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ATTENTION: Read NO Further If You're NOT Prepared To Be Challenged, Stretched And To Do What's Necessary To Ensure Your Business Is Capable Of Generating The Wealth, Prosperity & Freedom You Aspire To

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur

This page brings you an unprecedented opportunity.

One that has truly transformed the lives, and defined the careers, of all those who’ve grasped it.

Across generations it’s made multi-millionaires out of ordinary, everyday business owners, it’s made millionaires of ordinary, everyday employees, it’s defined political careers and it’s changed the course of history.

And That's Why This Message Is NOT For Every Business Owner

No, this is for a certain kind of business owner

The kind that understands how VITAL it is to invest time OUT of the business in order to transform its’ results.

The kind of who knows that extraordinary entrepreneurial success will never come from working IN the business……and it’ll never come from working ON it

…it’ll only come to those willing to work on the OWNER of the business.

That’s the kind of business owner who is an asset to the business, not a liability – and that’s exactly the kind of entrepreneur this opportunity speaks to.

If that’s an accurate representation of you, and you’re GENUINELY serious about seeing an astonishing transformation in your business and personal results in the next 3-18 months, then what I’m about to share with you will be music to your ears.

Whether you’re smart enough to seize this rare opportunity for the brief time it’s open to you depends entirely on you and your beliefs.

If you believe the wealth, prosperity and freedom of the entrepreneurial dream is exclusive to a small minority who were born with some kind of entrepreneurial talent or “success” gene the rest of us just didn’t get…

…then this is NOT for you.

Because regardless of how compelling my message to you is…

…or how irrefutable the video evidence on this page is…

…the same old unconscious, crippling and limiting beliefs that have successfully sabotaged you in the past will, once again, suffocate your greatest ambition.

And if you’re one of entrepreneurial life’s “dabblers” or “wannabes”, forever looking for the non-existent quick fix and “get rich quick” promise….

…this is definitely NOT for you.

But if you’re one in the small minority who are genuinely serious about enjoying the wealth, prosperity and lifestyle freedom an outrageously profitable, self-managing, self-multiplying small business can bring…

…and you understand success at that level IS possible for those who are willing to reject the stifling limitations of conformity and tread a very different path…

…and you’re willing to invest time and money into making it happen…as well as putting your back into into…

…and you’ve got a coachable mindset that’s open to new ideas, alternative approaches – many of which may see completely counter-intuitive to how you currently go about things…

…then I can categorically promise you…

This Is The Most Important Message You’ll EVER Read In Your Entrepreneurial Career



Yep, it’s one hell of a claim, but given the video evidence on this page, and the irrefutable, documented history of the major achievers in EVERY generation, it’s claim I can make it clear conscience and complete confidence.

If you take a look into the lives of the most successful people – from any walk of life – in any generation, with the objective of discovering how they become so successful, you’ll notice what made them as successful as they are, you’ll notice a common trait:

None of them did it alone.

Long before their success, they learned to collaborate rather than compete with like-minded peers.

They became part of something much bigger than themselves. They multiplied the quality of thinking being applied to their personal and professional lives by multiplying the minds focused on their success.

They became part of a MASTERMIND.

Every highly successful business owner I’ve ever known is in a Mastermind – a small, intimate group of entrepreneurs who act as thinking partners in each others success – collectively forming a powerful and transformative alliance that propels each member to a level of success most business owners will NEVER know.

Branson’s in one.

Gates is in one.

Buffet’s in one.

I’m in one.

And, as I’ve said, every healthy, wealthy and prosperous entrepreneur I know is in one.

This is not a new concept. Napoleon Hill, author of “Think & Grow Rich”, spent 2 decades researching the most successful people of his generation on the sponsorship of Andrew Carnegie (who was a billionaire at the start of 1900’s and employed 60 millionaires in his company).

Hill found – without exception – that the ultra-successful elite, the Carnegie’s, Ford’s and Firestone’s et al., purposefully surrounded themselves with growth-orientated people who stretched, challenged and supported them within the unique power of a Mastermind process.

They were all members of a “board of thinking partners” – people with a diverse array of knowledge, experience and wisdom who, by coming together on a regular basis, leveraged the power of the collective minds to dramatically accelerate the success of all concerned.

In doing so, a rich supply of astonishingly profitable ideas, solutions and innovative breakthroughs continually emerged that no member would generate alone.

In “The Laws of Success”, the outcome of 20 years of dedicated research into what made the highest achievers from every walk of life accomplish such extraordinary results, Napoleon Hill reported:

“Search where you will, wherever you find an outstanding success in business, finance or industry or in any of the professions, you may be sure that back of that success is some individual who has applied the principle of mind chemistry, out of which a “MasterMind” has been created.

These outstanding successes often appear to be the handiwork of but one person but search closely and the other individuals whose minds have been coordinated with his own may be found”.

This is why, in 2015, I took the original Mastermind principles outlined by Carnegie and Hill, added some vitally important components to make it the most powerful, transformational experience for entrepreneurs – and created my own Mastermind – the first and original Elite Mastermind™ group.

I did it because…

I Knew It Was The Most Important And Valuable Step Of My Entrepreneurial Career


Because I understood the growth of my business, and all that comes from it, including my personal wealth and the quality of life I give to my family, will be severely restricted if all I bring to it is my thinking alone.

That’s why businesses have boards – to leverage the power of the collective wisdom, experience and knowledge of all concerned. As I said previously, NO ONE DOES IT ALONE, and that’s ALWAYS been the case…

…but it’s never been as critical than it is NOW.

Any business owner trying to make it alone (and there are many of them) is doomed. Struggle, mediocrity, and eventual failure are, sadly, inevitable – and the statistics prove it.

No amount of BNI, Chamber of Commerce or Institute of Directors meetings will change it.

There’s a very good reason why you don’t find highly successful people at traditional networking events – they understand the consequences of surrounding yourself with life’s underachievers.

And it’s no use looking at the Government for favours. Politicians are NOT your friend. They turned their backs on small business owners in favour of big corporations long ago. All you represent to your Government is a tax target.

And that’s why…

You Now Stand At A CRITICAL Juncture In Your Business

The reality of the fragile economic environment we’re operating in today is there has NEVER been a more important time to take control to ensure your business, and the quality of life it brings you, is immune to the economic implications of Geopolitical changes, incompetent politicians, Government standoffs, shutdowns and political divorces that create uncertainty and stifle growth.

Wealth and prosperity IS a choice…and you are free to choose as you please – but you are NOT free to escape the consequences of your choices.

That's What Makes The Elite Mastermind™ The Most Important, Career-Defining Move You'll Make In Your Life

As I mentioned previously, every highly successful entrepreneur I know is in a mastermind…and that’s why I created my own in 2015.

But understand this: The Elite Mastermind™ is much more than a Mastermind.

Yes it stays true to the principles outlined by Carnegie and Hill, but what makes The Elite Mastermind™ the ultimate vehicle for entrepreneurial success is the powerful transformational components I’ve added to dramatically enhance the already unprecedented impact of the Mastermind process.

Which Brings Me to Some EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD NEWS for you...

Because, for a VERY BRIEF period, you can apply to join an Elite Mastermind™

Again, I need to make this abundantly clear…

…even though EVERY business owner who wants the kind of success I’ve discussed on this page NEEDS to be part of an Elite Mastermind™ to make it happen…

…this is NOT a numbers game and this is NOT an open invitation to every business owner.

An Elite Mastermind™ is a delicate “ecosystem”. The quality of the participant is vital to its success, and we go to great measures to protect the integrity of the process.

You don’t need to be a stunning entrepreneurial success today, but you DO need to own a business that’s generating enough cashflow to take care of your basic needs as well as make the necessary investment to accelerate your growth in The Elite Mastermind™.

Beyond that, the qualifying criteria focuses exclusively on certain qualities of character (see further down this page for more details)

Membership of an Elite Mastermind™ is STRICTLY BY APPLICATION ONLY and follows a thorough THREE STEP due diligence process.

WARNING: I STRONGLY encourage you to take the application process as seriously as we take our due diligence.

Historically we’ve declined 60% of applications – so if your personal and professional success is truly important to you, give it the time it deserves.

Step 1

Once submitted, your application will be reviewed by my team and I. If it meets the criteria, you’ll be contacted about the next stage. If it doesn’t, we’ll be in touch with reasons why.

Step 2

Complete the application by clicking any of the green ‘call to action’ buttons on this page. Be warned, any application that isn’t thoroughly completed – giving responses of just a sentence or two (believe it or not, we do get them) – will be instantly rejected.

Step 3

If you application is successful in moving to Stage 3 after from the initial screening, you’ll then have a consultation meeting with me, a member of my leadership team, or your specific Elite Group Leader.

This is discuss your growth objectives and to explore your suitability fo the Elite Mastermind™ process based on our values, philosophy, and the unique dynamics within your potential Elite Mastermind™ group.

Here's The Incredible Array of Success Resources You'll Be Getting As A Member of The Elite Mastermind™

The Elite Mastermind™ leads the field by some margin. That’s what it makes it Elite.

As I mentioned earlier, I deliberately wanted to create the ultimate vehicle for entrepreneurial success by significantly enhancing Andrew Carnegie’s Mastermind process.

Here’s an overview of what the Elite Mastermind™ entails.

Four Elite Mastermind™ Summits per year

For two days every quarter, in a stunning 5-star venue, you and your colleagues will bring your minds together in a powerful, intensive board room style summit and strategise on each others business and personal success.

This is where Carnegie and Hill’s “third mind” principle takes the creativity and ideas generation of the group to levels each individual could never muster independently.

One-to-One Coaching

As well as the group setting in the Summits and Accountability Meetings (see below), every month, aside from summit months, you’ll have a one-to-one coaching session with your Elite Mastermind™ Group Leader.

Coaching, in its own right, is the most transformational process known to mankind, and when integrated within the Elite Mastermind™ process, the impact is truly astonishing.

Monthly Accountability Summits

Accountability is a vital component of any successful growth initiative – and here you’ll update your colleagues on the progress with the specific actions and growth objectives you discussed in the summit, get the input, support and challenges to your thinking you need…as well as a supportive get the kick up the backside if you’ve not followed through on your stated intentions

A Dedicated, 24/7 Exclusive Group Forum

Your Elite Mastermind™ colleagues will be become your closest, high level Inner Circle of successful, growth-orientated entrepreneurs. You’ll be supporting each other by exchanging profitable ideas, solutions, and advice regarding opportunities and challenges on a continual basis – and the ‘Elite Hub” will be the central communication tool between you and your colleagues. It’s exclusive to your group only, and completely private.

And that's not all!

As you can tell from the above, The Elite Mastermind™ is built on a tried, tested and proven process. That’s how it brings such profound transformations in the results of its members.

The process is underpinned by the incredibly effective entrepreneurial success tools and resources you’ll be putting to work within the process itself.

And that’s not all, because you’ll also have…

Full Membership of Entrepreneurial Mastery Inner Circle™

As well as the coaching and mentoring you’ll receive from your Group Leader and the sage advice and support of your group colleagues with The Elite Mastermind™ process, you’ll also benefit from getting full, live, unprecedented direct access to me, and my team of high successful entrepreneurs who are Elite Mentors, on the weekly Group Coaching & Mentoring calls in EMIC.

You’ll also being able to plug in to the wisdom and support of thriving community of growth-minded entrepreneurs in its dedicated discussion forum.

Not only that, you’ll receive the now infamous 20+ page colour magazine packed with powerful and insightful articles from myself and my previously mentioned team of Elite mentors who are highly successful entrepreneurs in their own right.

If you were to try to get access to this level of expertise independently, you’d need to part company with at least $120,000.

And unbelievably, the astounding array of benefits within The Elite Mastermind™ don’t end there, because members now get…

Full and unrestricted access to the profoundly powerful strategies in my 7-Figure Profit Secrets Programme

What’s revealed in this programme alone will make you astonishingly wealthy.

To date, Science of Success 2 has put MILLIONS on the top and bottom line of small businesses all over the world…and your Elite Mastermind™ membership brings you unrestricted access to the very strategies I discovered from the highly successful entrepreneurs I hire as mentors.

Across 12 in-depth Masterclasses, accompanied by comprehensive workbooks, you’ll discover the tried, tested and proven strategies that took my business from zero to a million in less than four years.

To date, I’ve invested over $250,000 to acquire this information – and I don’t begrudge a penny of it – because it’s delivered me an INFINITE return on investment.

I can assure you, if you’re willing to put your back into putting what’s revealed in these Masterclasses to work, with the support, guidance, expertise, mentoring and world class coaching you’ll receive in The Elite Mastermind™, everything your aspire to in that entrepreneurial dream of yours – the health, wealth, prosperity and freedom of the Top 0.1% – is much nearer than you ever thought possible.

Oh And One More Thing...

Let’s talk about INTEGRITY.

An Elite Mastermind™ is led by REAL business owners who are already successful in their own right – leaders with proven expertise and experience in their respective fields.

They’ve been “moulded” as mentors and facilitators in The Elite Mastermind™ process not just by formal training, but by the greatest teacher of all – the experience of the process itself.

Every Group Leader is a participating member in an Elite Mastermind™ group.

They’re skilled in how to facilitate the unique, supportive, non-judgmental growth environment that makes the Elite Mastermind™ so transformational because they’ve experienced it for themselves for a significant period of time.

And that’s not all.

Unlike other so-called “Masterminds” in the marketplace, The Elite Mastermind™ stays true to the principles of Andrew Carnegie, publicised at length by Napoleon Hill.

The word “Mastermind” is used to describe an array of business meetings, seminars and “book studies” today – none of which are true to the powerful process Carnegie educated Hill in before he spent the rest of his career years what Carnegie has told him by researching the most successful people of his generation.

The Elite Mastermind™ is built on the following proven philosophy described by Napoleon Hill:

“That when two or more minds come together in the spirit of harmony with a specific purpose, a “third mind” principle is generated, where the collective workings of both conscious and unconscious minds conspire to stimulate the minds concerned to a much higher level of consciousness, and, as a consequence, a much higher level of creative output, as if a “third mind’ was pouring into the minds of each member of the alliance”.

All of which will sound very “odd” to the “average” business owner who is no accustomed to the advanced thinking methods revealed in “The 4 Pillars of Mastery” and the powerful resources in the rest of my body of work.

Not that it matters, because the last thing you’ll ever find in an Elite Mastermind™ is a “normal”, everyday business owner who allows the consciousness of the masses to dictate the conditions and circumstances of his or her life.

That’s why there’s such a stringent due diligence process to join an Elite Mastermind™.

Which leads me to…

A Few Final Points On Why The Elite Mastermind™ Is Definitely NOT For Everyone…

I can’t stress this point enough and I’ll never apologise for hammering it home.

The fit HAS to be right. There are no exceptions.

This is is a WORLD CLASS and PROVEN vehicle for extraordinary entrepreneurial success, and it’s a privilege to be a member of it.

You’ll be immersed in the businesses and lives of those in your group, and they, in turn, will become immersed in yours.

You’ll grow exponentially. It’ll continually push and challenge you, taking your thinking to an entirely different level so you can overcome the problems, challenges and obstacles that inevitably get in your way when you’re in the business of becoming increasingly successful.

So no, this is NOT a place for wishful thinkers or “typical” business owners who aren’t willing to do what it takes to enjoy OUTSTANDING success in entrepreneurial life.

Most people aren’t. Your typical business owner wouldn’t dream of investing at this level. Such is the degree of the poverty consciousness that unconsciously cripples their perspective, they view any financial commitment to develop the owner not the business as a cost not an investment.

Membership of The Elite Mastermind™ is $1297 a month. It will NEVER be offered at this low level of investment again…so if you’re the kind of business owner who considers investing $1297 a month disconcerting, unpalatable, or too high a price to pay for dramatically accelerating your success and transforming your personal and professional life for the better…

…do NOT, under ANY circumstance, consider applying for membership of an Elite Mastermind™.

It’s definitely not for you.

Finally, the dynamics of every group are essential to its success. In a group this intimate, the character of every member has to be right.

It’s not just about ambition. It’s not just about hunger. It’s not just about you and your success. It’s as much about the success of your colleagues. You’ve got to be willing to give more than you receive…and by doing that, you’ll receive far more than you could ever give.

That’s why we say the Elite Mastermind™ takes entrepreneurs from success to significance…and that’s why it’s NOT for every business owne

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