Christian Simpson is the UK’s leading expert in the psychology of success and wealth generation. His proven, practical and highly effective methods have helped thousands of small business owners in over 147 countries enjoy dramatic and astonishing improvements in their personal and professional results.

The proposition is very simple: Entrepreneurial success for small business owners ultimately boils down to two things:

1: The Psychology of Success & Wealth Generation

1:  Our psychology determines everything. This is where most business owners just don’t get it, and it shows – in their results. Highly successful people do NOT think like the underachieving masses – they’ve UNLEARNED the habitual ways of thinking that keep the vast majority condemned to struggle and mediocrity.

All the so-called “ninja” tactics and “mechnics” of growing a highly profitable business won’t bring you the outcome if you’re psychology doesn’t sponsor outstanding success in your life – on the contrary, it’ll undermine and sabotage every plan and move you make.

Your business -and your quality of life – can never, and will never, outgrow the quality of thinking you apply to it. Results are effects, and unless a business owner is willing to improve the cause of those effects, very little, if anything, will change.

2: An profitable direct response marketing engine.

If you don’t have a profitable markeging engine feeding your business, you don’t have a business at all – you have a hobby, and an expensive hobby at that.

Only one form of marketing works for small business owners, and it’s the one most business owners have no understanding of. Consequently, if they market their business at all, they waste time and money on activities that bring little or no return on investment.

If your business isn’t fed with a constant supply of high quality leads from multiple sources that you nurture mutually-beneficial relationship with, your business, and the lifestyle it sponsors, is in a very precarious position.

These two components are critical – non-negiotiable – in the life of any small business owner who is to rise above the endemic mediocrity and struggle that grips the grips the masses.

As Britain’s leading Coach and Mentor to business owners, Christian Simpson tackles these issues right up front. His ground breaking work, leading edge resources and highly acclaimed mastery of Coaching is proven to help small business owners like you unlearn the deep-seated habitual ways of thinking that limits your success, undermines you capabilities, stifles your ability to express your untapped potential, and inhibits growth.


Christian Simpson is much more than just your everyday “business coach”. He’s an internationally acclaimed Master in the field. Since 2006 he’s trained, taught and mentored thousands of Professional Coaches to the highest standards in the Coaching industry, and some of the biggest names in the self-improvement industry hire him for his expertise. Christian currently collaborates closely with the world’s leading expert in leadership, the US author John C. Maxwell.


Introducing “The 4 Pillars of Mastery”

Christian’s highly acclaimed Entrepreneurial success resources have helped thousands of business owners bring profound improvements to their business and personal lives. These proven strategies are simple yet highly effective.

Incredibly, despite their unquestionable commercial value, these invaluable resources are free to acccess for growth-orientated, success-focused small business owners. Many of these ideas are counter-intuitive, as they should be – “following the herd”  down the well-trodden path to perpetual underachievement isn’t what Christian Simpson has in mind for you. What about you?


Of course there isn’t, and Christian doesn’t pretend there is either.

He’s made ‘The 4 Pillars of Mastery” available to you because his focus is on building mutually beneficial relationships with like-minded, success-focused business owners who are serious, very serious, about enjoying extraordinary Entrepreneurial success – AND he’s willing to invest heavily in proving his worth, value and credibility to you first.

Christian’s methods are about as far away as you can get from a “get rich quick” promise. This is not a panacea for the “hard-of-thinking” who believe there’s a quick fix to success. You’re going to have to put your back into this and THINK.

And it’s NOT for people who believe success comes down to some mystical, unseen force called “luck”, or being born into wealth, or having a first-class education, or any other of the deep-seated societal myths that life’s underachievers buy into.

Consequently, Christian Simpson, and his body of work, is NOT  for every business owner, because the vast majority are not willing to do what needs to be done to enjoy the kind of success most business owners will never know.


Hard work is a given, but if hard work was all it took to enjoy significant success, we’d all be living the entrepreneurial dream…and, tragically, most of us are not. No, it’s what you’re willing to work hard at that makes ALL the difference.


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Leading Edge Entrepreneurial Success
Courses & Programmes

Christian’s work is regarded by his industry peers as some of the most powerful transformational resources available in the personal success genre. It’s why the biggest names in his industry, like John C. Maxwell, hire Christian for his expertise.

Periodically, members of Christian’s Entrepreneurial Inner Circle are given the opportunity to take the next step and invest in tried, tested and proven Entrepreneurial success programmes, from those that address the much-needed shift to a success-orientated psychology, to the powerful profit boosting marketing strategies that most business owners will never know.

These are products and services that require financial investment, and are proven, in the lives of thousands of entrepreneurs, to offer a magnificent return on investment.

Christian has 3 membership-based Inner Circles, Entrepreneurial Mastery Inner Circle, his own Mastermind, Entrepreneurial Elite Inner Circle, and the ultimate vehicle for outstanding entrepreneurial success based on the powerful process Christian created for his Entrepreneurial Elite group, the Elite Mastermind.

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Christian also provides ground-breaking, highly acclaimed seminars and his uniquely powerful “Entrepreneurial Elite Think Tanks” on both sides of the Atlantic on a regular basis.