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Thursday, 13 January 2022 | 3pm UK | 10am ET | 7am PT

Revealed: Why It's No Longer Good Enough To Just Be A "Coach" In Today's Over-Populated Market - And What You Must Do About It

Thursday, 13 January 2022 | 3pm | UK 10am ET | 7am PT

If the idea of resigning yourself to an average, ordinary or mediocre career in this profession is as unacceptable to you as it is unthinkable, then reading this message in its entirety will reward you in ways you currently can't imagine.

  • You came to this industry to make a difference. A profound difference.
  • You came to make an indelible impact, to transform the personal and professional lives for people in the market you're sworn to serve.
  • You came be the very best at what you do, to be masterful at your trade, to be the highly credible, sought after authority in the eyes of the market you serve…

… yet the gap between the "dream" and reality is as wide as it seems unattainable.

 You didn't come to this profession to "play small", to "make up the numbers:, and be unseen, unheard and almost anonymous in a densely populated, over saturated, and fiercely competitive market.

And you certainly didn't come to be commoditised.

If any of the above rings true for you (and there's an excellent chance it all will given this is the reality facing 98.7% of coaches today)…

… and the idea of being seen as just another, "ordinary, everyday Coach" turns your stomach or makes your blood boil…

…  then you simply cannot afford to miss the most important and rewarding event of your career to date.


Because your entire coaching career - and all you hope to achieve in it - hinges on your ability to distinguish yourself from every other "coach" out there

Think about the reality of our industry today.

 If you’ve spent any time online over the last couple of years, you’ll have noticed the number of “coaches” in the market has exploded.

It seems like every man and his dog is a “coach” these days.

And in the eyes of most consumers, a Coach can be found on almost every corner - and there's very little to distinguish between them.

The truth is, it's no longer good enough
to be a Coach

Not in a profession which is so over-populated it's gone beyond saturation levels -  and not in a profession where survival rates and income levels are appalling low.

Worst still, true Coaching practitioners who are appropriately trained and formally accredited to deliver the service they offer with integrity and credibility are grossly outnumbered by frauds, imposters, charlatans, pretenders and unscrupulous violators.

Coaching is a grossly overused, misrepresented, ruined and devalued word… and make no mistake you, and the service you provide, has been grossly devalued as a consequence.

As a self-confessed Coaching purist and protector of the sanctity of the most transformative process known to making, I don't like the abuse of our profession anymore than you…

… but none of that changes the reality of the biggest frustration and challenge facing true coaching professionals today.

The bottom line?

You can't afford to be one of the crowd… because the crowd is no longer impressing anyone

  • You must distinguish yourself and your ability from your industry peers
  • You must stand above and apart, to be a "cut above the rest"
  • You must be willing to become so much more than just a "coach"… to become world-class at your craft, to be transformational in your influencing ability. 
  • And you must be positioned in the eyes of the market you serve as the credible expert and authority in your field.

Otherwise it's only going to get harder, riskier and costlier to be seen and heard above the noise -  and I really shouldn't need to point out the dire consequences of that.

So what would it mean to you, your business and your career to be a fully accredited and celebrated Elite Influencer in the Coaching industry?

Find out in this FREE-TO-ACCESS Global Video Broadcast, where I'll not only show you why this is so crucial to your career in Coaching, I'll reveal exactly how to make it a reality in your business TODAY.

And remember…

I'm not asking you to trust me on this promise, I'm asking you to test me on it.

In this unmissable event, you'll discover:

  • The deeper perspective you're currently oblivious to and how it will transform your career forevermore
  • The 3 crucial differentiators separating the commoditised coach and the Elite Influencer
  • The 4 levels of influence and impact, and why 98.3% of coaches never make it to the top tier
  • The Elite Influencer Framework - and the 9 Indelible Laws you must abide to make yourself untouchable and irreplaceable in your market
  • The only 3 possible futures for your career in the Coaching industry
  • How to bring all together in an actionable plan to become a fully accredited Elite Influencer 

Oh, And One Last But Crucial Thing…

If you believe becoming an Elite Influencer in this profession is beyond you… do NOT register for this event.

It's not for you.

In fact, it's NOT for the vast majority of Coaches - especially those who feel entitled to business because they've got/bought a certification…

… or those who claim to be in the business of bringing far greater success to their clients, yet fail miserably to demonstrate it in their own lives.


… if you're the kind of Coach who has the highest personal and professional ethics and integrity…

… the kind who sets the highest standards for yourself, and you've got a deep-seated desire to make a far greater impact than over 98% of your industry peers will ever know…

… and most crucially of all you've got the courage and commitment to walk the contrarian path leading to Elite Influencer status and impact…

… then simply click the button below, and I look forward to revealing exactly how you make it happen in your career today!

Thursday, 13 January 2022 | 3pm | UK 10am ET | 7am PT

IMPORTANT! Please Read…

Do not make the grave error in thinking that because I've made this broadcast free-to-access, it's value to you can't be that high.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Not only will such a conclusion have disastrous consequences for your career moving forward, it immediately reveals you don't have what it takes in your thinking to shift from being an everyday Coach to an Elite-Level influencer.

If that's true for you do NOT attend this event under any circumstances.

If it isn't true for you, click the button below, register, and prepare to have your perspective on what's possible for you and your career unimaginably broadened.

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