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August 25th & 26th 2021
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 If You're a JMT Member Running Your Own Business You MUST Watch The Vitally Important Video Message Below

If You Run Your Own Coaching Business - Or Intend To - You're About To Experience The Two Most Important Days Of Your Entire JMT/Coaching Career

Just $1,997

Here's a truth you can't afford to ignore: learning how to Coach is the easiest part of your work, but running a successful coaching business? That takes an entirely different set of skills… 

… skills the vast majority of JMT members lack - and their results prove it.

You don't have to take my word for any of this, because industry-wide statistics speak for themselves:

  1. According to research by the the ICF, 82% of Coaching businesses fail in the first 2 years.
  2. The 18% that do survive have an 90% chance of going out of business in the following 2 years (and I know, because I was one of the 18% who failed at year 4)
  3. And if that’s not revealing enough, the ICF's 2020 Global Coaching Study revealed the average revenue generated by a Coaching business in the US -  by far the most mature market for Coaching in the world - is only $62,500 a year. 
  4. Only 7% of Coaching businesses globally accrue gross revenues (not personal earnings) in excess of $100k.
  5. And last but not least, according the business research group IBIS Coaching is now a commoditised service and fees will decrease in 2021/22 by an average 57%

Now there's a specific cause to these numbers, and most JMT Coaches will never know what it is.

I'm not being alarmist in anyway, I'm simply pointing out the consequences of ignoring well-documented statistics about the reality of this industry.

Here's what you must understand

If you believe you're immune from the reality of these statistics because you've paid to license the content of a big name in the personal growth industry, I'm afraid you're in for a rude awakening.

Thousands of your colleagues can testify to that truth… and I take no joy in sharing it.

Moreover, if you believe in the "build it and they'll come" myth…

… that somehow you and your Coaching business will be more attractive to the market - with a queue of eager prospects at your door because you've got plenty of content, resources and tools at your disposal…

… again, you're in for a huge disappointment.

Look, you came to JMT, and the Coaching industry, to make a difference in the world: my question to you is…

… to what degree?

Because this is NOT for every JMT member

If you're aspirations don't go much beyond earning a living running lunch and learns and masterminds with a few one-to-one Coaching clients, positioned in the market as yet another "me too" Coach and seen as no different to any other Coach out there - only making a difference to a small number of lives a year…

… then this message, and what it offers you, is not for you.

And if your idea of success doesn't extend beyond a business entirely reliant on you being physical present to generate revenue…

… where you not only have to hustle and chase in an attempt to sell your services to anyone who can fog a mirror, but you also have to personally deliver the service too…

…and even when you DO win clients they're rarely of the right quality, so you end up trading time for not enough money, never earning more than if you were employed in a job…

… then this is also not for you.

But if your ambition, desire and drive goes way beyond that…

… and you're willing to leave all the small-time business building methods and fruitless, unprofitable social media activity and networking behind with those who know no better…

… so you can remove the shackles and take the lid off your Coaching business to impact far more lives than I guarantee you think is possible right now…

… then I'm about to make your day.

Because I'm about to lead a group of JMT Coaches through a profoundly powerful, career-defining two-day experience revealing how you scale your Coaching business for maximum reach and impact…

… so it becomes the platform by which you shift from being yet another indistinguishable, everyday Coach…

… to an Elite-level Influencer, seen in the eyes of the market you serve as THE go-to-expert and trusted sage…

… with all the financial rewards and personal and professional fulfilment this status brings.

Introducing your 7-Figure Blueprint™… and the crucial, proven, career-defining methods of Elite-level influencers
 you no longer have access to

This unique two-day deep-dive into what it takes to become and Elite-level Influencer in the Coaching industry used to be part of your JMT experience.

With those days behind us, and this vital information now lost to every JMT member moving forward, I had to do all I can for members I still reach.

And here's why I've gone to so much trouble.

I know - from personal, bitter experience, that:

  •  It doesn't matter how good a Coach you are…
  • … and it doesn't matter how much content, resources or tools you have at your disposal…
  • … and it doesn't matter how well-known the big name you've sought to gain market credibility by is…

… if you don't know how to build your Coaching business as a platform to bring Elite-level influence, status and impact to your career - with a scaleable, repeatable and predictable sales engine that doesn't rely solely on you forever chasing and hustling for potential clients…

… a business that, in truth, is nothing more than a trading-time-for-money job entirely reliant on your physical presence for income…

… you'll not only struggle, or at the very best, work yourself into an early grave just to make a mediocre living and keep the wolves from the door…

… it's extremely likely your Coaching business won't be around at all

The BIG myth of the Coaching industry

The question you're probably asking yourself right now is... why?

Why do so many JMT members - and the vast majority of the broader Coaching industry - struggle and fail to grow the ever-elusive 6 and 7-figure platforms by which Elite-level influence and impact is reached, so they can fulfil their purpose and make a difference on scale?

 After all, it was made to look and sound so simple and easy when being sold into the training. 

The answer is as simple as it is frustrating: the popular image of the successful professional Coach is largely smoke and mirrors, a myth perpetuated and sold by Coach training institutions who specialise in teaching Coaching rather than the business of building a viable, profitable and scaleable business.

In other words, Coaches are taught to think and act like Coaches, rather than thinking and acting like entrepreneurs who provide coaching services to clients.

The difference between the two might seem subtle, but when you measure it in terms of profits, personal income, prosperity, peace of mind, security, and lifestyle freedom it couldn't be more profound.

And the only reason the vast majority of Coaches end up chasing their tails trying to end the constant struggle, frustration, and underachievement of earning a living, forever chasing prospects who aren't interested, trying to drum-up business at time-sapping, soul-destroying networking meetings, or by fruitless, frivolous social media activities which bring little to no return, and constantly trading time for money because they own a job not a business…

… is simply down to a lack of understanding of how to grow an astonishingly profitable Coaching business with a predicable, scaleable model.


I know… strikes a nerve, right? 

But the truth is the truth, regardless of whether it's palatable or not.

The bottom line is this: if your Coaching business is to be more than just a $30-$50k lifestyle business, and you intend to enjoy a healthy 6, and in time, 7-figure income by growing a business which attracts - en masse - the kind of clients you love to work with…

…people who see you as the go-to authority in your field - the trusted advisor they must to turn to overcome whatever's getting in the way of greater success in their lives…

… then you must be willing to discover how it's done.

But before we get into the detail of exactly how I help you do this...

Here's why I'm uniquely qualified to guide you to your 7-Figure Blueprint and Elite-level influencer status… 

… and it's got nothing to do with my globally acclaimed ability to teach, train and mentor you to the highest standards in your Coaching practitioner skills.

 No… this comes from, an entirely different skillset, honed by almost a quarter of a century of experience as the owner of a Coaching business.

See, WHO you learn from matters more that WHAT you learn… and I've been every reiteration of Coach there is:

  • The struggling start up who didn't know where to turn or what to do
  • The 5-figure Coach trading time for not enough money with a handful of one-to-one Coaching clients 
  • The 6-figure Coach still trading time for money (only more of it) servicing two big corporate contracts
  • The Coach who then crashed and burned, taking his 6-figure Coaching business down into liquidation and failure…
  • … and the Coach who then picked himself up, dusted himself down, and got the crucial education he needed to build a 7-figure Coaching business impacting lives all over the world with a scaleable, repeatable, predictable sales engine.

So it's fair to say I'm uniquely qualified to know both the right and wrong path to take - because I've lived both sides of the proverbial coin:

I've been the relatively unknown Coach…

… and the renowned Elite-level influencer positioned appropriately as the go-to-authority in the eyes of the audience I serve.

I know which side of the equation I prefer.

I also know this rare yet deeply desired status is in the reach of every Coach who is willing to discover what it takes to make it happen.

So the ONLY question you need answering right now is is that Coach you?

 Are you willing to make it happen?

Are you willing to discover what it takes to be an
Elite-level influencer in the Coaching industry?

If your answer to that question is a resounding "YES!", then join me as we craft the 7-Figure Blueprint for you and your Coaching business…

Just $1,997


Here's a brief snippet of what you'll discover
 in these two, career-defining days

  • The 9 Laws differentiating Elite-Level Influencers from the rest of the Coaching industry
  • How to make premier positioning & pricing - and automated, scaleable, predictable sales  - happen in your business 
  • How to define and clarify your niche market - and its needs - so your message will resonate with your prospects EVERY time 
  • The 4 Principles of Personal Sovereignty Elite-Level Influencers adopt in their business to guarantee ultimate choice and freedom today!
  • The most important shift you'll make in your thinking in your career - and it WILL happen on Day 2! Why Elite Level Influencers in the Coaching industry don’t see their business as a Coaching business at all – and why you must follow suit 
  • How to scale your Coaching business in a way over 98% of your counterparts will never knowThe two most important numbers in life – and why your future career as an Elite-level influencer depends on your ability to live by them
  • What the scaleable, repeatable, predictable sales engine of Elite-level influencers looks like, and why they and their business is untouched by competition and global economic downturns
  • And so much more…

Just $1,997

Massive and proven IMPACT 

7 Figure Blueprint™️ is your chance to join me LIVE in a unique, uncensored and exclusive online event where I'll reveal everything you need to know to grow a 6 and 7-figure Coaching practice, serving only the highest quality clients and commanding a premium rate or fee to match.

And just in case my word's not good enough, here's just a few of the Coaches/JMT members who have had their lives transformed by the exact same ideas I'm about to share with you.

IMPORTANT NOTE: a previous version of this online seminar was called "Science of Success 2" - hence why the individuals in the video reference the name:

My explicit and exclusive promise... 

My PERSONAL cast-iron, unconditional, no-wiggle-room 100% money-back guarantee

You can spend this whole first day with me, and if at the end of it, for any reason or no reason at all, you’re not utterly convinced it's giving you every drop of value I promise here...

... then I insist you let me know and allow me to give you a full and immediate refund, no questions asked.

And I couldn’t have made it any easier for you.

All you need to do now is secure your seat

Oh and one last thing: if you have high expectations for this event (and you should)…

… expect them to be exceeded.

Just $1,997

+ 20% VAT where applicable

Coaches and other Entrepreneurs Share How The 7-Figure Blueprint is the powerful driving force behind the tangible growth in their businesses

We took the 7-Figure Profit Secrets course and took Christian’s advice immediately. We raised our daily rate by about 40% because we realized the expertise and value we bring is worth what that number was.

We used to compromise our principles sometimes just to fill the pocketbook, but we find clients who do value us now. And we thank Christian for that.

The concept of trading our time for money was big for us because we realized it’s what we've been doing for 20 years, so we were really capping ourselves at how much we could earn because there's only so much time.

That's when we started changing the way we go to market and the way we run our business, to be able to get back that time and still have that kind of revenue and more.

Denise LaStoria, Co-Owner,

LaStoria Enterprises LLC

“Christian’s teachings changed my life. I would recommend Christian to anybody because he gives you the framework for something you think you know, but really have no idea.

Before taking Christian’s 7 Figure Profit Secrets program, I realized I didn't have a marketing plan, and didn't really understand what my goal was. He helped me understand my value.

Some of our programs we doubled in price. They were the ones that were Tom time, where I was physically involved in the process.

Since I went through the program the first time, we increased revenues by $200,000 a year. That’s a 30 - 40% increase, and it was instant.

The better I got as a business owner through the other pieces of training, the more profitable we actually became. So instant rewards.

7 Figure Profit Secrets is going to change your life, you've just got to really fully lean in and let it",

Thomas Miller, Leaders Building Leaders

"Before, I didn’t have a cohesive picture of how the marketing pieces work together to make more informed decisions about what to do next. I would be all over the place. 7-Figures training helped me pull it all together.

Christian spends a lot of time explaining how the pieces fit together, why you need them, what the impact will be, and what happens if you don't use them.

It more than doubled what a few of my clients had already spent with me.

I would highly recommend it to others, because what I've noticed is people (trainers and coaches especially) spend a lot of time learning technical parts of the profession, but they have almost no clue about how to get someone to buy from them.

So if you want to keep the same goals you have, but get there faster, 7 Figure Profit Secrets is the place to be.

Shawn W Brumfield, Coach, Speaker & Trainer

Christian's 7 Figure Profit Secrets program is helping me take my business to the next level. I've already seen this growth and increased our business by a third.

I raised prices significantly by 30%. I met with a client recently and closed on a $12,000 service for a new company. I used the new pricing strategy and they didn't have any problem with it.

There is a secret to success and you have to do things in a certain way, you can't just muscle your way into it with your skills and talents. You have to learn the right way to do things and market yourself, and that's what Christian teaches.

Stuart Hill, Owner , Stuart C. Hill CPA 

“I wanted to scale up my business. I didn’t really have a foundation I could build on at the time, but 7 Figure Profit Secrets has given me that.

I got that paradigm shift from thinking like a technician to thinking more as an entrepreneur. I never made that connection until I took the program. It made me understand whatever you don’t market, you won’t sell. And it helped me overcome some personal, limiting beliefs around being worthy to make the potential income I can make.

One of the things I implemented immediately was around pricing. The moment I did it, I got my biggest coaching client. I went from making hundreds per client to one of my biggest clients now paying me $10,000.

Now I have a solid road map on what to do. I would recommend it for anyone, any entrepreneur - it doesn’t matter what they do, I would recommend it 100%. The program is fantastic… It's changed my life and changed my business.

Tolu Areola, Owner , Empowerment for Today, LLC

“7 Figure Profit Secrets was something I knew I needed for my business, or it wasn't going to go anywhere. I came to the great realization that in all the businesses I've been in, I owned a job and it owned me.

One of the first things he said was, "Double your fees." I thought nobody would take me seriously, but I did it. My first mastermind had more clients than any of the other ones I’d done at a much lower price. It was incredible.

It’s been a terrific help to me. It’s simple and straight-forward, but there is deep wisdom in its simplicity. I endorse it 100%. It's worth every penny. It’s been a terrific help to me.

Christian really did his homework. Not only did he bring sound research to his 7 Figure Profit Secrets conference, it was so well thought out in how it evolved and how he brought it all home. It was phenomenal. It's not something you do once and go away from."

Carolyn  Halaut, Coach, Speaker & Trainer

Here's a brief overview of what you'll discover in this eye-opening, career-transforming and life-changing two day event…

Day 1: From Coach to Elite Level Influencer

AM: Why this shift? And why NOW?

In the first session, you will discover the profound and deeply important difference between being a commodity Coach and a much sought-after, revered Elite-level influencer..

You'll grasp why - if you're serious about scaling your Coaching business so it can attract the right quantity and quality of clients in the market you choose to serve - so it delivers the profits, income, and lifestyle you and those who depend on your deserve, it's VITAL you break the cycle of commoditisation rampant in our industry.

And make no mistake: break this cycle you must, because cycles tend to be self-sustaining and almost impossible to get out of without decisive and sometimes drastic action.

You will discover:

  • Commodity Coach vs Elite Level Influencer... and where on the curve you sit.
  • Exactly what an Elite Level Influencer is - and why you MUST be positioned as one if you and your business are to thrive in the Coaching industry
  • The Iceberg Principle™  - why you CANNOT rise above the fray in this profession unless you're prepared to dive below the waterline, go beyond the shallow conversation, and establish the deeper drivers in your business
  • The overarching framework of your actionable 7-Figure Blueprint™ - the 3 Fundamentals & 9 Laws  you can put to work in your business straight away

Just $1,997

PM: Digging for gold in your market

This is no "information-dump" experience. You'll be leaving this experience with the market-commanding clarity that distinguishes the big hitters from the vast majority of this industry.

And that means you're going to have to THINK about your business, your market and THEIR perspective far deeper than you have before.

So we'll turn our gaze outward to your addressable market and ask the hard but necessary questions about the people you're sworn to serve, questions the vast majority of Coaches don't even know how to ask, let alone answer.

Frankly, this one afternoon's session is worth 10x the entire fee for the whole event if you'll grasp it with both hands, regardless of how painful it is.

You will discover:

  • Everything you need to know about the market you serve... what makes them tick, and what keeps them awake at night staring up at the ceiling.
  • Your ideal clients' 'hell', 'heaven', and the irresistible pathway to their salvation only you can lead them down... and how you position yourself as the ONLY sane, rational, and logical solution to their challenges.
  • How to put your new found crystal clear clarity to work immediately for guaranteed success.

My explicit and exclusive promise... 

My PERSONAL cast-iron, unconditional, no-wiggle-room 100% money-back guarantee

You can spend this whole first day with me, and if at the end of it, for any reason or no reason at all, you’re not utterly convinced it's giving you every drop of value I promise here...

... then I insist you let me know and allow me to give you a full and immediate refund, no questions asked.

And I couldn’t have made it any easier for you.

All you need to do now is secure your seat

Oh and one last thing: if you have high expectations for this event (and you should)…

… expect them to be exceeded.

Just $1,997

+ 20% VAT where applicable

Day 2: Bringing Your 7-Figure Blueprint 
Together & Making It happen

AM: Why your business ISN'T what you think it is

On Day 2 we pick up the pace and begin by looking deeply at you business in ways I guarantee you've never looked at it before. 

The truth is you can't change your results unless you change your actions; and you won't change your actions unless and until you have the strength and the humility to change the way you think about your business and how it should  be run if you want it to be the success you know it can be.

Alas, it seems everyone wants change, but no one wants to change.

But if you're to enjoy Elite Level influencer status, you MUST change your thinking about your business and how you go about your business.

Yes. change of this magnitude is uncomfortable - perhaps even painful - however, you know the pain of staying where you are right now is far, far greater.

So, in this session, you will:

  • Discover the big "bleeding neck" that is grossly undermining your Coaching business and will, if left unaddressed, END it. This is what is solely responsible for the appalling survival rates and diabolic earnings levels in the Coaching industry - ignore it, and the 3 laws you must adhere to to overcome it - at your peril.
  • Reframe your role, responsibilities and priorities as the owner of a Coaching business - you will never go about your business in the same way again
  • Discover exactly what business you're really in - and what it means for your day-to-day priorities 
  • Uncover the secrets of promotion and finally understand what highly profitable, Elite-level influencer marketing is and — more important — what it is NOT
  • Discover multiple marketing and promotional channels (hint: this is NOT focused on faddy and fashionable "social media", "branding" or any other superfluous, fatuous nonsense).

PM: From unknown to renowned

In the last session in the afternoon of Day 2 we dig deep into some of the most advanced business growth strategies of Elite-level Influencers -  concepts which I've been privileged to discover from the biggest hitters/"top guns" in the industry.

I paid a king's ransom and had to travel across the globe to get my hands on these barely know ideas - they are NOT found freely in the public domain.

My investment was worth every cent/penny - and every grinding minute spent in airports and hotels, because it's made me literally millions over the last few years.

In this session you will discover:

  • The most crucial numbers in your business  -  numbers the vast majority of the Coaching industry are totally unaware of
  • How to liberate your business from the shackles of "budget" so you can expand your reach and impact on your chosen market exponentially - leaving your none-the-wiser peers baffled as to how you're doing it! 
  • The 180-degree shift you MUST make in your business TODAY to transform it into the highly profitable, scaleable platform by which you guarantee Elite-level influencer, impact and status and the personal financial prosperity it will create for the rest of your days
  • The "holy trinity" of strategies which single-handedly propel Elite-influencers to a level of influence, impact and reach over 98% of the Coaching industry never reach
  • The one unconventional, counter-intuitive yet revolutionary change you can put to work in your Coaching business today that is guaranteed to differentiate you from your industry peers and make you the dominating, much sought-after voice your market listens to.   
  • Your Four Possible Futures  -  how you always get to choose your own destiny - and the only decision you need to make to "jump the line" from certain mediocrity and obscurity to certain prominence and notoriety in the eyes of the audience you'll never reach otherwise.

By the end of our time together, you'll be in the perfect position to hit the ground running and put the 7 Figure Blueprint™️ to work to scale the Elite influencer Coaching business you know you deserve.

My explicit and exclusive promise... 

My PERSONAL cast-iron, unconditional, no-wiggle-room 100% money-back guarantee

You can spend this whole first day with me, and if at the end of it, for any reason or no reason at all, you’re not utterly convinced it's giving you every drop of value I promise here...

... then I insist you let me know and allow me to give you a full and immediate refund, no questions asked.

And I couldn’t have made it any easier for you.

All you need to do now is secure your seat

Oh and one last thing: if you have high expectations for this event (and you should)…

… expect them to be exceeded.

Just $1,997

+ 20% VAT where applicable