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Eye-Opening Revelations Into How Create Wealth, Legacy & Fulfillment in an Industry of Underachievers

From: Christian Simpson, founder of the award-winning Conscious Coaching Academy™
Re:  Your career in the Coaching profession 

If you’re transitioning in your career, and you'd love to make a profound difference in the lives of others…

… in a lucrative and fulfilling business where you shape life on your own terms…

… and the idea of running your own Coaching business as a highly credible, highly paid and highly sought-after Elite-level Coach appeals to you…

… or you're a Coach with an established business who wants to dramatically increase your credibility, influence, impact and income…

… then you're about to discover exactly how to make it happen.

Not only that… 

… this message, and where it leads you, will unquestionably be the most important and rewarding of your career.


Because despite the struggle, underachievement and mediocrity which grips the overwhelming majority of Coaches in this over-populated profession, there is an unprecedented opportunity awaiting those equipped with the necessary know-how and ability to take advantage. 

This message is for you if:

  • You want to have a transformational impact on the lives and businesses of your clients, to be superlative in your Coaching ability with the professional credentials to prove it.
  • You have no intention of resigning yourself to an average career being see as yet another "typical" Coach… you want to stand out and stand apart from the underachieving crowd, to be positioned as a sage-like, go-to-authority in the eyes and minds of the market your serve.
  • You want a thriving, scalable, predictable and profitable business with clients of the right quality and quantity who are are not only a joy to work with, but are willing to pay whatever price you command. 

If all or any of the above is true for you…

… here's what you need to know.

  • None of this is hyperbole. All of it is possible, if  you're willing to discover how its done.
  • You don't have to take word for it. You'll find plenty of personal video testimonies at the foot of this page vindicating every word I'm saying.
  • The bottom line? If you go about your business like every other Coach goes about theirs, not only will none of your aspirations materialise, it's very likely your Coaching business will struggle and, sadly, you'll become yet another statistic in this profession with a career cut tragically short.

That' s why I created an exclusive, free-to-access Masterclass revealing everything you need to know to become a highly paid, highly credible Elite Coach & Influencer.


Through a Series of Powerful Visual Models, Here's Just Some of the Eye-Opening, Career- Defining Insights You're About to Discover in Elite Influencer, Elite Impact™…

  • The 5 key questions you MUST answer if you're to become a highly credible, highly sought after and highly paid Elite Coach and influencer.
  • The 3 fundamentals of influence, impact and income separating the Coaching profession's highest achievers/earners from the rest of the profession - and how to put to them to work for you.
  • The Coaching Industry Bell Curve™ - revealing the 4 demographics of Coaches in the profession, measured by influence, impact and income  - and how to ensure you're in the right demographic.
  • The essential, deeper conversation about you, your business and your career - and why the last thing you want to be known as is in today's market is a "Coach"
  • The 3 levers which must be in place to command the market you serve and distinguish yourself in their eyes, minds and wallets as the ONLY Coach to hire
  • The only 3 viable futures ahead of you: the consequences of each, and how you put yourself on the trajectory to an outstanding career of far more influence,  far more impact and far more income.

Why am I doing this?

Three reasons:

  • The first is to bring you rapidly and fully into my world and reveal such an overwhelmingly effective roadmap to a lucrative, rewarding and fulfilling future in this profession you’ll want to work with me and my team.
  • The second is to substantiate the above claim and deliver on my explicit promise to you as quickly, comprehensively, and irrefutably as possible so the logic of the first reason comes to mind sooner rather than later.
  • And finally, by achieving the first two reasons - helping you live into the bigger picture and purpose of your life’s work - I fulfil my own - which is to create the very best Coaching influencers this profession will ever know (hence the term “Elite Influencer”) 

As mentioned briefly earlier, I've carved-out a very good career for myself helping Coaches in over 170 countries reach a level of success most of their counterparts never will…

… and leading you through the powerful models and astonishing revelations in Elite Influencer, Elite Impact™ is the best way I can think of to earn your trust.

And on that note:

Who am I and why should you care?

This about you, your business and the prosperity and longevity of your career in the Coaching profession - it's not about me and mine.

However,  WHO you learn from in this profession matters more than what you learn…

… so even though I've made Elite Influencer, Elite Impact™  free-to-access , you will be investing time to watch it, consequently my credibility in this field should still be of interest to you so you know you're in the safest of hands.

You'll find plenty of personal testimonies about the impact of my work in the videos below,  for now, here's a brief overview:

  • My name is Christian Simpson, I'm the founder of the Conscious Coaching Academy™  - and creator of its award-winning Elite Influencer Coaching Accreditation™ - the only industry-acclaimed professional qualification of its kind in the world.
  • I've been in the Coaching industry for 22 years, 16 of them as an entrepreneur. Today, I enjoy an international reputation as one the world's leading authorities in the Coaching profession.
  • To date, I've trained and mentored more than 40,000 people from over 170 countries to the highest standards in the profession, and my clients include some of the biggest names in the self-improvement, including the late Bob Proctor and the leadership author, John. C. Maxwell.

Again, none of this is shared to brag in any way, it's shared only to reiterate how the time invested in Elite Influencer, Elite Impact™ will bring you a magnificent return on investment time and time again.

Here's why you can GUARANTEE time invested in Elite Influencer, Elite Impact™  is time wisely spent

Here's why you can GUARANTEE time invested in Elite Influencer, Elite Impact™  is time wisely spent

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