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in the Coaching Industry

From: Christian Simpson

Worcestershire, England

If you run your own Coaching business, and the idea of a career resigned to the mediocrity of this over-populated profession is as unacceptable to you as it is unthinkable …

… your day has just got infinitely better.

Because my forthcoming book, A World-Class Coach's Guide To Far More Influence, Impact & Income™, will be the most important book you’ll read in your career.


Because you and I both know being a Coach is one thing… but running a successful, scaleable Coaching business

is entirely another.

This is why the Coaching industry has one of the highest failure rates of all business sectors.

It also explains why income levels for the vast majority of Coaching businesses - even in the most mature economies - are woefully low. 

It also reveals why, truth be told, you’re still reading this message - because your career in this industry to date hasn’t matched up to your aspirations. 

The good news is… 

…it’s NOT your fault.

Although it is your responsibility to fix it and close the gap.

The only reason your results are typical of this industry is because  you go about your business in a similar vein to how every other Coach getting your kind of results goes about their business.

And the only reason you do that is because, like the vast majority of well-intentioned, ambitious Coaches who long to make a bigger and better impact than they are…

… you know no different - because no one has led you to the awareness of how to make it happen.

And that’s why I wrote A World-Class Coach's Guide To Far More Influence, Impact & Income™.

It draws on three decades of the most diverse entrepreneurial experience this profession can offer - from the depths of struggle and business failure as a Coach…

…  to the heights of a 7-figure Coaching business impacting thousands of lives in more than 170 countries.

The book details how to avoid the costly errors keeping the overwhelming majority of Coaching professionals struggling and playing small.

It reveals how you distinguish yourself in the eyes of today’s increasingly apathetic, cynical and mistrusting consumer from every other Tom, Dick and Harriet offering Coaching as a service.

And it shares an unparalleled, step-by-step, proven methodology to ultimate influence, impact and market domination.

However… this goes beyond just being a “highly successful Coach”

Because in the pages of this easy-to-read book, I disclose how you rise to the top of this profession by shifting from being “typical” to “exceptional” in the eyes, minds, hearts and wallets of the audience you feel compelled to serve.

And with the simple, elegant and powerful process within the short chapters, this book will reveal how you join the ranks of sought-after, revered Elite Influencers positioned with sage-like authority to enjoy far greater reach, influence, impact and income than the rest of our profession believe possible.

It’s not a small promise, so before you go ahead and pre- order here’s what you need to know

First of all, none of this is hyperbole.

Everything in this book is simple, proven and as practical as it gets. 

There’s no fluff or filler - just plain, simple and straight-forward language about battle-tested principles and strategies drawn from telling, real-life experience in this industry.

It’s also succinct: so you can read the book in an hour or two. And that’s important, because this is a book you’ll want to return to time and time again.

It also includes simple yet highly revealing self-assessment exercises, and invaluable Coaching resources to put the ideas it shares to work.

And on that note… this book is NOT for every Coach

Yes, the title says “typical Coach”, however, this book is for the Coach who is everything but typical.

Because this is NOT about the Coach you’ve been, and it’s NOT about where your Coaching business and career stand today.

It is about what you choose for you, your Coaching business and your career from now on.

I know - from bitter, personal experience - what it’s like to have a business and career which doesn’t reflect your unique ability and the value you bring to market.

Which is exactly what compelled me to write a book about how to AVOID the pitfalls of a typical Coach in the first place.

And despite having trained, taught and mentored well in excess of 40,000 people to the highest standards in this industry, I’ve never revealed these methods anywhere else.

You’ll only find them in A World-Class Coach's Guide To Far More Influence, Impact & Income™.

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Who am I & why should you care?

My name is Christian Simpson, globally acclaimed Master Trainer, teacher and mentor to Professional Coaches in more than 170 countries.

In the last 3 decades I've personally trained, taught and mentored over 40,000 Coaches to the highest standards in the industry.

Not only that, I've helped thousands of new and established Coaches shift from being a typical "same as/me too" Coach - scraping a living in an increasingly commoditised market - to becoming Elite Influencers - to being seen as the undisputed authority in the eyes of the market they serve (and enjoying all the personal fulfilment and prosperity coming with it!)

My expertise has been sought after by some of the biggest names in the personal success and self-development genre, and my clients include Bob Proctor and John C. Maxwell -  the world’s No.1 leadership expert and author.

I share none of this to brag in anyway, only to point out that who you learn from matters more than what you learn - so when I say I have something powerful and profitable to share with you, it’s going to worth your while taking notice.

There’s a very good reason why so many Coaches and the multi-millionaire ‘big guns’ pay this Brit so handsomely for his expertise rather than using the home grown talent within their own networks. After all, these are very well connected people with plenty of choices.

And the reason? It's because my expertise gets results — and in the Coaching business, that’s ALL that counts.

And anyway…

I'm Not Asking You to Trust Me on This Explicit Promise… I'm Asking You to TEST Me on it… 

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