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Exclusive Founding Member Application

The Conscious Coaching Academy™ (CCA) is the industry-leading, definitive centre of excellence for Elite Coaches and Iconic Mass Influencers™ in the Coaching Industry.

Providing three tiers of professional accreditation in the Simpson Method of Transformational Coaching™ - recognised by external accreditation body the European Mentoring & Coaching Council – the CCA’s unique focus on mastery at three levels: mastery of Self, mastery of influence and mastery of market makes it the undisputed industry leader of excellence in the Coaching training/accreditation field.

This application is for Founding Member status – a special, one-time only, never-to-be-repeated opportunity to become part of a unique and exclusive group of carefully selected individuals who will forever be recognised and celebrated at the CCA™.

This privileged status strictly limited to a maximum of fifty individuals.

Founding Membership is for life, and by its very nature can only be attained once.

This special group will be given exclusive privileges, including but not limited to Founding Member only events, and far greater access to me and my team/associates.

Please do NOT forward this application to anyone else. It is strictly for the recipient only.

Finally, before proceeding with this application, ensure you are ready – and able - to meet the necessary financial and time commitment to a future career as an Elite Coach and Iconic Mass Influencer™.

Professional Practitioner Accreditation in the Simpson Method of Transformational Coaching™ requires an investment of $24,997 per person.

The first privilege afforded a Founding Member is full accreditation for a never-to-be repeated $14,997.

Founding Member Application

[CCA] Founding Member Application
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