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Running a business is hard.

Not only that, but it can be lonely, too.

Worse still?

Right now, with every country in the world turned upside down as the COVID pandemic wreaks havoc with societies and economies across the board?

It's harder and lonelier than ever before.

It's true some sectors seem to be booming, but this "busyness", this confusing and conflating activity with achievement masks a darker reality: business owners are struggling, and the struggle is getting harder.

Right now we're like soldiers
on a battlefield...

... we've been hit and wounded, but we've been running on adrenaline and a sense of urgency, and we've been winging it, playing things by ear, with short-term survival being the sole yardstick of success.

And now?

You think the vaccines are going to take everything back to being how they were at the beginning of 2020?

Think again.

Because all they mean is we're now at the field-hospital and we've finally got time to draw breath and take stock, to appraise our situation and see how badly we've been hurt.

And we're bleeding out, starting to feel the oncoming pain... and some of us are mortally wounded.

You think I'm exaggerating?

OK, so, a few things to consider which WILL affect your business:

  • More and more people are opting to work for themselves. As bigger businesses suffer the effects of repeated and protracted lockdowns, there's a vast movement to self employment (this is particularly apparent in service industries like coaching, the trades, mentoring, consulting, and freelancing in all areas).
  • More and more businesses are changing their business model to encompass necessarily novel methods of promotion, selling, and delivery. Much as I dislike the word "pivot", it's exactly what businesses are having to do if they want to remain viable. A great example: gym-owners and Personal Trainers having to change to online-delivery only — same's true for coaches and consultants, too (hell, at least one country is planning on making home-working a legal right for any employee who wants it and is doing a job where it's possible).
  • The glut of newcomers to the vast array of marketplaces is driving prices down. The lowest common-denominator of competition in every industry is low price. If you don't give buyers a reason to pay more, they won't... and their decision will always come down to "who's the cheapest?". And in the current circumstances, with hordes of new and struggling businesses desperate for work but lacking the fundamental skills and education to present themselves more valuably, the sales strategy du jour is to sell yourself as cheaply as you an (and that is why you're struggling).
  • The world and society have changed forever. The long-term effects of COVID-19 on the life as we know it are incalculable, and almost impossible to predict. What I can tell you is things are NOT going back to "normal" any time soon, and, personally, I think they never will. We'll be living with COVID permanently from now on and it's going to change the way we do virtually everything.
  • And all this...  on top of the other challenges and hurdles we business owners have always had to deal with, even in the best and easiest of times.

I could go on and on, but there would be little point, because the upshot would be the same: if you don't change the way you're doing business the chances are you soon won't have a business to change.

The myth of the business owner

The common misconception of the business owner is one of the well-moneyed man-or woman-about-town whose only concern is which fancy restaurant to eat at next, or which top-of-the-range car to test drive back to the mansion.

We're riding roughshod over the backs of the downtrodden workers, exploiting their slave-labour for our own selfish gain.

Apparently this is an undeniable truth, or so people say.

An exaggeration?


But not much of one.

Because we've both heard the subtle innuendos and caught the sly glances from so-called friends and sometimes even our families alike, the unspoken "it's all right for you... some of us have to WORK for a living".

And this can get only WORSE as the economy starts to show the full impact of the pandemic.

Do you find this frustrating?

Yeah, me, too.

Because the truth is as different from this perception as it could possibly be.

FACT: according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Business Employment Dynamics some 20% of small businesses fail in their first year; 30% of small business fail in their second year; and 50% of small businesses fail after just five years in business. 

Fast forward to the end of the decade, and 70% of small businesses fail in their 10th year in business.

So much for the life of exploitative riches, unparalleled luxury, and ease.

But why is this?

Why do some businesses, a small minority, survive, and even fewer thrive, but the vast majority go to the wall?

After all, they're all in the same economy and, for those in the same industry, all operating under the same market conditions?

So what's the difference we can rely on the make the difference?


The essential skills required for
entrepreneurial mastery

See, when you set up shop and hang out your proverbial shingle, the chances are you're setting out to do something you both love and in which you are skilled, experienced, and accomplished.

No harm, no foul.

We should all follow our hearts and do what makes us happy; more to the point, we should all seek to serve our clients and customers to the best of our ability and better than anyone else.

Alas, while that's necessary, it's not sufficient.

Meaning... your success in business is less to do with how great you are at your "thing" as it is to do with how great you are at running and promoting a "thing business".

Let me say that again so it sinks in (because it's SO important, and will become even more important as the glut of sellers in your market means you're facing ever greater and highly-skilled competition): your success in business is less to do with how great you are at your "thing" as it is to do with how great you are at running and promoting a "thing business".

WARNING: this is an undeniable if uncomfortable truth, and if you ignore it, then you do so at your own peril...

...and you WILL pay the consequences.

Bottom line: you cannot afford to ignore this message.

Not if you want your business to grow, your profits to soar, and your personal wealth and prosperity to increase substantially, without sacrificing the freedom to choose how you spend your time.

And you can't afford to continue to do this alone.

Not in today's fast-paced, fact-changing marketplace.

It doesn't matter how many colleagues or staff you have, running your own business is a lonely pursuit.

No one thinks like you.

No one understands you.

And no one understands the unique challenges and difficulties you face as an entrepreneur.

The dumbest game of all...

 Is to soldier on, working harder and harder, for longer and longer, at something that clearly ISN'T getting the results you want. It's foolish, futile, and irresponsible, and often the shortcut to broken relationships, estranged children, and an early grave...

 ... yet that's exactly what most business owners do - and it shows, in their results.

Results don’t lie.

Results CANNOT lie.

And the longer you choose to disregard, ignore, and deny what your results are telling you, you’re destined for more of the same.

Why else do you think so many well intentioned, hard working business owners never reach the point where freedom, wealth and prosperity is theirs?

How else do you think those awful statistics I shared with you above came to be as they are and paint such a bleak and forbidding picture?

Fact is, most business owners own a job not a business.

You're unable to free yourself financially to escape the chains binding you to the day-to-day operation of your business.

You never get to experience the joy of what inspired you to become an entrepreneur in the first place.

And it's all because you follow the crowd, and try to do it alone.

You think and act like every other underachieving business owner thinks and acts (because that's whom you associate and surround themselves with) and you doggedly persist, convinced it’s all going to change if you just keep doing what you're doing.

It’s the dumbest game of all...

... yet millions play it right along with you.

Some entrepreneurial truths about life
you'd be a fool to ignore

  • You must distinguish yourself and your ability from your industry peers
  • You must stand above and apart, to be a "cut above the rest"
  • You must be willing to become so much more than just a "coach"… to become world-class at your craft, to be transformational in your influencing ability. 
  • And you must be positioned in the eyes of the market you serve as the credible expert and authority in your field.

Otherwise it's only going to get harder, riskier and costlier to be seen and heard above the noise -  and I really shouldn't need to point out the dire consequences of that.

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