An Elite Influencer in the Coaching Industry is so much more than just a "Coach" - do you have
what makes the difference?

“I've learned much from you on coaching, the best there has ever been. Your style and approach has been immensely powerful and positively inspirational. Heartfelt thanks to you for the compounding influence on my personal journey".

Robin Khoo

Managing Director:
Borderless Training Consultancy, Malaysia

Hi, Christian Simpson here...
… I create Elite Influencers in the Coaching industry…

… and if you've reached this page, it's extremely likely you choose to be the very best at what you do, you hold yourself to the highest personal and professional ethics and standards…

.… and you understand the last thing you want to be is trained, accredited and positioned in the market as is "yet another, everyday Coach".

If that's true for you - and you're ready to do what needs to be done to rise above the struggle and mediocrity of the Coaching industry to become an Elite Influencer impacting lives on scale in the market you serve…

… then be in no doubt, The Conscious Coaching Academy™ is the only place you'll find the right team with the right expertise, experience,  and unique methodology to make it happen.

Before anything else, we need to establish if there's at fit between us.

We're as highly selective about who becomes a CCA™ Accredited Elite Influencer as we hope you are in choosing which organisation supports you in your continuous personal and professional development.

This is why, in the interests of us both, the journey by which you set yourself apart from the average, mediocre and underachieving majority in this industry begins by qualifying if we're right for you and you're right for us begins with an Alignment Assessment.

This will not only determine if and how we might work together, you'll also discover the career-defining framework - and the 3 Pivotal Fundamentals and 9 Incontestable Laws at the heart of it - which distinguishes Elite Influencers from 98% of their industry peers.

The purpose of an Alignment Assessment is to establish if we fit with you and you fit with us.
We want to know about you, your business - and why becoming an Elite Influencer with CCA™ is so important to who you are, and who you need to become for the fulfilment of your aspirations and vision

There are only 3 possible outcomes of 
you Alignment Assessment:

  • You'll get so much value from your Alignment Assessment you’ll  understand why joining the CCA™ is so fundamental to your success in  the Coaching industry and you'll want to apply for membership. Should your application be successful, your $250 investment in your Alignment Assessment will be refunded.
  • We decide there's not a fit between us, your application is unsuccessful, and we refund your $250 investment.
  • You'll get enormous value from the Alignment Assessment - with invaluable clarity on what differentiates Elite Influencers from 98% of the underachieving practitioners in the Coaching industry. However, you decide not to proceed any further. We'll part as friends, knowing your Alignment Assessment has given you a minimum of at least 10x the value of your investment.

And just in case you still
have a few questions…

Q: isn't this a “sales call” in all but name?

A: This is not a sales call… hence why it's not called as such. 

An Alignment Assessment is a risk-free strategic conversation where you'll be able to clarify if CCA™ is the expert organisation you need to partner with to help you become all you aspire to become in your career in the Coaching industry.

In turn, we establish if your aspirations, vision, character and commitment matches our own and what we expect from the Elite Influencers we produce and are proud to call our family at CCA™.

CCA™ is much more than an organisation providing world-class Coach training. We're the definitive centre of excellence for Elite Influencers in the Coaching industry - a one-of-a-kind, highly boutique specialist provider with a unique and unsurpassed proposition, and we work intimately with our members to help them reach a level of mastery in influence and impact 98% of their industry peers will never know.

Consequently we celebrate the fact we are NOT for every Coach, or everyone who aspired to become a Coach - and we make no apology for being highly selective about who we allow to join our family of Elite Influencers.  

Regardless of whether we choose to work together or not, you'll leave your Alignment Assessment with crystal clear clarity on what distinguishes Elite Influencers with Elite-level impact from the overwhelming majority of their industry peers.

Jay Goff, Goff Impact Consulting Ltd, Missouri, US

“I've been a "coach" as a leader in the military and in men's ministry for years, but never truly knew the impact and influence I could make as a certified coach until mentored by the masterful Christian Simpson".

Q: What can I get from an Alignment Assessment?

A: There's so much value to extract from an Alignment Assessment, so for brevity, I'll keep this succinct as possible.

If you're new to the Coaching Industry…

  • … we'll prepare you for outstanding success in a way your industry peers will never know by first revealing the eye-opening statistical reality of the profession you intend to make your mark in: there are few things more foolish than entering an industry blindly. The Coaching industry is NOT what it seems from the outside looking in, and you need to ensure you're equipped to succeed where 93% of Coaching practitioners struggle or wallow in abject mediocrity.
  •  We'll then take the conversation about what you really want from your career IN Coaching to a much deeper and far more clarified level than you can possibly imagine. ALL Mastery begins with clarity, and you'll discover the 3 Pivotal Fundamentals and 9 Incontestable Laws of Elite Influence and Impact in the Coaching industry

    Regardless of whether we deem there's a fit between you and the CCA™ or not, we'll ensure you're equipped with a clear understanding of what distinguishes Elite Influencers from the rest of the profession, and how to ensure you put yourself on a trajectory to a magnificent career.

If you're an established Coach…

  • In addition to the above (which is just as relevant to established Coaches as it is to new entrants), by using the 3 Pivotal Fundamentals and 9 Incontestable Laws of Elite Influence and Impact in the Coaching industry, we'll diagnose what is preventing you from scaling your Coaching business and dramatically limiting your influence, impact and income.
  • The typical symptoms of an underachieving Coach are:

     - You've not got enough leads/prospects to convert to clients - and you're constantly chasing clients rather than attracting them

     - You struggle to attract enough of the right quality of client and end up dealing with time-wasters, tyre-kickers and freeloaders

     -  When you do get the right clients, you find it hard to convert them to sales at a fee where you make a decent profit (or worse still you coach for free as a "taster") because you're so eager to secure the work

     - You're not making enough money yet working all the hours God sends on activities you think you should be doing so have no opportunity to fix the problem which is crippling your business growth and denying you the far greater influence, impact and income you envisaged when you came into the industry
  • These problems are rife in the Coaching profession, hence the appalling survival statistics and woeful incomes levels of most Coaching business: the good news is these industry-plaguing issues are solvable once you understand what Elite Influencers are doing that most of the profession isn't. It's all in the Alignment Assessment.

    Again, regardless of whether we deem there's a fit between you and the CCA™ or not, we'll ensure you're equipped with a clear understanding of what distinguishes Elite Influencers from the rest of the profession, and how to ensure you put yourself on a trajectory to a magnificent career.

Silvia Verga, Training Facilitator 

“Your method of coaching changed my life and the way I interact with people to this day. I am yet to see a better methodology."

Q: Who is a fit for the Conscious Coaching Academy™ ?

You’re a fit if…

  • You've got a big purpose and vision, and want to make a difference on scale, to reach, influence, impact and transform as many lives as possible in the market you serve
  • You choose to be the very best at what you do as far as your natural ability allows: you do not compromise on your personal and professional standards, ethics or integrity and you're willing to do what needs to be done to make it happen
  • You want to stand apart and above the crowd, to be seen by your market as the go-to expert and number 1 authority. In other words, you want to be more than a Coach, you want to be an Elite Influencer who transforms lives on scale
  • You understand your primary responsibility and ultimate qualification as a conduit for transformation is having an unwavering commitment to raising your own consciousness. You must be the embodiment and leading example of what you expect from your clients.
  • You understand you never graduate from personal and professional growth, you have a lifelong commitment to both, and you have the necessary self-discipline to make it a priority in your life
  • You understand who you learn from matters more than what you learn. To be the best you must be trained, Coached and mentored to the highest standards by the best
  • You believe people have infinite potential in the areas of their natural ability, you're driven by contribution, and your inspired to build a legacy by playing your part in helping overcome the ignorance that plagues humanity
  • An finally, you're willing to UNLEARN

You’re not a fit if…

  • You're not willing to make substantial investments of time and money in yourself, your business, your career and your future
  • You're in this for the money, or your aspiration doesn't go beyond "making a living" and getting by
  • You want to teach, preach and give people advice, or tell them what to think or do
  • You're just not willing to do what you expect your clients to do.
  • You expect success to come to you without putting the necessary and continuous hard work in
  • You're easily offended, or have a deeply indoctrinated religious mind which perceives human beings to be "unworthy/sinful" or in someway defiled, you believe your truth is the only truth, and you struggle to accept the validity of alternative world views.
  • You whinge and moan
  • You do not invest in improving yourself, you engage in very little personal or professional growth, and you want to represent yourself to the market as something different than you are
  • You want the glory of the outcome: the status, prestige, influence, impact and 6, 7-and 8-figure income it generates - yet you're not willing to invest in your future career and business to make it happen*

    * Note: CCA™ is the Definitive Centre of Excellence for Elite Influencers in the Coaching Industry. Our accreditation is currently $24,997 - and all our Elite Influencers know it brings a magnificent return on investment)

Debi Ronca: Owner at Sequoia Life Transition Coaching

“You have been a voice of wisdom, a voice of truth, an amazing source of knowledge and a lifetime of experience that you have poured into us.

You are truly the one who impacts other's lives for the good. I pray i continue to learn from your through the coaching knowledge you teach and impart".

Q: If we're aligned and I'm ready to move forward, what's the next step?

A: If we establish strong synergy and an alignment, and you'd like to apply for full accreditation in the Simpson Method of Transformational Coaching™  as an Elite Influencer at the CCA™, we'll direct you to the online application process.

Once submitted your application will then be reviewed personally by Christian Simpson and his team at CCA™. We'll be back in touch with a decision regarding your application within 7 calendar days.

If the Alignment Assessment identifies your needs require an alternative solution from the Elite Influencer assets and suite of resources from CCA™ or the broader Christian Simpson Enterprise, we'll ensure you have everything you need to move forward.

Bart Nollenberger: Owner at Nollenberger Coaching & Leadership Solutions LLC

“Christian, you are one of kind. I love the incredible way you have communicated your mission and passion, and most of all you brought a different language to coaching that frankly most people don't get.

You teach and explain the art of coaching like no one in the world. There's none better, Christian. You taught me how to impact people intimately at a deep level!  You are a gift and I am so grateful for your talent!"

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