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Dear Business Owner,

If you’re to increase your personal wealth, and extract an ever-increasing amount of income from your business with less hassle and fewer headaches, then this is one of the most important messages you’ll read in your entrepreneurial career.

Because in a moment I’m going to share with you the simple and easy way for you to generate substantially more profits for your business in the next 12 months and beyond.

I’m not talking about the latest fads or “ninja tactics”, I’m talking about powerful and proven strategies that are used by the entrepreneurial elite to drive greater personal wealth and freedom into their lives.

If cashflow is the lifeblood of a business, marketing is its heartbeat. Without an effective (and that means profitable) marketing engine in your business, you don’t have a business – you’ve got a hobby, and an expensive one at that.

The problem is, most small business owners go about marketing their business in ways that bring little or no return – because they are NOT aware of how to do it profitably.

There are TWO kinds of marketing in the world, only ONE works in terms of growing an astonishingly profitable small businesses.

Sadly, if they do any marketing at all (yep, I know, unbelieveable but true),most business owners do the kind that’s a horrible and pointless waste of money.


Worse still, not only do they market their business in the same way as every other underachieving and struggling business owner markets theirs, and therefore suffer the same ever-diminishing returns, they only have one or two methods of finding customers.

That makes for a precariously vulnerable business.

Here’s the bad news: results don’t lie. If your business isn’t generating the kind of profit that brings greater financial certainty and freedom to your life, it’s giving you a very clear message: you’re NOT an effective marketer.

And being an effective marketer is the most important activity of all for a business owner.


Because a business lives or dies on the strength of its marketing.

The good news is you CAN become a highly effective marketer, and before I explain how, here’s what you must understand:

It’s NOT your fault

Why? Because you don’t know what you don’t know.

No one taught me what it takes to grow a highly profitable small business. No one explained there were 2 kinds of marketing, only one of which works for small business owners. I’ll bet my bottom dollar the same applies to you.

Most of the advice you’ve had before is most likely from unqualified sources who know no better themselves – friends, family, competitors, colleagues, web designers, even bank managers and other professionals who are well meaning but, in the end, have no understanding of the challenge you face in making your business more successful.

You’re not alone. The overwhelming majority of business owners DO NOT KNOW how to market their business effectively for short, medium and long-term growth. And again, when I say effectively I mean profitably.

This chronic shortfall in knowledge and awareness is one of the primary reasons why most business owners struggle and fail. The statistics say it all: 8 out of 10 small businesses fail in the first five years.

I know this from bitter, personal experience. I was one of the statistics. In 2009 my business liquidated because I didn’t know how to market a small business profitably.

It’s why the majority of hard-working, well-intentioned small business owners fail to accomplish financial certainty and the lifestyle freedom of the entrepreneurial dream. Here we are in 2016 and only 1% of business owners are millionaires, a figure that’s NOT changed since records began back in the 1950’s.

But the struggle ends, starting right now…
IF you’ll let it

In less than 4 years of implementing the advanced marketing strategies shared in Science of Success 2 my business went from zero to generating a million dollars.

That simply wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t discovered these proven, leading edge marketing strategies from highly successful entrepreneurs who’d built astonishingly profitable, multi-million dollar small businesses.

They’re not self-appointed marketing “gurus” or so-called “social media experts”, but entrepreneurs who’ve demonstrated by their results they know what it takes to market a business profitably – and in the marketing game that’s all that matters.

I pay a significant five figure sum every year to these individuals for mentorship, and after successfully implementing these strategies myself, I’m now sharing these proven methods with you so you can get them working in your business straight away.

See, regardless of what you may think or believe, having a very profitable business is not a matter of “luck”, whom or what you know, or simply being in the “right place at the right time”. Far from it.

Nor is it a result of having wide exposure on Social Media, a strong “brand”, “page likes”, “engagement” or throwing good money after bad on SEO, blogging, or a million other fads and unproven tactics constantly being pushed down your throat from every direction. It’s not even about “knowing” lots of stuff and hoping the mere acquisition of knowledge will grow your business of its own accord.

In truth, the exact opposite is the case: business success is invariably the result of business owners diligently following a surprisingly small number of equally surprisingly powerful rules and strategies — drop-dead simple rules and strategies anyone can understand and follow and put to work in their business.

It’s that simple.

Here’s a truth that can’t be denied: if I’ve gone from liquidation to significant success, built a million dollar business from zero in less than four years, and have a level of financial certainty in my life that most business owners can only dream of, you’d be negligent to yourself, your business, your family and your financial future to not sit up and listen.

Introducing…The Science of Success 2: Powerful & Proven Wealth Generating
Strategies for Small Business Owners

Here’s just a small selection of the untapped secrets you’ll discover in SOS2:

  • A simple change to the way you do business that’ll increase your sales by up to 1,000% or even more. This is not a typo or an exaggeration. I’ve seen these kinds of numbers crop up over and over again in all kinds of diverse businesses using this approach.
  • Why your website designer is a HUGE threat to your business. I get to look at a lot of websites and virtually every single one of them is suffering from the same basic and easily fixed problems.
  • Why Social Media, SEO and other “free” sources of online and offline traffic are actively dangerous to your business. This is one truth business owners can’t or won’t grasp — and it’s costing them thousands in lost sales and opportunities.
  • Why making sales should be your last priority. Sounds dumb, I know, but trust me it makes sense. Anyone can make a sale… once. The key to long-term and vast profits is in the long-term relationship you have with your customers and clients.
  • The truth about price and positioning. I can guarantee you are selling yourself too cheaply. Fact is, if you take my advice in just this one area you’ll massively increase your profits almost overnight.
  • Secrets to ultra-powerful and profitable email marketing and follow up. Fact: I’m the most effective email marketer in my industry and it’s because I’ve learned to be from one of the top email marketing guys on the planet.

And much, much more…

Here’s 9 powerful reasons why SOS2 is the wisest investment you’ll
EVER make in your entrepreneurial life:

  • The strategies shared in Science of Success 2 took my business from zero to a million in less than four years.
  • The principles and strategies shared in Science of Success 2 helped Entrepreneurial Elite member Paull Newsome take an everyday flat-roofing business in a quiet, remote, backwater coastal town in the South West of England from £250,000 turnover a year to £2.5 million in less than six years
  • Steve Beeley saw a 45% increase in turnover and a 200% increase in profits in the first year in his professional development and accreditation consultancy after he discovered the powerful strategies revealed in Science of Success 2
  • Steven Green leveraged the techniques revealed in Science of Success 2 and tripled ‘s his property renovations business in just 10 months
  • By discovering the advanced marketing strategies revealed in Science of Success 2, lawyer Teresa Payne took a brand new business from zero to a million pounds within 18 months.
  • Marissa Nehlsen made an extra $300,000 dollars in the first year from just THREE of the many strategies shared in the Science of Success 2 event – that’s an ROI of 1,190% in a year. You can hear Marissa talk about it in the video below. UPDATE: The same strategies are now generating $300k a MONTH for Marissa.
  • Meredith Viguers instantly put just one strategy to work on the day of watching the first masterclass and made her entire investment in this programme back. That same strategy today (and it only one of many) is making her well in excess of $100,000 a year
  • Daniella Nica lives in Romania - a country where the average salary is $250 a month. After putting to work the strategies revealed in SOS2, she has a following over 50,000 people and is generating monthly income above $5,000
  • None of this is "coincidence" - this is what the "new rich" are using to create the kind of personal wealth most business owners will never know

And if isn't compelling enough, here’s why SOS 2 is NOT
an opportunity you can afford to miss:

  • SOS2 consists of 12 eye-opening Masterclasses - which you'll get INSTANT ACCESS to - where I share ALL of the PROVEN wealth generating strategies I discovered from the highly successful entrepreneurs I've been mentored by.
  • These individuals have built multi-million dollar businesses by the methods I’ll be sharing with you - and I'm holding nothing back
  • I invested over $200,000 to acquire this information - yet that’s not what should be making an impression on you. What should is my RETURN ON INVESTMENT. By putting just 30% of these strategies to work, my business went from zero to a million in less than 4 years.
  • There's nothing more powerful than tried and tested ideas - especially when those ideas have made a lot of business owners exceptionally wealthy - and that's exactly what you'll be getting when you put what's waiting for you in SOS2

Here's what you need
to know

There are TWO kinds of marketing in the world - and only ONE works for small business owners - the one most business owners DON'T KNOW ABOUT.

All of it is revealed in Science of Success 2.

You’ll discover dozens of life-changing strategies to impact the number of customers you attract and the profits you generate. From attracting new customers, to creating advertising that works, having an effective and profitable website, getting free PR coverage in the media, using advanced Internet Marketing approaches such a pay-per-click and remarketing.

You’ll also learn what works and what doesn’t in the murky waters of Social Media Marketing – including how to leverage the extraordinary reach of Facebook.

Here’s a brief overview of what’s involved. Remember, you will have INSTANT ACCESS to ALL 12 MASTERCLASSES and you'll have access to them for a full 12 months

Week 1:Your Hidden Goldmine:10 Marketing Strategies to
Immediately Boost Your Profits

This Master Class alone will cover your entire investment in this programme. We’re not starting off with just one or two ‘ideas’, we’re revealing TEN Marketing and Internet Marketing windfalls to get working in your business today.

You’ll be amazed at the simple and easy-to-implement strategies that are right under your nose that will make a significant impact on your turnover and profits.

In becoming aware of these strategies you’ll not only make more money, you’ll also get a sense of the possibilities and extraordinary business growth that’s within your reach when you become an informed, skilled Marketer by participating in SOS2.

Week 2: The 5 Essential Laws of Effective
& Profitable Marketing

Like any robust structure, the future success of your business relies heavily on putting the right foundations in place. In this Master Class alone you’ll discover the five absolute golden rules of Marketing that most business owners will never know, avoiding the constant struggle and under achievement of the masses as a consequence.

Week 3: Definitive Internet Marketing
for Online Profits

Your Internet Marketing Strategy is a vital component of your business growth. This Master Class focuses on precisely what needs to be done to attract an ongoing stream of visitors to your website and convert those visitors to profits.

Internet Marketing is confusing for most business owners, it’s constantly changing and it’s full of myths and misleading information from the ignorant, ill-advised or downright unscrupulous.

No wonder most business owners waste enormous amounts of time and money on unprofitable activities. That’s why it’s essential for you to understand what really works by those who’ve tried and tested every possible strategy out there.

Amongst other things, you’ll discover how your website should be designed, what it should say, how to increase your conversion rate, and how to maximise the profits of your web presence beyond your website alone.

Week 4: Premier Pricing: The Key to
Extraordinary Profits

You simply can’t build a sustainable and successful business if you’ve being hammered on price. This Master Class reveals how you establish a Premium Pricing Policy in your business. You’ll not only be charging much more than your industry peers, your customers will be happy to buy at those prices.

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to charge considerably more in line with the value you bring rather than what the market dictates one you know how to do it. Plus I’ll show you how to identify and sell to your wealthiest prospects who are willing to pay five to ten times more than most people.

Week 5: The Power of Pay Per Click

Pay per Click (PPC) advertising is the most important Marketing breakthrough this century. In this Master Class you’ll discover how to succeed in PPC where most fail abysmally.

If you’re new to PPC, I’ll be revealing a powerful profit source for you, if you’re a seasoned user, I’ll reveal how to massively improve your results. In mastering this vital subject you’ll bring extra profits to your business for months and years to come.

Week 6: Advertising Essentials: All You Need to Know to Ensure
Your Advertising is Successful

The best-kept secret in the world of Advertising is most Advertising doesn’t work. At least, it doesn’t for the business owner who doesn’t know the advanced skills required to create successful advertising. To be successful across different Marketing channel, you need to understand the unique psychological triggers that need to be in place in your Advert to improve your response by 50 – 100% or more.

In this Master Class, you’ll discover why most advertising is ineffective, what newspapers and magazines don’t tell you when advertising in their publication, how to pay less for your Adverts and how to write Adverts that are irresistibly compelling to readers.

Week 7: Social Media Mastery: The Myths & Truths PLUS! The Power
of Facebook & You Tube Advertising

For the majority of business owners, Social Media is not only daunting and confusing, it’s a horrible waste of time, money and resources. It’s a very smart strategy to make it your business to know where you should be focusing your efforts in terms of the real business of making money.

Large amounts of Social Media are not a good use of your Entrepreneurial time, but there are definitely goldmines that you should be paying attention to.

This Master Class reveals it all, including how to leverage the extraordinary opportunity Facebook Advertising offers you and your business. Most business owners haven’t got a clue about how to monetise the power of Facebook, after this Master Class, you won’t be one of them.

Week 8:Mastering the Media: How to Get FREE PR
Coverage in ALL aspects of Media

Great PR should be central to your business growth strategy. It brings the ultimate Marketing model together – free advertising, premier positioning, ultimate differentiation and domination in your market.

In this Master Class, you’ll discover how to target the media and journalists to get your free coverage, how to convince journalists to give you massive cover, how to write a compelling Press Release (and void the fate of 98% of press releases – which get ignored and discarded), how to position yourself as an expert in your business, and how ANY business can get national media coverage.

Week 9: Marketing Mastery: Leveraging the
Offline Audience

Direct Mail is a goldmine of additional profits – IF it’s done in a certain way. There are huge opportunities for business growth via Direct Mail for the business owner willing to master this stalwart of traditional marketing.

This Master Class reveals who you should be mailing, what to send them, what you should be saying in your letters and brochures, how to use external mailing lists to increase the number of people you reach, how to find the best lists, plus the words and phrases that make the difference between Direct Mail success and failure.

I also share one of the most powerful yet overlooked Marketing tools available – the telephone. If your business isn’t leveraging the phone effectively with both existing and potential customers, you are probably missing out on considerable untapped profits. You’ll discover how to use the phone to increase sales without using ANY high pressure sales techniques.

Week 10: Advanced Internet Marketing Strategies:
The Power of Email Marketing

In a program full of essential Master Classes, this is one of the most important of all. Email Marketing is the killer app of effective online Marketing – but you need to know how to do it effectively to leverage its immense power. Think about it, you’re probably reading this information on the basis of the relationship you and I have because of Email Marketing.

I’ll also be sharing several other Advanced Internet Marketing techniques that are pivotal to your business thriving, from simple yet little known strategies in optimizing your website for the Search Engines, to how to automate your entire Email Marketing strategy.

Week 11: The Psychological Edge:The Art and Skill
of Sales & Influence

An Entrepreneur has to be an excellent communicator, influencer and sales professional, yet very few of us go into business understanding how to communicate to customers in a way that makes it far more compelling for them to do business with us.

One of the most immediate improvements you can instill in your business is to improve the communication and influence skill of its key people – starting with you.

In this Master Class, I’ll share the world’s most powerful Influence and Advance Communication skills with you so you can get them working in your business immediately.

Week 12:Marketing Supremacy: Leading Edge Techniques
for Immediate Profit & Long Term Success

This final Master Class is a powerhouse of leading edge information, revealing advanced approaches to proven business growth strategies that 99% of business owners will never know.

You’ll discover how to drive your business to new levels of success via Referral Strategies, Joint Ventures and Risk Elimination, plus how to increase your prices without losing business.

By the end of this Master Class, you’ll have mastered the most effective Marketing and Business Success strategies on the planet for long-term profits and success.

And DON'T Forget!

Science of Success 2 is so comprehensive it’s impossible to implement ALL of the powerful strategies it reveals in just a few months.

Success compounds, and effective, profitable marketing is built strategy-by-strategy over time. Can you make substantial increases in your profits fast from what you’ll discover in SOS2? You bet you can! I’ve done it, and so have thousands of small business owners across the world who’ve been smart enough to discover and put these strategies to work.

That said, building a robust and successful business takes a medium to long-term approach, and that’s why you have access to every MasterClass for an ENTIRE YEAR.

So you’ll be able to constantly plug in to the teachings, follow the very specific instructions, and deploy these leading edge marketing strategies instantly.

That, I can promise you, is a recipe for success because that’s exactly the recipe I followed, and continue to follow, to build my business.

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