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If you’re to accelerate the growth of your business, and increase profit so it can provide a significant increase in your personal wealth, so you can enjoy the freedom and success that the vast majority of business owners will never see, then the message below is vitally important for you.

Because here’s a cast iron truth about your choice of career that you simply can’t afford to ignore – if you’re to avoid the mediocrity, struggle, frustration and underachievement of the well meaning, hard working masses, you have to be willing to do what that vast majority are either not willing to do…or are simply not aware they should be doing.

Simply put, you have to adopt the ways of people who’ve proven, by their results, that how they do things generates the kind of success most business owners will never see.

You have to be willing to unlearn, to stop following the crowd down the well-trodden path, and adopt certain strategies which are non-negotiable if you’re to break out of the cycle which keeps most business owners living like the proverbial hamster on a wheel, working harder and harder, for longer and longer, only to be rewarded by much of the same.

The struggle, frustration and underachievement goes on, there’s hardly any increase in profit, there’s hardly any increase in personal earnings, there’s hardly any increase in quality of life.


….because two of the most powerful strategies you can adopt in your entrepreneurial career is proximity and modelling, and if you continue to do what most business owners continue to do, and fail to grasp why either of these are critical to your success, I categorically guarantee you’ll get more of the struggle, frustration and abject mediocrity you want to avoid but is a thing of the past for those who are open to unlearn the habits of underachievement, and adopt the habits of highly successful people.

“Proximity” is the need to intentionally put yourself amongst people who make you better, people who improve you, people who stretch and challenge your thinking, people who demonstrate, by their results, they can significantly contribute to greater success in your life.

Which brings me nicely onto the second non-negotiable strategy you must adopt if you’re to grow your business to bring you financial certainty and greater freedom…. you have to be willing to model what successful people do

Here’s the interesting thing about modelling; everyone is modelling somebody, it’s just that most people aren’t aware they’re doing it.


You can’t change, manage or improve something you’re not aware of, and so most people, including you, are modelling people around them – people who tend to be getting the same kind of results as everyone else is…or worse!

Most business owners don’t give a second thought to who they’re modelling – they apply no intelligence to it all – and it shows – in their results!

Make no mistake, underachieving and struggling business owners do exactly what other underachieving and struggling business owners do, and if you’re not to follow the same path and suffer the same fate, you have start modelling people who are getting the kind of results you’d like to have in your business and personal life, rather than those who are getting the same kind of results as you are.

Yes it’s going to be uncomfortable…

…and yes you’ll feel out of your depth…

…but understand this; if you’re not willing to step outside of your comfort zone, and swim with the bigger fish…you’ll never grow to be a bigger fish yourself. It’s just the way it works.


And where do you go?

Understandably, you want results fast, so where do you go to get exposure to very successful business owners?

Where you can engage with them directly, ask them questions relating to the challenges, problems, issues and difficulties you’re experiencing as a business owner, so you can draw from their experience, wisdom and knowledge?

Those kind of events, with that kind of access and interaction, are almost unheard of, and if you’re in the business of modelling highly successful people – which you should be, you’ll never find them at BNI, Chamber of Commerce, Institute of Directors or any other traditional business network group where the well-intentioned but terminally-average congregate in great numbers.

This is a significant problem, how can you expect to elevate yourself out of the underachieving masses, if you continue to surround yourself with people who are operating at that level of consciousness?

The answer is you can’t. Environment shapes you. We are all products of our environment, and unless you intend to stay as you are, getting the results you’re currently getting, you simply have to start being strategic about the people around you.


And that’s what drove me to create Entrepreneurial Elite Think Tank, a truly unique, one-of-a-kind, never-seen-before entrepreneurial success event that gives success-orientated business owners like you the rare opportunity to not only get around very successful business owners, but to be able to plug into their mentorship directly.

Why spend months, years, even decades, perhaps even an entire career, scratching around for the answers, solutions and breakthroughs you need, when you can short-cut the entire process and make it happen for you now by drawing directly from the knowledge, experience and wisdom of people who’ve been there and done it?

It’s what the smartest thinkers in entrepreneurial life have been doing for generations, because it significantly accelerates success and reduces the gap between where you are now, and where you intend to be.

Unfortunately, opportunities to plug into the knowledge, wisdom and experience of very successful people are incredibly scarce, it’s all behind closed doors and out of reach to the average business owner who aspires for much greater things

At least it was, until now…

Because Entrepreneurial Elite Think Tank was purposefully created to address this vitally important need.

That’s why the smartest decision you’ll make this year is to join me and the very successful business owners in my Entrepreneurial Elite Inner Circle for this very special, one-of-a-kind event.

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