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From: Christian Simpson, founder of the Conscious Coaching Academy™
To: Independent Coaches who want far more influence, impact and income
Re: Your business and career

If you run your own Coaching business – or you’d like to – and the idea of a career resigned to the struggle and mediocrity of this over-populated profession is as unacceptable to you as it is unthinkable …

… and you’d love to work with more clients, of far higher quality – clients who pay, stay and refer…

… then this is one of the most important messages you’ll read in your entire career.


Because if you’ve been in the Coaching profession for more than five minutes you’ll know it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

Not for the overwhelming majority.

Here's a truth you'll never hear about what it takes to enjoy outstanding success in the Coaching industry…

… being a credible, appropriately trained and qualified Coach is vital to your success… yet in-and-of itself it’s not enough.

You don’t have to take my word for it, just look at these well-documented stats: 

These eye-opening revelations should strike fear into any Coach running a business…

… and the truth is, you’re reading this message now because your Coaching business isn’t delivering the results you’d like it to and your career to date hasn’t matched up to your aspirations.

The good news is… 

… it's NOT your fault.

Although it is your responsibility to fix.

Because the only reason your results are typical of this industry is because you go about your business the same way every other Coach with an underachieving business goes about theirs.

Tough, but true.

And the only reason you do that is because, like the vast majority of well-intentioned, ambitious Coaches who enter this profession to enjoy fulfilling, rewarding and prosperous careers…

… you don’t know what you don’t know…

… and no one led you to the all-important awareness of how to change it.

That’s why this message, and where it leads, will change everything for you

Because in a world full of disingenuous, false promises and misleading, quick-fix pitches to Coaches, peddled by people who’ve never ran or built a Coaching business in their lives…

… you’ve just landed on a goldmine of tried, tested and proven methods to instantly increase your sales, profits and personal earnings.

Not only that, these resources are exclusive to the Coaching industry, created and used by Elite Coaches at the top of the profession.

Well, imagine no more…

Because I’ve been in the Coaching industry for 22 years, 16 of them as an entrepreneur impacting the lives of countless thousands of people from over 170 countries…

… and now, for the first time, I’m releasing the assets, strategies, tools and resources which have helped me: 

I’m not sharing this to brag in any way, I’m simply saying there is nothing more powerful than tried, tested and proven resources which work every time. 

These tools, techniques and methods give you exactly what you need to grow your Coaching business and income…

… while increasing your influence and impact beyond measure, and I’m releasing them because I’ve carved-out a very successful career helping Coaches reach a level of success most of their counterparts never will…

… and I’ve witnessed how the small percentage of Coaches who have access to these resources – and put them to work – experience such phenomenal results they want to work with me personally…

… and that’s a privilege I choose to earn.


Elite Coach Platinum Power Pack
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Here's How Your Elite Coach Platinum PowerPack™ Will Multiply Your Sales, Increase Your Income & Position You as the ONLY Coach to Work With

Those 3 areas are:


With the most powerful sales conversion methods in the Coaching profession 

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Sales & Credibility Optimiser

Sales & Credibility Optimiser™ Presentations

  • Fully scripted, with slide decks and live demos, these tried, tested and proven presentations NEVER fail to convert prospects to fee-paying clients, regardless of market.
  • They achieve 3 vital outcomes for you:
  1. They subtly yet powerfully sells without selling. It sells you, your proposition and the value of Coaching, while educating and impacting your client in a way they’ve never been impacted before.
  2. They instantly position you as the go-to-authority and subject matter expert – distinguishing you from every other Coach in he marketplace, making you the only Coach your client wants to work with at a fee YOU command.
  3. It demonstrates why Coaching is the ONLY solution to your clients’ needs, and why it delivers a far greater return-on investment than training/consulting etc.
  • Your Sales & Credibility Optimiser™ Presentations are scripted to convert clients in THREE specific markets/clients:
  1. B2C – Individual one-to-one
  2. B2B/C – Owner of a Small to Medium Sized Business
  3. B2C – Corporate Decision-Makers
  • To show how these circa 20 minute presentations can also be delivered via traditional methods (flip chart/note book etc) without slides or scripts, once you have the content internalised, you also have access to a live “off the cuff” delivery from me.
  • These powerful sales assets have made me millions over the years, and I guarantee, if you put them to work, they’ll do the same for you.

Client Conversion Multiplier™

Client Conversion Multiplier
  • Your initial consultation with your potential client will make or break the deal. Most Coaches have no idea how to structure the consultation to win the client every time.
  • The Client Conversion Multiplier™ is a carefully structured yet simple-to-follow consultation which dramatically increase conversions of prospects to enthused, fee-paying clients.
  • It never fails to deliver 4 key outcomes:
  1. Through thought-provoking questions it established needs, wants and aspirations – bringing crystal clear clarity to your prospective client
  2. It subtly demonstrates your Coaching expertise in the very service your potential client is interested in – positioning you as THE Coach to work with
  3. It skilfully eliminates ALL price-resistance in your client by establishing an eye-opening return-on-investment, while simultaneously identifying the cost of NOT hiring you
  4. It brings you clarity on the most pressing challenges facing your potential client so you can serve him/her to the best of your ability
  • The Client Conversion Multiplier™, coupled with the Sales & Credibility Optimiser™ Presentation, combine to represent the mo


With the tools. techniques and resources of Elite-level Coaches 

Wow The Client
Elite Influencer Power Questions

Elite Influence Power Questions™ Guide

  • There is no greater means of influencing another person to greater success than Coaching. It is the most transformational process known to mankind – and at the heart of what makes it so impactful is potent, inquisitive, explorative questions.
  • Elite-level Coaches asks powerful questions, and your Elite Influencer Power Questions™ Guide is packed from cover-to-cover with tried, tested and proven examples.
  • This comprehensive guide will develop, deepen and broaden your ability to ask powerful questions, and consequently bring profound changes to the clients you serve.

Coaching Pre-Engagement Guide™

Pre-Engagement Guide
  • How you start a relationship determines the quality of it. Now you’ve won your client, you must meet his/her high expectations and provide a world-class experience from day one.
  • Your client will be excited, but also apprehensive at the prospect of working with you in the Coaching process. You need your client to be feeling good about their investment in you, ready to come to the first session feeling informed, safe, ready and enthralled at the journey ahead.
  • Sending your client the Pre-Engagement Guide™ ahead of your first meeting sets the scene for a highly productive start to the relationship, reinforces your credibility as a high-end, Elite-level Coach, and validates your clients’ investment in your, your abilities and the Coaching relationship.
  • Just like all the client-facing tools/resources in your Elite Coach Platinum PowerPack™ , you can add your own branding to this invaluable asset
Client Profile

Client Profile™

  • Sent to your new client alongside the Pre-Engagement Guide™, this important resource accelerates the onboarding process for your client, allowing the Coaching process to be established far faster and more effectively. It has 2 specific purposes:
  1. To prepare your client for the kind of deep, explorative, searching questions he/she will experience in the Coaching process.
  2. To provide you with additional insight into your clients’ current way of thinking, the current conditions and circumstances of his/her life, what’s most important, his/her unique abilities and so much more.
  • Just like all the client-facing tools/resources in your Elite Coach Platinum PowerPack™ , you can add your own branding to this invaluable asset

Intake Session Agenda

Intake Session
  • Your first session with your new client is a “moment of truth” – it sets the tone for the entire relationship.
  • The Intake Session is unlike any other session in the Coaching relationship, it’s the bedrock of the entire engagement, and must be handled, structured and facilitated in a certain way.
  • Your Intake Session Agenda is a simple, easy to follow process which guarantees all the above, ensuring your Coaching relationships begin with style, substance and gravitas.
Client Focus Identifier

Client Focus Identifier™

  • Establishing the major outcomes the client wants to accomplish during the Coaching relationship is an essential part of the Intake Session.
  • This is the “Strategic Agenda” you, as the Coach, will keep top of mind as the client navigates the process session-by-session to ensure the Coaching relationship is focused on delivering the ultimate results the client desires.
  • The Client Focus Identifier™ brings crystal clear clarity to the client and Coach alike in terms of ultimate return-on-investment and a successful engagement for the client.
  • Just like all the client-facing tools/resources in your Elite Coach Platinum PowerPack™ , you can add your own branding to this invaluable asset.

Client Diagnostic Wheels™

Client Diagnostic Wheels
  • For use either within or after the Intake Session, these powerful visual tools use a simple yet highly effective model to identify areas of immediate concern in the personal and business life of the client.
  • Life is often hectic, and your client leads a multi-faceted life – its easy to unconsciously neglect some areas for others, creating an unfulfilling, busy day-to-day reality because the important things are out of synch and imbalanced.
  • Your Elite Coach Platinum PowerPack™ contains 4 versions of these powerful diagnostic models:`
  1. Job Performance Wheel
  2. Entrepreneur Success Wheel
  3. Wheel of Life
  4. Blank Wheel
  • Just like all the client-facing tools/resources in your Elite Coach Platinum PowerPack™ , you can add your own branding to this invaluable asset


Discover the proven pathway to Elite Influencer status in the Coaching profession 

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Mock-up Of Two Overlapped Mackbook Pro

Elite Influencer, Elite Impact™

  • The title says it all. This Masterclass, and all it reveals, will be the most insightful, rewarding and exhilarating 70 minutes of your career to date.
  • Through a series of simple yet powerful models, it reveals why it’s crucial to be so much more than a Coach in today’s market …and how to make it happen. you’ll discover:
  • The unvarnished truth about the reality of the Coaching industry… and the astonishing opportunity it offers you. Building on what’s revealed in The Coaching Industry Laid Bare™ report, no Coach who is to enjoy an outstanding career in this profession can go without this immeasurable insight.
  • The Coaching Industry Bell Curve™ – and the four demographics of Coach within the industry. Clarify where you and your career sit in the bigger context of the industry today… and which category you intend to be in moving forward.
  • How far more reach, influence, impact and income is in the reach of every Coaching practitioner who is willing to make these three incontestable criteria the only criteria they focus on. Simple. Transformational. And life and career defining
  • The levers by which the 3 Fundamentals of Influence, Impact & Income™ are made tangible outputs in your Coaching business and career.

The Ultimate Entrepreneurial Success Strategy™ [Digital Book]

CSimpson UESS BookMockup Transp WEB

Revealed: How the Top 0.1% Generate Wealth, Prosperity & Freedom

  • Your Coaching business is the platform by which you reach, influence and impact your market.
  • This critically-acclaimed book offers the radical and challenging idea that just about everything you’ve been conditioned to believe about what it takes to grow a highly profitable and enjoyable business is utterly flawed and achieves the opposite.
  • Entrepreneurs in more than 170 countries can testify to that truth, and how what’s revealed in this eye-opening book undoes the damage.

The Ultimate Entrepreneurial Success Strategy™ Success Implementation Guide™

  • The most important shift in your thinking and behaviour is the one which takes you from thinking like a Coach to thinking like an entrepreneur who provides Coaching solutions and services to your clients
  • Your digital copy of The Ultimate Entrepreneurial Success Strategy™ includes the all-important Success Implementation Guide™.
  • Packed to the hilt with powerful Coaching techniques, this guide ensures that vital shift in your thinking takes place so all the assets, methods and tools within your Elite Coach Platinum PowerPack™ are put to work to great effect almost instantly.
Elite Coach Platinum Power Pack

ALL of the PROVEN assets, tools, methods and resources above are instantly yours… for £27.

Introducing My Unconditional, No-Quibble, 100% Money-Back LIFETIME Guarantee

  • Yes, you did read that correctly.

Such is my utter and unwavering confidence in what the goldmine of powerful assets within your Elite Coach Platinum PowerPack™ will do for you, your business, your income and career…

  • … if, at any time, you believe these priceless resources are not worth at least a thousand times what you paid to get your hands on them, I’ll issue a full and courteous refund… no questions asked.

  • I can’t back my explicit promise to you about how invaluable these resources will be to you more than that, can I?

The bottom line? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so what are you waiting for?

Money Back Guarantee

And it gets even better…

Because you can opt to add extra resources to your order on the following page to dramatically enhance both your Coaching ability and take your business building, entrepreneurial ability to levels most Coaches will never reach.

This is entirely optional of course, and, as I’m sure you’ve gathered by now, everything within your Elite Coach Platinum PowerPack™ is going to have a have an immediate and indelible impact on your sales, your profits, your personal income and your professional reputation.

Moreover, you’ve got the proven roadmap to take your business, your earnings and your career to heights previously unimaginable.

Once your order is placed, you’ll receive an email with how to instantly access all of the assets.

Which reminds me…

If you’re concerned at being overwhelmed at the abundance of tools, techniques, models and methods now at your disposal, don’t be.

I’ve gone to great lengths to structure it in a simple, easy-to-follow system, with detailed guides, videos and follow-up emails to guide your every step of the way on what resources to embrace and when…

… so with minimum effort you have the solid blueprint to follow to put your Coaching business on rock-solid foundations and start attracting the best clients, charging premium fees, and having it all happen reliably and predictably, like clockwork.

Elite Coach Platinum Power Pack

ALL of the PROVEN assets, tools, methods and resources above are instantly yours… for £27.

Why am I doing this?

Three reasons: 

As mentioned briefly earlier, I’ve carved-out a very good career for myself helping Coaches in more than 170 countries reach a level of success most of their counterparts never will…

… and offering you all the powerful tools, techniques and proven methods within the Elite Coach Platinum PowerPack™ is the best way I can think of earning your trust.

And on that note:

Who am I and why should you care?

This about you, your business and the prosperity and longevity of your career in the Coaching profession, it’s not about me and mine.

However, WHO you learn from in this profession matters more than what you learn…

… so even though your investment is a humble one, and totally risk-free because of my unconditional 100% money-back guarantee, my credibility in this field should still be of interest to you so you know you’re in the safest of hands.

You’ll find plenty of personal testimonies about the impact of my work in the videos below, for now, here’s a brief overview:

My name is Christian Simpson, I’m the founder and creator of the Conscious Coaching Academy™ and its award-winning Elite Influencer Coaching Accreditation™.

I’ve been in the Coaching industry for 22 years, 16 of them as an entrepreneur. Today, I enjoy an international reputation as one the world’s leading authorities in the Coaching profession.

To date, I’ve trained and mentored more than 40,000 people from over 170 countries to the highest standards in the profession, and my clients include some of the biggest names in the self-improvement, including the late Bob Proctor and the leadership author, John. C. Maxwell.

Again, none of this is shared to brag in any way, it’s shared only to reiterate how your investment in The Elite Coach Platinum PowerPack™ will bring you a magnificent return on investment time and time again.

Here's why you can GUARANTEE time invested in Elite Influencer, Elite Impact™ is time wisely spent

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Here's a Quick Recap of ALL the Tried, Tested & Proven Assets, Tools, Methods & Resources in Your Elite Coach Platinum PowerPack™


With the most powerful, proven and potent sales and client conversion methods in the profession 


With the tools. techniques and resources of Elite-level Coaches 

* Please Note: “Elite Coach Guides” are exclusively for the Coach.
“Client Assets” are unbranded tools and resources for the Coach to use with clients. 

COMMAND Your Market

By discovering the proven pathway to Elite Influencer status in the Coaching profession 

ll of the Above is Yours When You Order Your
Elite Coach Platinum PowerPack™ for £497 £27 

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