If your strategy, website, and sales pages aren't working... then here's exactly how to get them fixed

(let me turn my savage and brutally honest eye loose on your biz so you can enjoy up to a 700% increase in sales)

Jon McCulloch
The Evil Bald Genius

If you've been learning this marketing stuff for a while but you're struggling to put what you've learned into practice and you're not getting the results you know are within reach...

... then your day is about to get a lot better.

Because this is your rare opportunity to get my personal und unbridled attention focused on you and your business.

Who am I and why should you care?

I'm Jon McCulloch, a.k.a. The Evil Bald Genius. 

I've been in this marketing game for the best part of two decades, and I've worked with some of the biggest and best, the quiet dark horse, the "power behind the throne" of people whose names you'd likely recognise.

I'm an A-List copywriter and marketer with a minimum project fee of £50k and a daily consulting rate of £12.5k, and I've worked and shared the stage with some of the best in the business, including Dan Kennedy, Michael Gerber, and, of course, Christian himself.

And since mostly retiring from one-on-one work with clients, I've been mentoring business owners from virtually every industry you can imagine (and some you probably can't and really wouldn't want to), and in that time I've seen pretty much everything.

I live on a remote and isolated farm in Ireland for reasons we won't go into here. I rarely get on the phone with anyone, and even more rarely meet people (when I do it's to lead my high-end Mentoring Mastermind).

So the chances are you've never heard of me. 

That's quite deliberate.

But fame isn't my goal.

Nor is fortune directly (it's what we Stoics call a "preferred indifferent").

No, my goal is excellence.

And it's a goal I take seriously.

Can you keep a secret?

I've known Christian for maybe a decade, and I've been his mentor and top-secret "go to" guy for marketing advice since we first crossed swords after I told him his stuff was so bad I didn't want to touch it.

And now?

We're firm friends, he's the only private client I deign to work with at the moment (and there's a long line waiting), and he'll tell you himself my advice in general and my unique EBG Video Critiques in particular have been instrumental in his success over the last decade.

(Don't believe me? Feh. Ask him yourself, and then come back here).

Still with me?


Because this is your opportunity to have me look in detail at your marketing strategy and collateral and give you my brutally honest, no-holds-barred, no-prisoners-taken critique.

Warning: this is not for the weak, needy, or faint of heart. I don't mince my words or pull my punches. If you're looking for approval and a pat on the back rather than my unflinchingly honest opinion and advice, don't waste my time or yours. I have literally made grown men cry with my observations on their work.

I want you to be crystal clear about what you're letting yourself in for should you muster the courage to go ahead.

How it works...

You'll send me a link to your website, sales letter, or other marketing stuff, or send me a PDF, and I'll break it down and apply my unique 3-step review process to it and record a comprehensive on-screen EBG Video Critique for you.

It can take me anything from 30 minutes to an hour or more.

In truth, it takes as long as it takes. No more, no less.

In the Critiques I cover these three critical areas:

  1. Strategy. How you're trying to achieve what you're trying to achieve (essentially your marketing and sales processes).
  2. Presentation. The style and layout of your material (don't underestimate how important this is: one simple 2-minute change to a website can increase response by 700%).
  3. Content. How you're conveying your message (copywriting, in other words). 

These three together form the core of any marketing system.

And my skillset combining all three is unique in the industry as far as I'm aware.

How much is it, EBG?

Your exclusive EBG Video Critique is $750 plus VAT (if applicable).

Yeah, I know... that's a lot for someone to pass comment on your work, especially when there's a vast crowd of wannabes on LinkedIn and other Social Media platforms who'll give you their "opinions" for free.

Good luck with that.

Because here's the thing: they give their advice for free and I charge a substantial fee for mine for exactly the same reason.

We all know the value of our work.

So $750 might seem a lot, to be sure.

But the truth is it's better than free.


Because the advice, observations,. and insights I'll give you are both timeless and priceless. They'll immediately improve the quality of the clients you attract, effect a massive increase your prices, and dramatically boost your sales conversions...

... and they'll do this day in, day out, for as long as you want them to (Christian is STILL making a Return on Investment from the Critiques he paid me for a decade ago).

Something to think about before you decide to go ahead (just click the button below).

Simple next steps...

  1. Click any button on this page and follow the simple on-screen instructions. You'll be taken from here to a registration page where you'll leave your details and cover the fee for the critique.
  2. From there you'll be sent to a simple on-line Application. where you'll get the chance to tell me a little about you and your business, your goals and challenges, and then direct me to or upload the material you want me to look at.
  3. I'll review it all and get back to you with any additional questions I have. I'll then record your video and send it to you within 5 working days. The video will remain available online indefinitely, but you'll get the chance to download it (and I strongly urge you to).

P.S. These video critiques take substantial time and effort to put together, record, and deliver. And so I can do no more than two in a week. That's a hard limit.

Bottom line: the longer you leave it, the longer it's going to take to get my help, and the more it'll cost you.