A special gift for John Maxwell Team Coaches

The 6 Fundamentals of Transformational Coaching™

Dear JMT friend and Coach,

As a means of expressing my personal appreciation and gratitude for the decade-long collaboration in The John Maxwell Team…

… and to celebrate the transformational impact our collaboration has had (and continues to have) on the world via the original Maxwell Method of Coaching…

… here's a very special Masterclass sharing "The 6 Fundamentals" at the heart of elite-level influencers in the coaching industry.

This profoundly powerful and priceless content will never fail to take your coaching and influencing skills to an entirely different level…

…and if you're my kind of coach - the kind choosing to be the very best you can be for your clients - this is not only essential viewing, it's crucial to your success.

Finally, this will also allow you and I to stay connected.

Enjoy this unique teaching… and how you become a far better Coach because of it!

P.S. If you're so inclined, feel free to "pay it forward" and send the link to this page to any John Maxwell Team Coach deserving of permanent access to these profoundly powerful principles of influence. You can do so safe in the knowledge they'll be eternally grateful to you for it.

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