From: Christian Simpson
Re: Findings of Your Pre- Alignment Assessment

IMPORTANT! Please Read The Brief, Personal Message Below in its' Entirety

Thank you for your interest in how we can help you enjoy an outstanding career as an Elite Influencer in the Coaching industry, and for completing your pre- Alignment Assessment questionnaire.

From what you've shared, our qualifying criteria has flagged-up it's too early - at this stage -  for us to engage in an Alignment Assessment.

This can be for a variety of reasons, the most common of which is financial viability for the solutions typically explored in Alignment Assessment.

There is Good News However…

… because I won't deny anyone who has a genuine desire and legitimate aspirations to make a difference on scale.

If That's True for You Read On…

… because if you're fully committed to becoming an Elite Influencer in the Coaching industry, meaning you're willing to do what needs to be done to make it happen…

… then there is a way for you and I work together to make it happen.

You're going to have to meet full-on in this though. No half-heartedness, "dabbling", or  lazy, short-lived commitment. This is for drivers not passengers in life.

You have to show up to go up… and no one enjoys an outstanding career of far more influence, impact and income in this profession unless they're willing to put their back into the 80/20 activities which make ALL the difference.

If… and ONLY if… you can make a commitment to yourself to do what I've just described above should you click the button below and read/listen to every word of the message waiting for you there.

The bottom line? I'm willing to put my back into the process which helps you become all your capable of becoming, so we can get you to an Alignment Assessment sooner rather than later (or never)…

… the question you need answering is… are you?

If you are, click the button below and let's see if we can work together to get you to where you need to be.

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