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From: Christian Simpson, founder of the award-winning Conscious Coaching Academy™
Re: Your career in the Coaching profession

You want to make a profound difference in the lives of others.

You want to make an impact, on scale, and enjoy the fulfilment and financial rewards coming with it.

If you plan to be a Coach with your own, thriving business… or you’re already in the profession and run your own Coaching business, here’s what we can both agree on:

To enjoy sustainable success in any profession, you MUST understand the commercial realities of it.

Otherwise, how can you expect to mitigate risk and threat, while simultaneously identifying and taking advantage of the opportunities most people fail to see, let alone seize?

Here's What You Need to Know

The truth is, most Coaches trade time for not enough money in a business which is nothing more than a job with the additional stress, hassle and headaches which come with owning a business.

Not only that, this noble profession is full of unethical charlatans, pretenders, frauds and violators who’ve had very little (if any) appropriate training, do not hold the appropriate industry-recognised qualifications, yet market themselves as a “coach”.

They either knowingly, or in some cases, unknowingly, misrepresent abuse and violate the Coaching profession and the public they claim to serve

Worse still, the market is now so over-populated, busy and saturated, with an ever-increasing amount of new entrants coming into the profession every month, according to the business research group IBIS, Coaching is now a commoditised service and fees are on the decline to the tune of 57%.

Ironic for a profession which claims to help others to far greater success.

I don’t mean to be alarmist in anyway, however, these statements are indisputable and based entirely on irrefutable industry research and statistics…

… and only a fool ignores the commercial realities of the profession they’re in.

There is good news, however…

… because as much as these very real threats should strike fear into the heart of anyone planning to enjoy a lengthy and fulfilling career in this industry…

… they also bring an unprecedented opportunity to those equipped to take advantage.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Not for you.

You don’t have to choose the well-trodden path to struggle and almost certain failure.

Not if you’re willing to equip yourself with the know-how of how to avoid the costly and fatal mistakes most Coaches make…

… and not if you’re willing to discover what the Elite Influencers of the Coaching industry know and do that their underachieving counterparts don’t.

Are you?

Because It’s ALL revealed in an exclusive Masterclass I’m about to give you free access to, however, this is no ordinary Masterclass, and consequently…

… this is NOT for every Coach


Because most Coaches will dismiss this as hyperbole, not because it is, but because they’re controlled by beliefs which won’t accept such outcomes are possible – hence their results.

So before you read another word, this is only for you if:

If your answer to all of the above is a resounding “Yes!”, then here’s what you need to know.

Entitled Elite Influencer, Elite Impact™, this exclusive Masterclass is based on three decades of diverse experience running a Coaching business – from the depths of struggle and cataclysmic business failure…

… to the heights of a 7-figure Coaching business impacting thousands of lives in more than 170 countries .

It unpacks the tried, tested and proven framework by which you become a highly credible, highly-sought after and highly paid Elite-level Coach.

Not only does it reveal how you develop superlative, transformative Coaching ability, it unveils how you distinguish yourself from every other Coach in the eyes of today’s increasingly apathetic, cynical and mistrusting consumer…

… so you’re seen as an exceptional, sage-like, go-to-authority in the eyes of the market you serve.

Moreover, it shares an unparalleled, step-by-step, proven methodology to ultimate influence, impact and market domination, backed by eye-opening industry statistics about the commercial reality of running a business in the Coaching profession – and how to take advantage.

Before you go ahead and register to watch it, there’s one more, vitally important point to make.

In the Coaching industry – more than any other profession…

… WHO you learn from matters more than WHAT you learn.

Consequently, I encourage you to do two things: 


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Mock-up Of Two Overlapped Mackbook Pro

Through a Series of Powerful Visual Models, Here's Just Some of the Eye-Opening, Career- Defining Insights You're About to Discover in Elite Influencer, Elite Impact™…

Why am I doing this?

Three reasons: 

As alluded to briefly earlier, I’ve carved-out a very good career for myself helping Coaches in over 170 countries reach a level of success most of their counterparts never will…

… and leading you through the powerful models and astonishing revelations in Elite Influencer, Elite Impact™ is the best way I can think of to earn your trust.

And on that note:

Who am I and why should you care?

This about you, your business and the prosperity and longevity of your career in the Coaching profession – it’s not about me and mine.

However, WHO you learn from in this profession matters more than what you learn…

… so even though I’ve made Elite Influencer, Elite Impact™ free-to-access , you will be investing time to watch it, consequently my credibility in this field should still be of interest to you so you know you’re in the safest of hands.

You’ll find plenty of personal testimonies about the impact of my work in the videos below, for now, here’s a brief overview:

Again, none of this is shared to brag in any way, it’s shared only to reiterate how the time invested in Elite Influencer, Elite Impact™ will bring you a magnificent return on investment time and time again. 

Here's why you can GUARANTEE time invested in Elite Influencer, Elite Impact™ is time wisely spent

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