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Important: your first month's membership of the EMIC is free. After your first month, if you choose to remain a member, your card will be charged at the rate of $197 a month until you cancel.

Here are just SOME of the exclusive benefits you'll enjoy as a member of Entrepreneurial Mastery Inner Circle™

  1. 4 x 2-Hour Live Group Coaching and Mentoring Events EVERY month (aside from public holidays). Taking place every Monday, at 4pm UK time, you’ll have unprecedented, personal access to me to ask any question and receive both coaching and mentoring in return. A world-class coach continually on tap for you and your business.

    Not only that, you’ll have world-class coaching from the Head of my Coaching Faculty, plus the opportunity to plug into the knowledge, wisdom and experience of the leading experts I pay to help me and my business grow… AND the very successful Elite Coaches and business owners who form part of my Entrepreneurial Elite Inner Circle™ (my own private mastermind group) and Elite Mastermind™ community.

    PLUS you’ll also have the very rare and incredibly powerful benefit of observational learning. This where you have the unique opportunity to listen to the goals, aspirations and challenges of other like-minded, success-focused business owners as they interact in a coaching and mentoring process.

    Here’s why it’s so powerful: you’ll pick up an endless amount of ideas, solutions and best practice from it. We may all have very different businesses and very different aspirations, but what stops us reaching our potential and achieving those aspirations is universal. Believe me, I know . Thousands of hours coaching over the past 16 years has given me that awareness.

    Every session is recorded – you’ll get a link to listen back to the Event shortly after the session ends – so if you do miss the live interaction, you won’t miss any of the powerful insight that comes from observational learning.
  2. Access to the exclusive Entrepreneurial Mastery Inner Circle Discussion Group. This is where you interact, day in day out, with other like-minded, success-focused business owners in the group. Entrepreneurial Mastery Inner Circle™ is a powerful self and business growth environment, where members bounce ideas of each other, discuss breakthroughs, get help on challenges, build relationships, share opportunities for collaboration and joint ventures, support each other in their business growth and personal success objectives, and discuss points raised in the live Group Coaching & Mentoring and Guest Mentoring sessions.

    PLUS it’s also the only place where, unless you’re a member of my high-end entrepreneurial mastermind (Entrepreneurial Elite Inner Circle™), you can email me and get a full and frank answer to help you overcome whatever’s getting in the way of your growth objectives in-between our regular, in-person interactive sessions.

    And I assure you of this – Entrepreneurial Mastery Inner Circle™ will be a treasure trove of business-building and life-enhancing ideas and insight. I’d strongly advise you set up a folder in your mail client just for the nuggets of wisdom you’ll get from this experience – I know, from personal experience, it becomes a library of success strategies and tips to continually reference as you move forward.
  3. The Naked Coach bulletin. A stunning and entirely unique, 16-page colour publication delivered-to-your-door every month packed to the hilt with powerful articles from leading experts and the team of Elite Mentors. It’s loaded with invaluable insight, tips, strategies and tactics to put to work in your business and personal life straight away.

    This incredible publication is exclusive to EMIC members only, and includes essential information on topics your average business owner just doesn’t get exposure to. Not only that, it contains contributions from leading experts in critical areas relating to extraordinary entrepreneurial wealth, health and success, including exclusive articles from the six successful business owners in my Entrepreneurial Elite Inner Circle™.

    There’s also insightful ‘warts and all’ interviews with highly successful entrepreneurs and fellow business owners in the group, revealing how they’re overcome adversity and failure and how they’re accomplishing substantial growth, profits and personal wealth in today’s tough business environment.
  4. Your Entrepreneurial Mastery Inner Circle™ Preparation, Participation & Reflection Guide

    Getting the most from anything relies on a structured process - a methodology of how to maximise on the powerful opportunity Entrepreneurial Mastery Inner Circle™ brings to you and your business.

    Drawn from my many years of personal experience working with my own coach and mentors, I've created a simple, step-by-step guide to lead you through a tried, tested and proven process of transformation: it'll ensure the plethora of powerful insights, ideas, solutions and breakthroughs you'll discover in Entrepreneurial Mastery Inner Circle™ are not only captured and understood, but internalised and put to work in your life and business straight away.
  5. Dedicated Entrepreneurial Mastery Inner Circle™ Resource & Archived Call Hub

    Finally, all of your resources, Group Coaching & Mentoring Sessions and Guest Elite Mentor calls are recorded and archived in the dedicated Entrepreneurial Mastery Inner Circle™ area of my online Success Academy.

    This is a library of invaluable resource -allowing you to listen back to the astonishing amount of value, wisdom, knowledge and information that’s shared every month in this truly unique entrepreneurial community.

    There’s a very good reason why the Greeks say “repetition is the first law of learning!”

Important: your first month's membership of the EMIC is free. After your first month, if you choose to remain a member, your card will be charged at the rate of $197 a month until you cancel.

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Important: your first month's membership of the EMIC is free. After your first month, if you choose to remain a member, your card will be charged at the rate of $197 a month until you cancel.