For the first (and perhaps only) time in the UK, a rare and exclusive opportunity for bold, driven, and determined business owners to discover profoundly potent and proven success principles from one of the Titans of Business Success

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Discover the PROVEN and closely-guarded secrets of the
Top 0.1% of elite entrepreneurs in a unique 2-day event
with Christian Simpson

IMPORTANT: This is a strictly time-limited message about your future prosperity and business success. If your goal is Personal Sovereignty — the freedom to do what you want, when you want, with whom you want, and only if you want to do it at all — then this is your must-attend event of the decade

Dear Friend,

You stand now at a crossroads in your business.

You might not realise this yet, or you may know it and simply be choosing to disregard, ignore, and even deny it, but that won’t change the facts.

How you react to this message is your choice, and you are free to make any choice you like…

… but you are NOT free to escape the consequences of what you choose.

And the fact is… the world is a different place from how it was even a year ago. Economic and political turmoil and uncertainty have conspired to plunge us into the most precarious and unstable business environment I can remember.

Even the growth from “Trumponomics” in the US masks economic fragilility, masking record-breaking and unsustainable levels of national debt.

What we’re seeing now threatens to make the Recession of 2007 an insignificant tremor in the economic landscape, a mere blip and footnote in financial history.

Because Brexit, trade wars, the uncertainty of sceptical markets, cut-price online competition, and an inevitable and long-overdue economic “correction”, means only one thing for most business owners: a much tougher marketplace, with tougher sales, tougher customers and clients, and dramatically lower profits.

Worse: there’s always someone wanting to plunge their hand into your pocket and help themselves to the fruits of YOUR labour. We are assailed from all sides by every do-gooding, bleeding heart who believe wanting to keep what you’ve earned for you and your family is “greedy”… but wanting to take it from you by force and coercion is NOT… simply because it’s in the name of “equality” and “fairness”.

Unfortunately none of this is going to change.

In fact, it’s ALL going to get WORSE.

And the only thing you can do about it is insulate and inoculate yourself against it all by growing a robust and profitable business where you choose and dictate your own income and set the terms by which you live and work.

Because, whichever way you look at it there’s a rising level of difficulty surrounding you and your business, manifesting itself in a myriad different ways. From what I’m seeing and hearing every day from hard-working and committed business owners like you digging away at the harsh coal-face of an artificially stimulated economy…

… business is hard, and it’s getting harder by the day.

Sometimes you have to ask yourself why you went into business in the first place, right?


But it doesn’t have 
to be this way

And letting it remain this way is a choice you make…

… and you keep making it every minute of every day.

Because if we put aside all the touchy-feely positive-thinking stuff we have heaped upon us, we still can’t deny three essential truths:

1: No matter how bad things get… there’s still a small number of entrepreneurs, perhaps only one in a thousand, who defy the odds and enjoy massive success despite the prevailing conditions. These are the Top 0.1%

2: They are operating and running their businesses in the SAME envirionment YOU are… and yet are experiencing exponentially greater results.

3: You don’t get to choose the fact of this apparently “unfair” distribution of success… but you DO get to choose which group you’re in – the Top 0.1%… or the 99.9% of mediocre underachievers, no-hopers and also-rans.

The differences between you?

They KNOW something YOU don’t.

They DO things you don’t.

It’s that simple.

See, success and failure have two things in common: neither happens overnight and each is the result of a surprisingly small number of behaviours repeated day-in, day-out over a period of time.

The secret to enjoying one or the other, success or failure?

Knowing the right behaviours to embrace, and the right behaviours to avoid.

Bottom line: if you’re sick and tired of working harder than you need to and dealing with tough and price-resistant buyers who are ever-more demanding, impossible to please, and quick to complain, and you never quite manage to get that “break” you need to outstrip every measure of success you thought you could achieve…

… then your day is about to get a lot better.

Because you’ve spent a lifetime being moulded into one of the 99.9%. Now this is your one and only chance to discover what most entrepreneurs will never know – how to become one to the Top 0.1%.

This is exactly how I went from a crashed-and-burned “nobody” to arguably the UK’s No.1 authority on entrepreneurial success in a very few short years, despite a stagnating and articificially stimulated economy…

… and how you can put my hard-won knowledge effortlessly to work in YOUR business.


By joining me for two blistering days in London where we’ll be poking a sharp stick into the soft underbelly of the most insanely profitable yet woefully misunderstood and underexploited principles of OUTSTANDING entrepreneurial success.

And before I share exactly how I’m going to do this…

Who am I and why should you
listen to me?

Chances are… if you’re reading this you’ve been following my work for some time. Maybe you’ve even invested in some of my products and carefully put the tactics and strategies I share with you to work in your life and business (and if you have and you’re still following me, then it’s a safe bet you’ve seen the kind of results to leave you wanting more).

You’re also likely aware of my battle-tested and proven prowess in helping entrepreneurs with genuine ambition and the will, wherewithal, and grit to do what’s necessary to make meaningful 7-figure success AND significance a reality in their lives (making money and “success” are easy; but doing it with significance is a whole different story).

You may also know I’m about to publish a book on how the Top 0.1% of entrepreneurs create wealth, prosperity, and freedom, gleaning their closely guarded secrets by working with and observing them over the past dozen years. It’s a cliche, to be sure, but success does indeed leave clues.

That said, here’s something you might not know: I got to the point where I am now only by running a gauntlet of failure, baptising myself in the fire of business collapse and crippling debt.

Yet within just four years of that frankly humiliating and humbling experience of being brought low by my own faults and blindness to what success truly requires, I harnessed the power of what I learned and let it grow an astonishingly profitable 7-figure, global business in an industry where my peers earn less than $60,000 a year on average.

Now I share this with you not to brag but so you can satisfy yourself of this truth: I KNOW what I’m talking about, and when I share with you there’s a BETTER and more successful way of doing things, you’d do well to sit up and LISTEN to me.

My wider point?

This is the first time I’ve brought ALL my knowledge and expertise together in one place where I’ll show you EXACTLY how to dramatically improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and PROFITABILITY of your business, and make the wealth, prosperity and freedom of the Top 0.1% a reality in your life.

Look… anyone can start a business; and almost anyone keep one running after a fashion – albeit with endless late nights, lost weekends, impovershed lives, lifestyles and relationships, and a mass of headaches, and hassles.

But only a very rare few discover how to run a successful and astonishingly profitable business giving them financial and temporal freedom – ultimately allowing them to enjoy the Personal Sovereignty they seek – that evied state of being able to choose to do what you want, at the price you want, with whom you want, and if, and only if you want to do it at all.

It’s about living life on your OWN TERMS.

Alas, it also follows you’re not going to achieve ANY of this doing normal and ordinary things. Normal and ordinary behaviour gets you normal and ordinary results

Look around and what you see is normal and ordinary.

Ordinary… means a 50% chance of your business going bust within the first 5 years of trading (I’m one of those statistics).

Ordinary… means struggling.

Ordinary… means stress, frustration and unhappiness.


… ordinary means sacrificing your time, money and energy, and often even your most precious relationships, to a business you come to loathe.

The business you have now is likely normal and ordinary, too.

And it won’t change and become extraordinary unless you change the way you think and act.

And that is as good as reason as any (and better than most) to come and join for two game-changing and career-defining days in London on June 26th and 27th.

Zero to a Million: How Today’s Top 0.1%
Create Wealth, Prosperity & Freedom

June 26 & 27th, London Heathrow Marriott, Bath Road, London

(this is unquestionably the MUST-ATTEND event of the decade if you’re SERIOUS about making the wealth, prosperity and freedom
of the Top 0.1% a reality in your life)


Confession: I’ve been where you are right now; hell, I’ve been lower than you can likely even imagine right now, and I clawed my way back up the hard way, making every soul-crushing mistake along the way.

But the fact I did make them means you don’t have to, and during these two fast-paced, intense, and powerful days together I’ll guide you through the minefield of business success and share with you how to avoid all the dead-ends, blind-alleys, mantraps, and pitfalls I stumbled into on my way back out of the dark pit I’d plummeted into.

Not only that… everything I share with you to work in your business straight away (and that’s not hype or exaggeration — I promise you can plug some of the secrets I’ll share with you into your business on the very first evening of the event and be making more money instantly and with no extra work).

A big promise, I know. But one I’m happy to make because I know I can keep it.

Here’s why you simply can’t afford to miss this event…

EVERYTHING you believe about what creates outstanding entrepreneurial success is about to be turned on its head

And if that immediately disturbs you, this event will NOT be for you, and it’s best if you stopped reading, right now. In fact, I’d say you’ll do far better in the long run to close your business and get a job, because you’re probably not cut out for the entrepreneurial life.

Still with me?


Because here’s just a taste of what I’m going to share with you.

The Roadmap You Were NEVER Given

On Day One we lay the groundwork, digging deep, rock-solid foundations upon which to rest your business.

See, here’s something you might not realise: virtually every business owner, educator, and marketing professional out there confuses and conflates fundamental principles with tactics.

They’ll latch onto the latest fad, fashion, or trendy platform or system, and base their entire business operation on it.

And it works… for a time and after a fashion.

But when the rules change (as they always do), DISASTER strikes… and businesses and even entire INDUSTRIES and BUSINESS MODELS die – sometimes overnight.

Don’t believe me?

Remember the big Google SEO updates around 2011?

Well, it (literally) killed off some big businesses, both those relying on SEO for their traffic, and those relying on delivering SEO services to the first lot.

One day they were making bank…

… the very next they were wandering ghosts haunting the blasted ashes of their businesses.

Why did this happen?

Because the businesses confused the TACTIC of SEO with the STRATEGY of getting targeted traffic (just one of many similar confusions I’ll put you straight about over our time together in London).

So I’ll be sharing with you the VITAL fundamentals of business, the eight major fundamentals I GUARANTEE will bullet-proof your business against anything the world can contrive to throw at it.

And once we’ve done that, it’s time to get to work, putting the EIGHT Fundamentals to work to work to create a robust and resilient framework for your business (because there’s no point in getting customers, clients, and business if you can’t deal with it – too much business can be worse than too little).

You’ll answer the FOUR essential questions about your business every business owner SHOULD answer but almost none of them DO (in fact, not one business owner in a hundred knows enough even to ASK the damned questions, let alone know the answer to them — they, like you, don’t know what they don’t know).

By the time the day’s over you’ll have a solid business model based on the unassailable foundation of the EIGHT Fundamentals ready for Day Two, where we’ll plug it all together to create your “money machine”.

Creating Your Money Machine

On Day Two we’ll take what we discovered on Day One and use it to create a step-by-step Roadmap to turn your business into a relentless “money machine”, developed specifically to take your life and business from where they are now to where you want them to be in the future.

Something else you need to understand about your business is this: how great you are at your “thing” is irrelevant unless you’ve actually got customers and clients to do your “thing” for.

And you know how EVERY business gets new business and new customers and clients?

With marketing.

Yeah, I know.

A dirty word, isn’t it?

Conjures up all kinds of unpleasant images, right?

And you probably think if you can just build that better mousetrap, all the business you could ever want will come. You don’t have to do any of that tacky marketing stuff.



Reality check: history is littered with the bones of superior products beaten into obscurity by inferior but better marketed rivals.



But what’s fair got to do with it?

This is how business works… this is the reality of commerce.

And you ignore reality at your peril.

So our task on Day Two is to create a marketing system, a “money machine” for your business.

But unlike the crap you get pushed at you every single day on Facebook and all the other platforms, this one will be based on fundamental principles NOT tactics (candidly, this single point is SO important to understand, if that was the ONLY thing you took away from Zero to a Million, it’d STILL be worth every penny).

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So for whom is this exclusive
Zero to a Million event for?

Zero to a Million is for businesses and business owners who are:

  • Eager to live life on their own terms and secure for themselves Personal Sovereignty… doing what you want, at the price you want, with whom you want, and if, and only if you want to do it at all

  • Determined to succeed and have no preconceived notions of how things “should” be done. I can pretty much guarantee everything you think you know about putting all the business knowledge you have into practice is wrong. Normal, ordinary behaviour and thinking yields normal and ordinary results. You cannot expect extraordinary results without doing extraordinary things. This is an unarguable fact.

  • Willing to step on a few toes and ruffle a few feathers. You cannot achieve Personal Sovereignty by being everyone’s New Best Friend and bowing down to the pressure of the opinions and criticisms of the mediocre majority. Taking control of your business means inevitably pissing a lot of people off. Everyone has an “opinion” about your life and business. But the only opinions worth paying attention to are YOURS and the opinions of the people who are paying you money. This is easier said than done — but I’ll show you how you can do it.

  • Willing to test and embrace strategies that leave them feeling very uncomfortable. Much of what I’ll be urging you to do will leave you feeling terrified and uncomfortable. I mean, premium prices when everyone else is piling it high and selling it cheap? Firing customers? Turning crap business away? Making it HARD to reach you? All those and more. But without exception, everyone who’s taken my advice has benefited from following some very uncomfortable strategies. Don’t think for one moment you will be an exception.

  • Willing to be disliked, criticised, and even HATED, LOATHED, and REVILED both by competitors as well as prospects, customers and clients who won’t follow your rules. Because when you do all of the above, you’re gonna make enemies. Got a thick skin? Great. If not, you’ll need to grow one. And a spine. And those who refuse and give in to their irrational need to be “liked”? They suffer the consequences. Remember… you are free to choose anything you like. But you are never free to avoid the consequences of your choices.

Whom is this exclusive
Zero to a Million NOT for?

If any of the following describes you or your business, then please do NOT come to Zero to a Million because not only will you have a miserable time of things, but it won’t help you one little bit and you’ll have wasted your time, money, and energy.

  • You seek approval, not advice. Much of what I’ll reveal to you will be very painful and uncomfortable, and you’ll be scrabbling around for excuses not to do it. Sorry, but that won’t wash. If you’re the type to trot along to event, after summit, after seminar, somehow thinking success is going to come your way just because you attended, then STAY HOME, because you’re wasting your time and money (more to the point, you’ll be taking up a space someone else would benefit from taking) .

  • You are a Special Flower or little snowflake. Business is tough. Being successful at business is even tougher. And achieving Personal Sovereignty is toughest of all. Because of this, I guarantee what I remorselessly share with you about business will jar you to your core. It’ll hurt. MY POINT: I have NO intention of being kind, merciful, forgiving, or solicitous of your feelings. How you feel is not my business. And while you may not get the advice and revelations you want… you’ll definitely get everything you NEED.

  • You don’t have a genuine desire to become an Entrepreneur Millionaire. Most business owners want no more than a comfortable life with bills met and a bit of spare cash in their pocket. If you’re one of them, it’s okay – it’s your life and you should live it as you choose.  However Zero to a Million is strictly for the most ambitious entrepreneurs in my community, those driven and ambitious types who know there’s a much better way and refuse to compromise or settle for less.

  • You think your business is ‘different’, and it’s not possible to earn a million or much, much more in your industry, sector or niche, even though there’s no evidence to support your conviction. Your ability to achieve your life goals depends on you excelling at ensuring your business is the vehicle from which you can extract wealth without it consuming your life. So if you feel you’ll be deeply troubled by suddenly knowing how much you DON’T know… stay home.

  • You’re afraid to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. It’s not just about information – it’s about implementation. The key to your success will be in putting these proven methods to work for you in your business. If you’re not willing to grind away and put in the necessary sweat-equity in to make it happen, because you’re timid, ‘reputation sensitive’ and fearful, then what I have in store for you in these two days holds little or no value for you.

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Is Zero to a Million 
Right For You?

Zero to a Million is not for everyone, and is definitely not for ANYONE in the list you’ve just read (and if you didn’t read it, go back and do it now — it’s important).


IF you have read it and you can look me in the eye on paper and tell me you qualify given the foregoing;


… you’re ready to defy convention and break out of the established industry and societal “norms” driving you to exactly the same mediocre and “ordinary” outcomes every other well-intentioned, hard-working yet constantly tired, frustrated,and embittered business owner achieves…


… you’re open to new ideas and the powerful strategies and methods I personally harnessed and perfected to take me from less than zero to a million in just 48 months, many of which contradict and defy so-called common sense, and seem counter-intuitive…


… you have the will and the wherewithal to try battle-tested and proven methods the vast majority of business owners would blanche at the very thought of trying…


… I promise, the two days you’ll spend with me will represent the greatest return on investment of your time you’ll spend not just this year but in your entire entrepreneurial career.

That’s a massive promise, and it’s not one I make lightly.

YES! Give Me My Exclusive
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You can upgrade your experience to a VIP ticket, where you’ll have free car parking, priority seating at the event, a private VIP dinner with Christian and his wife Anna and a signed 1st Edition of Christian’s book “The Ultimate Entrepreneurial Success Strategy”.

Strictly Limited Availability: Just $197

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So What’s The “Cost”,

First things first, you can be almost guaranteed Zero to a Million is essentially FREE – better than free, in fact.

Why do I say this?

Because what you’ll discover in your time with me will dramatically improve your sales and profits, and the quality of your personal and professional life. I fully expect you to leave London with your head spinning with all the profound insight you’ve taken in from your two days with me, and bursting with ideas you can take right back to your to business to give you an incredibly effective “profit machine” you can plug into your business immediately.

Frankly I’d be surprised if you recouped every single penny before you leave London for home (the caveat is – as always – you have to put these proven strategies to work  – I can’t do that bit for you).

An event of this quality could easily set you back £5000 or more (and still be “cheap” when you consider the results you’ll get).

However… I want to make it accessible as I can to you and make saying “yes” easier than saying “no”. Sure the money’s nice but there’s a deeper reason for my doing this since a rising tide floats all boats. We ALL benefit from a better market and a better, more affluent society and economy so it’s in my own rational self-interest to make it expensive enough to be significant – because if it’s TOO cheap, you have no skin in the game, no incentive to follow through on your commitment and help me keep my own promise to you – but affordable enough to be within reach of anyone with the drive to succeed.

So the full fee for Zero to a Million is just $997.


You Wisely Put Yourself On The “Exclusive Priority List”, Which Means…

… by registering NOW you take advantage of the LOWEST entry fee of all.

This offer is stictly limited by time and availability. I can only offer a certain number of places for this fee due to the pure economics of the event, and once these seats are claimed, fees increase SUBSTANTIALLY!

You’ve been around my world long enough to know I do NOT compromise on deadlines or offers. I don’t make exceptions and I don’t offer extensions. It’s a matter of integrity for me. So if you wait, and there’s still places available, you are most welcome to attend, you’ll just pay a much higher admission fee.

Act now, and I’m happy to reward you. I like to reward those who like to reward themselves.

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You can upgrade your experience to a VIP ticket, where you’ll have free car parking, priority seating at the event, a private VIP dinner with Christian and his wife Anna and a signed 1st Edition of Christian’s book “The Ultimate Entrepreneurial Success Strategy”.

Strictly Limited Availability: Just $197

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NOTE: with the exception of Zero to One Million not going ahead, or the death, serious illness, or injury of a close family member, there are NO REFUNDS. Business is a serious business and Zero to One Million is for grown up boys and girls ONLY.

If you need the “safety net” of a money-back guarantee or guaranteed results then stay home.

I realise this may put you off and that’s entirely my intention. There’s NO POINT in you coming along unless you’re 100% committed to doing whatever it takes to reach your goals.

Before You Decide…

If you were to try to replicate the level of support and resource you get access to in EMIC, you’d need to invest at least $100,000 to make it happen.

A bit of perspective for you: the “cost” to attend Zero to One Million at the Exclusive Priority List fee of just $397… or just $1.09 a day over the next year. My guess is you probably spend much more on overpriced coffee or an equivalent every day.

Which all makes it a bit of no-brainer.

Because if you can’t or won’t stretch to $1.09 a day to join me in London for what I promise will be a career-defining, life and changing, transformational event, then I really don’t know what to say.

Maybe it’s time to close your business and resign yourself to life as someone else’s employee.

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Don’t Miss Out!

You can upgrade your experience to a VIP ticket, where you’ll have free car parking, priority seating at the event, a private VIP dinner with Christian and his wife Anna and a signed 1st Edition of Christian’s book “The Ultimate Entrepreneurial Success Strategy”.

Strictly Limited Availability: Just $197

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P.S. WARNING: Now Or Never. Really.

P.S. This Exclusive Offer will NEVER repeat.

And time is NOT on your side because places are strictly limited and I expect them to sell out quickly. This is the first and perhaps ONLY time I’ll be presenting this material in the UK and it maybe your only bite at the cherry.

If you dither, you will miss out. And you’ll pay the highest price of all because money lost and unrecoverable occurs daily when you DON’T KNOW what I’ll be sharing over these blistering days.

You should never think I’m kidding about this. Others may have very fungible limits. I do not. Mine are concrete. Others may be emotionally or practically unable to turn away a dollar even if taking it violates ethics, integrity and  promises made. I won’t. Ever. So don’t test me on this… because I can guarantee there’s only one loser in that equation, and it isn’t me.

So register this minute via the button below…

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You can upgrade your experience to a VIP ticket, where you’ll have free car parking, priority seating at the event, a private VIP dinner with Christian and his wife Anna and a signed 1st Edition of Christian’s book “The Ultimate Entrepreneurial Success Strategy”.

Strictly Limited Availability: Just $197

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