a sustainable and successful business if you’ve being hammered on price.


So in this Masterclass I reveal how to establish a Premium Pricing Policy in your business.

Bottom line: you’ll not only be charging much more than your industry peers and competitors, but also your customers will be happy to buy at those prices.

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to charge considerably more in line with the value you bring rather than what the market dictates one you know how to do it.

Not only that, but I’ll also show you how to identify and sell to your wealthiest prospects — affluent men and women who will be willing and even eager to pay five to ten times more than your typical client AND thank you afterwards for taking their money.

Masterclass #5:
The Power of Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per Click (PPC) advertising is the most important Marketing breakthrough this century. And in this Masterclass I share with you how to succeed in PPC where most fail abysmally.

If you’re new to PPC, I’ll be revealing a powerful profit source for you; and if you’re a seasoned user, I’ll reveal how to massively improve your results.

In mastering this vital subject you’ll bring extra profits to your business for months and years to come.

Masterclass #6:
Advertising Essentials: All You Need to Know to Ensure Your Advertising is Successful

The best-kept secret in the world of Advertising is…

… most Advertising doesn’t work.

At least, it doesn’t for the business owner who doesn’t know the advanced skills required to create successful advertising.

To be successful across different Marketing channels, you MUST understand the unique psychological triggers you have to fire in your advertisements to improve your response by 50 – 100% or even more (it’s a documented FACT you can increase response by more than 300% just be changing the look of the ad — same copy, same headline, just a different presentation).

So in this Masterclass, you’ll discover why most advertising is ineffective, what newspapers and magazines don’t tell you when advertising in their publication, how to pay less for your ads, and how to write irresistible and compelling ads to draw readers in and and convert them into paying customers and clients.

Masterclass #7:
ocial Media Mastery: The Myths & Truths PLUS The Power of Facebook & You Tube Advertising

For the majority of business owners, Social Media is not only daunting and confusing, but it’s a horrible waste of time, money and resources. It’s a very smart strategy to make it your business to know where and how you should be focusing your efforts in terms of the real business of making money.

Spending endless hours on Social Media in the desperate pursuit of likes, shares, comments, and views is NOT an effective or efficient use of your Entrepreneurial time… but there are a few little-known and often-overlooked goldmines you MUST be paying attention to if you want to capitalise on the enormous potential of Social Media marketing done right.

And this Masteclass reveals them all — including how to leverage the extraordinary opportunity Facebook Advertising offers you and your business. Most business owners haven’t got a clue about how to monetise the power of Facebook, but after this Masterclass, you won’t be one of them.

Masterclass #8:
Premier Positioning & Premier Pricing: PR, Status & Celebrity

Great PR should be central to your business growth strategy. It brings the ultimate Marketing model together – free advertising, premier positioning, ultimate differentiation, and domination in your market.

In this Masterclass I’ll share with you exactly how to target the media and journalists to get your free coverage, how to convince journalists to give you massive exposure, how to write a compelling Press Release (and avoid the fate of 98% of press releases – which get ignored and discarded), how to position yourself as an expert in your business, and how ANY business can get quickly and easily get massive national media coverage).

Masterclass #9:
Marketing Mastery: Leveraging the Offline Audience

Direct Mail is a goldmine of additional profits – IF it’s done the right way.

There are huge opportunities for business growth with Direct Mail for the business owner willing to master this stalwart of traditional marketing.

Yes, I know you’ve probably heard “direct mail is dead”, and it’s true it’s becoming rarer and rarer and businesses flock to an online-marketing-only model.

But this is exactly the point.

Because while the reasons Direct Mail is so powerful, effective, and compelling are still valid, the playing field is virtually clear. In other words, unlike with online marketing there is almost no “noise” and you have NO competition.

So this Masteclass reveals whom you should be mailing, what to send them, what you should be saying in your letters and brochures, how to use external mailing lists to increase the number of people you reach, how to find the best lists, plus the words and phrases you need to use to make the difference between Direct Mail success and failure.

I also share one of the most powerful yet overlooked Marketing tools available – the telephone.

If your business isn’t leveraging the phone effectively with both existing and potential customers, you are probably missing out on considerable untapped profits.

You’ll discover how to use the phone to increase sales without using ANY high pressure sales techniques.

Masterclass #10:
Advanced Internet Marketing: The Power of Email Marketing

In a program full of essential Masterclasses, this is one of the most important of all.

Simply put…

… Email Marketing is the killer app of effective online Marketing.

But you need to know how to do it effectively to leverage its immense power.

Think about it: you’re probably reading this information on the basis of the relationship you and I have because of Email Marketing.

I’ll also be sharing several other Advanced Internet Marketing techniques pivotal to your business thriving — from simple yet little known strategies in optimising your website for the Search Engines, to how to automate your entire Email Marketing strategy.

Masterclass #11:
The Psychological Edge: The Art and Skill of Sales & Influence

successful Entrepreneur has to be an excellent communicator, influencer, and sales professional.

Yet very few of us go into business understanding how to communicate with customers in a way to make it a compelling “no brainer” for them to do business with us.

One of the most immediate improvements you can easily plug into your business is to improve the communication and influence skill of its key people – starting with you.

In this Masterclass, I’ll share the world’s most powerful Influence and Advance Communication skills with you so you can get them working in your business immediately.

Masterclass #12:
Marketing Supremacy: Leading Edge Techniques for Long Term Success

This final Masterclass is a powerhouse of leading-edge information revealing advanced approaches to proven business growth strategies 99% of business owners will never know or even suspect.

You’ll discover how to drive your business to new levels of success via Referral Strategies, Joint Ventures, and Risk Elimination, plus how to increase your prices without losing clients or business.

By the end of this Masterclass, you’ll have mastered the most effective Marketing and Business Success strategies for long term profits and businss success known to mankind.

Before you make up your mind

What I’ve just shared with you here is a ‘top of the waves’ overview of the programme, so when I say 7 Figure Profit Secrets™ is the most comprehensive marketing programme available to coaches, entrepreneurs, and business owners, you’ll find anywhere, I mean it

And I don’t make claims of this magnitude lightly.

Here’s the most important question of all: will you get everything plugged into your business in the next few months?

No, of course you won’t.

Is it possible to do that?

Sure it is.

Is it likely or practical?

No, not in my experience. Not from what I’ve seen from others, including the 7-figure mentors I frequently refer to.

Here’s why: success compounds, and successful Marketing is built strategy by strategy over time.

Can you make profitable improvements quick and fast?

You bet you can, because I’ve done it.

But to create a robust and successful business also takes a medium- to long-term approach to plugging the full breadth of Marketing strategies you’ll be exposed to in 7 Figure Profit Secrets™ into your business.

And this is why every Masterclass is recorded putting the definitive, most comprehensive library for business growth excellence at your fingertips whenever you need it, day or night.

And remember — as a member of Entrepreneurial Mastery Inner Circle, you’ve got continuous access to me for support and guidance along the way.

That, I promise you, is a proven recipe for success because it’s exactly the recipe I followed when I began to drag myself from the hole I’d plummeted into, and the recipe I continue to follow today.

The real cost of 7 Figure Profit Secrets™?

Right now you might be thinking the ticket for 7 Figure Profit Secrets™ is too high a price to pay, sight unseen.

After all, £3,997 isn’t chump-change and there’s a vast amount of information out there about marketing and business, and much of it free.

Fair comment.

More to the point, if you put in the time and effort you could probably figure all this out for yourself (to some extent, at least).

That’s what I’ve done, after all.

But my question is…

… why would you want to?

Because between where you are now with your current knowledge and where you need to be to make it work for you lies a massive journey full of dead ends, blind-alleys, and false starts. What seems easy seems that way only because the people doing it have mastered their art — and that’s why I continue to pay a King’s ransom for the best advice I can get.

There are three magic words you need to understand: return on investment.

Here’s what I mean: at the time of writing this I’ve “spent” the best part of £500,000 in myself and my business.

A horrendous “cost” if the outgoing number is your sole measure of its value.

But what I’ve learned for that £500,000 has paid me back many multiples of that £500,00, making it a true investment of my time and money.

What that investment has returned to me is nothing less than astonishing in terms of the lifestyle it affords me and the cold, hard cash it’s put into my bank account, as predictably and regularly as clockwork.


… people say they want change.

They say they want a better business, better results, better clients… and a better life for themselves and those they love and who depend on them.

But talk is cheap and easy, and when the truth of what it’s going to take for them to reach their goals, it rapidly becomes obvious they don’t want change at all.

What they want is for things to stay the same but somehow be better.

Sadly, that’s a contradiction, and the universe will have no truck with it.

They want their businesses to perform better — make more money and have an easier and more enjoyable time of things — but they’re scared to the point of inaction by change.

Change is scary.

Change means moving into the unknown (pretty much by definition, because you don’t control external circumstances).

Change often means giving up the feeling of control as you enter uncharted waters and begin dealing with unfamiliar circumstances and situations.

The problem is change is necessary and unavoidable if you want your own circumstances to be different from how they are now.

And nothing is going change unless you do…

… and yet, if you will change, then everything will change for you.

I’ve done everything I can to make this as easy I can for you. I’ve charted out the path and made all the mistakes for you already so you don’t have to.

The choice is yours, and you’re free to make andy choice you wish; but you are never free to avoid the consequences of your choices.

So choose wisely.

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Christian Simpson

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P.S. If you were sceptical…

… I get it.

This is the Internet and anyone can make any claim they like without any proof or evidence they can walk their talk, and many do…

… and you have NO idea about the truthfullness of the claims they make.

So I don’t expect you or anyone else to take my word for any of it.

Instead, see what just some of the people for whom the unique 7 Figure Profit Secrets Masterclasses has been not just life changing but transformational have to say.

Read in their own words how what I’ll share with you in the 7 Figure Profit Secrets™ Online Masterclasses has changed their lives…

… and only then decide.

Get The 7 Figure Profit Secrets™ Online Masterclasses £5,997 £2,997

The Elite Coach Platinum Power Pack™ &
3 Months Entrepreneurial Mastery Inner Circle™

Even more proven and transformational impact!

This workshop and program helped me become “unstuck” in my business. I learned how to take a good product that no one knew about to market. I was able to reframe my business and appropriately use my website to build my e-mail marketing list. My engagement and email list has grown by 800% since being in the program.

I now have an effective marketing system in place for my product and services and know the core things I need to do each day to build my business. I have been a part of many programs but by far this program has been the most effective in helping me build critical core competencies in my business. I highly recommend to the serious entrepreneur. It delivered more value than expected and my expectations are high!

Barbara Image
Barbara Littles
CEO, Barbara M Littles LLC. Michigan, USA

I own and operate a CFO Advisory and Executive Coaching company. Attracting and retaining long-term customers is my lifeblood to create a financially sustainable and thriving company. In order to achieve this I must create a high quality sales funnel that consistently transforms leads into prospects into customers with minimal leakage in the process.

The workshop and program has provided me with a step-by-step roadmap in how to exactly achieve the extraordinary results I’m seeking using advanced marketing strategies (both online and offline). These techniques are advanced, not because they are difficult to grasp, but because very few business owners know about them and more importantly are not implementing them. As such I’m not only using these powerful strategies to bolster my own marketing and sales processes, but also those of my corporate customers.

I’ve also identified these same marketing strategies being used by some of the most successful entrepreneurs around the world, which allows me to use them as case studies and mimic them.

James Vanreusel Image
James Vanreusel
Vanreusel Ventures LLC, San Francisco, California, USA

As a senior marketing and branding professional, I initially questioned the value and validity of Christian Simpson's promise. I’m pleased to say that discovering what Christian shares in this seminar and program has proven to be one of the wisest business decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve come to see it as the most vital investment in the success of my business; an investment which is already paying off handsomely.

It has helped me to see my marketing challenges through a new lens and challenged my assumptions and experience on a deep level.

7-Figure Profits equips both seasoned marketers and newcomers alike, with a combination of cutting edge strategies you simply don’t hear others talk about.

The learning is presented in easy-to-grasp, bite-sized chunks of content, which any entrepreneur, regardless of previous experience or skill, will be able to implement immediately. The live Q&A session from EMIC, featuring Christian’s unique blend of insight and experience, offer highly supportive guided learning; there’s nothing quite like learning from one who’s already been there himself.

I now see myself as a direct response marketer, executing on many of the techniques, particularly the online lead generation methods, to bring my own coaching practice to market. I can honestly say, as a natural cynic and a pretty critical customer, that I’d recommend 7-Figure Profit Secrets to any entrepreneur looking to grow their business. If my own situation is anything to go by, I can guarantee you will not be disappointed! And, if you’re not already a marketing expert, you will be by the end of it!

Neal Fullman
Neal Fullman
Neal Fullman Associates, Elevatis Ltd, Hertfordshire, London

If you are thinking about joining Christian's workshop, there is only one logical outcome. Back yourself as you have done previously and step into the world of Leading Edge Marketing Strategies, you won’t be disappointed.

Having recently completed his program, it is an up to date wealth of knowledge regarding effective marketing strategies for your business. It is delivered in the highly professional manner you would expect from Christian Simpson.

Combine the leading edge marketing strategies with the world-class coach and you get a program that is simply world class in all respects. It is beneficial from the start, and a powerful resource to build and develop your business

Daniel Rodger Image
Daniel Rodger
Group Operations Manager, The GDP Group, Melbourne, Australia

Do you want to take your marketing efforts and results to a higher level? Then jump on board with Christian Simpson’s 7-Figure Profits workshop and program. I did, and after eighteen years of running my company it has revolutionized my thinking and practices in terms of marketing.

Christian has invested a lot of money, time and effort in learning and applying these principles to himself and his business and then has turned around and in his masterful way, shares the lessons learned and great insights with his participants.

This is truly a master class on marketing! You will learn all you need to know to become a lucrative marketer of yourself and your business.

It is worth every penny and then some! You don’t need to think twice! Jump in!

Robin Lewis Image
Robin Lewis
Owner, Robin Lewis Insurance, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

I have gained tremendous value in the lessons Christian has given. It’s rich with so much content that I was initially overwhelmed. What I quickly realized is that I can come back again and again to refine what I learned, add on new things to incorporate, or simply pick up on something I missed the first time. As I grow my business, the investment continues to more than pay for itself.

Louise Elliot Image
Louise Elliott
Founder, CareerPowerShift, Westerville, Ohio USA

Chrisian’s coaching and mentoring has been invaluable in raising my awareness of what it takes to grow as a successful entrepreneur. There are many other programs always competing for our time and money to “help” us grow our business, but 7-Figure Profits Secrets exceeded my expectations in every aspect.

It was very interesting to hear Christian’s authenticity as he talked about the things he has done that did not produce good results and then share what he has done differently since then to grow his business. Sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly is not very common in other programs, but Christian wanted to empower us to be more successful by avoiding common mistakes.

Christian also put together very detailed Implementation Guides that covered all of my questions, and in Christian’s usual style, every implementation guide contained additional coaching questions for me to reflect on, be more specific as to how I was going to apply the lesson, and have an actionable path forward.

I certainly recommend this advanced marketing program. For the amount of value received, you cannot go wrong with the investment.

Rodolfo Lopez Image
Rodolfo (Rudy) Lopez
Founder, Katapult Leadership, Houston, Texas, USA

I was a little skeptical going into it because there are all sorts of programs telling you “how to make it happen”, this one actually does and I made an extra $300,000 in the past year by literally just following 3 of the strategies I discovered in Christian Simpson’s program.

Marissa Nehlsen Image
Marissa Nehlsen
CEO of "Freedom Financial Group

I implemented just one strategy from many revealed in the first week and it instantly made me an extra $2100. That more than paid for my investment in the program, and that’s just one idea from the first week! That same idea delivered over $100,000 in extra profit in the next year!

Meredith Image
Meridith Viguers
Owner of "Let Us Do The Cooking"

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