Only One Form of Marketing Works for Small Business
Owners & Only a Small Minority Know What It Is

If cash flow is the lifeblood of a small business, marketing is it’s heartbeat.

Any business lacking a robust, diverse and thoroughly measured marketing engine is vulnerable and very likely to be one of the eight out of ten businesses that fail in the first five years of trading.

Every small business owner wants a reliable and continuous source of engaged, loyal customers willing to spend money on their product or service, but very few understand how it’s achieved, which is why, regardless of how hard they work, they remain in the unnecessary struggle or at best get consumed by a business generating a mediocre lifestyle.

Either way, the reality of Entrepreneurial life doesn’t stack up to Entrepreneurial dream.

Unfortunately, the growth potential in nearly every small businesses is severely retarded by the thinking of its owner. There are those (and they are many) who don’t invest in marketing at all, naively believing a business fed by ‘word of mouth’ and recommendation alone is a sustainable model.

It isn’t.

A business reliant on only one single source of customers, and especially one the owner has little of no control over, is extremely fragile and massively limited.

Then there’s the business owner who does invest in marketing but follows the well trodden path, putting hard earned cash into the kind of marketing activity everyone else is doing – the kind that brings little or not return.

If there’s one thing to guarantee failure and mediocrity, it’s modelling the failure and mediocrity of the masses.

The truth is, there are two forms of marketing in the world – brand focused marketing, and direct response marketing. The former is costly and ineffective for small business owners, the latter, done well, makes a small business extraordinarily successful.

What do I know about Marketing for Small Business
Success and Why Should You Care?

If you’d asked me the question back in 2009 I’d have confessed to knowing next to nothing – and my results showed it. My corporate leadership development business, with a few strong years of trading behind it, failed. It was tempting to blame it on the economic downturn of the time, but the true cause of the effect lay with me and the limitations of my thinking.

I’d built a profitable business, with healthy six figure profits, on recommendation alone. I had no marketing engine, and when the two largest corporate contracts on the books went south, and every one battened down the hatches for the impending economic fallout, my business wasn’t equipped to survive.

It was a slow, painful, yet inevitable death.

Today I’m one of the most knowledgeable experts in profitable on and offline marketing for small business owners for one reason and one reason only – I pay the world’s leading experts in direct response marketing a significant amount of money for their personal mentorship.

And I pass the tried, tested and proven strategies onto my clients in my Inner Circle.

I sought out the best in the field because I never wanted to experience the failure and unnecessary struggle again. And if there’s one fundamental principle of success, it’s modelling the success of others.

I don’t market myself as a marketing consultant and I never will. My expertise and bread and butter is being a world class Professional Coach, teacher and mentor. My priority will always be helping business owners ‘unlearn’ and adopt the psychological blueprint that sponsors success first, because you can discover all of the advanced marketing techniques you like, if your existing thinking doesn’t sponsor wealth creation and the quality of life it brings, you’ll never apply the strategies to the degree that makes a difference.

It’s about working at cause not effect.

After 3 years of successfully building my business by adopting the often counter-intuitive strategies shared by my marketing mentors, I realised I’d be negligent in my duty to the thousands of business owners and Entrepreneurs in my Inner Circle if I didn’t share them. That’s how advanced marketing for profits became an integral part of my proposition – just as I’d walked the talk in self-improvement and Coaching to develop my psychology of success and become a person of influence in my field, I did the same with marketing my business.

Today I lead hundreds of business owners in my Inner Circle every year through the most comprehensive programme on Direct Response Marketing available, sharing all of the tried, tested and proven strategies that have made my marketing mentors millionaires and delivered 270% growth in my already successful business in the past year alone.

As my good friend John C.Maxwell once said to me in reference to sharing strategies, ideas and information that have helped me become successful in life: “Christian, be a river, not a reservoir.”

Marketing That Works & Marketing That Doesn’t

A small business owners should only ever engage in Direct Response Marketing techniques. Brand-based marketing should be left for the likes of Apple, Nike and Starbucks – because they’ve got substantial budgets and profits to justify adverts that aren’t measured and may not offer any kind of return on investment.

A small business owner can’t afford such luxuries. And a small business owner can’t afford to get lost in the murky waters of unprofitable activity on social media, seduced by the so-called experts citing ‘page likes’ and ‘engagement’ as effective business building strategies. They’re not. They’re invariably disastrous.

Social media marketing is not a smart investment of time, money and energy for small business owners. Social media advertising (pay per click, view per click etc) is. It’s an entirely different approach to leveraging the power and reach of social media – and a far more profitable one.

The biggest difference (and there are many) between Direct Response Marketing and Brand-based marketing, aside from one making money and the other losing it, is Direct Response Marketing calls for a specific and measurable action from the intended audience, and those actions are thoroughly tested and measured continuously for return on investment.

ROI should be all that matters to a small business owner. Sadly, most engage in the kind of marketing that doesn’t bring one. I know, I used to do it myself, and it gave me the most painful yet poignant lesson of all in Entrepreneurial life – liquidation.

The failure, struggle and mediocrity is unnecessary if you’re willing to think outside of the conventional ‘wisdom’ that grips the masses.

And that’s why I share these leading edge, profit-boosting strategies with success-focused business owners and Entrepreneurs all over the world.