If you're a Coach, the next 90 minutes will be the most transformational of your entire career.

From: Christian Simpson
     Worcestershire, England

Let me ask you a simple, yet vitally important, career- defining question.

If, in just 90 minutes, you could discover eye-opening revelations which will - should you allow them to - dramatically change the trajectory of your career in this profession forever

 would you invest the time?

It's a bold promise, for sure. And it's not one I make lightly.

I do, however, make it without reservation, because I put to you…

… the radical and challenging idea that just about everything you think you know and have been conditioned to believe about how to enjoy outstanding success in this industry is wrong.

The Coaching industry is not what it seems.

Not from the outside looking in… and not for the vast majority of practitioners within it.

I've been in this profession for twenty-two years - sixteen of them as an entrepreneur.

In that time, I've been every version of a Coach you can imagine:

  • The wannabe: suitably trained and professionally qualified, inspired by a dream to live his purpose running his own Coaching business - yet trapped by the shackles of a six-figure corporate career and the crippling belief system keeping him there.
  • The clueless start-up who burned all his savings at the rate of knots and didn't have a clue how to change it.
  • The trading-time-for-money Coach with two fat, lucrative corporate contracts earning more money than he'd ever earned during his employed years… yet trapped in a day job disguised as a business relying solely on his physical presence and ability to conduct one-to-one Coaching sessions with senior executives.
  • The spectacular entrepreneurial failure who, after those two fat corporate contracts unexpectedly terminated within six weeks of each other (for reasons outside of his control) - and the mother of all tax bills landing on his desk, took the six figure Coaching business into liquidation within six months.
  • The Coach who, like a phoenix from the flames, dusted himself down, got back up and sold the roof over his house to hire a 7-figure entrepreneur to teach and mentor him on how to build a highly profitable and sustainable 7-figure business.
  • And the Coach who became a globally recognised Master trainer of Coaches, hired by some of the biggest names in his industry for a handsome figure for his expertise.

I could go on, but the point is a lot of priceless insight comes from experience of that magnitude and diversity - and I say diversity from the perspective of the acute highs and lows of my personal roller coaster ride. 

I've sunk to the lowest depths and risen to peaks very few people in this profession ever reach, and I share this for no other reason than to say this:

When I claim to have profoundly powerful and priceless insight - of career-defining magnitude - to share with every Coach (or want-to-be-Coach) who genuinely has the desire, courage and commitment to stand apart and rise above the ever-expanding, underachieving fray in this profession…

… so he or she can make their mark with far greater reach, influence and impact than the vast majority of Coaches can only dream of…

…  you can bet your bottom dollar I'm not bluffing and this isn't yet another example of some disingenuous marketing hyperbole.

Not in the slightest.

I've more than earned the right to the ear of the most hardened of skeptics - and I don't blame anyone for being one of those in today's world given the shark-infested waters of the internet today…

… and regardless, if you know anything about me at all, it's not how I roll.

Point being?

This is not about me and my career -
it's about you and yours…

… however, what cannot be denied by those who've risen to prominence in the Coaching industry (and I'm grateful to be amongst them) more so than any other…

is who you learn from matters more than what you learn.

What I reveal in the Elite Coach Pathway™ will, if you allow it, take your career in this industry to levels very few people experience…

… because in an over-populated, saturated market where every man and his dog refers to himself as a "coach" (even when most are untrained, unqualified and unfit to Coach another person)…

The last thing you want to be known as is yet another typical, two-for-a-penny, every day "coach"

I can't imagine you came to this profession to resign yourself to being "average". 

I can't imagine your aspirations amounted to little more than getting by with a handful of clients and a career of minimal impact.

If the above is the truth of you, and it's to remain so, you can ignore this message, the Masterclass and it all reveals… because it is not for you. 

But if you came to this profession to make a far greater contribution…

… with the kind of reach, influence and impact which earns you an almost legendary status in the hearts and minds of whatever market you choose to serve…

… you're about to discover precisely how to make it happen in the Elite Coach Pathway™.

Be more than a Coach. Be an Elite Influencer.

Enjoy the Masterclass.

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