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The Elite Coach Platinum PowerPack™

Here's how your Elite Coach Platinum PowerPack™
will multiply your sales, increase your income &
position you as the ONLY Coach to work with

Those 3 areas are:

  1. WIN the Client [Multiply Sales]
  2. WOW the Client [Deliver a World-Class Client Experience]
  3. COMMAND Your Market [Drive Exponential Sales]


…with the most powerful, proven and potent sales and client conversion methods in the profession.

Sales & Credibility Optimiser™

Fully scripted, with slide decks and live demos, these tried, tested and proven presentations NEVER fail to convert prospects to fee-paying clients, regardless of market. 

They achieve three vital outcomes for you:

1: They subtly yet powerfully sell without selling. It sells you, your proposition and the value of Coaching, while educating and impacting your client in a way they’ve never been impacted before.

2: ​They instantly position you as the go-to-authority and subject matter expert – distinguishing you from every other Coach in he marketplace, making you the only Coach your client wants to work with at a fee YOU command.

3: ​It demonstrates why Coaching is the ONLY solution to your clients’ needs, and why it delivers a far greater return-on investment than training/consulting etc.

Your Sales & Credibility Optimiser™ Presentations are scripted to convert clients in THREE specific markets/clients:

1: B2C – Individual One to One
2: B2B/B2C – Owner of a Small to Medium Sized Business
3: B2C – Corporate Decision-Makers

Client Conversion Optimiser™

Your initial consultation with your potential client will make or break the deal. Most Coaches have no idea how to structure the consultation to win the client every time.

The Client Conversion Multiplier™ is a carefully structured, yet simple to follow consultation which dramatically increases conversions of prospects to enthused, fee-paying clients.

It never fails to deliver 4 key outcomes:

1. Through thought-provoking questions it establishes needs, wants and aspirations – bringing crystal clear clarity to your prospective client.

2. It subtly demonstrates your Coaching expertise to your potential client -positioning you as THE Coach to work with.

3. It skilfully eliminates ALL price-resistance in your client by establishing an eye-opening return-on-investment, while simultaneously identifying the cost of NOT hiring you.

4. It brings you clarity on the most pressing challenges facing your potential client so you can serve him/her to the best of your ability.

The Client Conversion Multiplier™ – coupled with the Sales & Credibility Optimser™ presentations – combine to represent the most potent and effective sales conversion methods in the Coaching profession.


… with the tools, techniques and resources of Elite-level Coaches

Elite Influence Power Questions™ Guide

Coaching Pre-Engagement Guide™

Client Profile™

Intake Session Agenda™

Client Focus Identifier™

Client Diagnostic Wheels™


… by discovering the proven pathway to Elite Influencer status in the Coaching profession.

Elite Influencer, Elite Impact™

The Ultimate Entrepreneurial Success Strategy™:

How The Top 0.1% Generate Wealth, Prosperity & Freedom [Digital Book]

The Ultimate Entrepreneurial Success Strategy™ [Success Implementation Guide]

Built from three decades of trial and error application, this unique and bespoke collection of profoundly effective assets, resources and tools bring an unprecedented and formidable suite of unrivalled client conversion and retention strategies to the Elite Influencers of the Coaching profession.

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The Elite Coach Platinum PowerPack™


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